Is Points2Shop a Scam? – My Honest Review

Is Points2Shop a Scam? – My Honest Review

Program: Points2Shop
Price: Free
Rating: 60/100



Points2Shop was launched in back 2007 and it is free online rewards programs. It is basically a privately held company and its head office in Georgia. Previously they merged with one of their sister site named as Cashle. After mergers they management introduced few changes to system and add some new ways for members to earn online.

In this site members earn points by performing certain tasks like surveys and offers completion, watching videos, playing games, shopping online and others tasks. You can use Points2Shop’s mobile apps which helps you to boost your income.

What you can do with the points? There are lot of options available to you such as redeem your points for different rewards like gift and game cards and many more that are available on the Points2Shop site or you can convert this into cash and withdraw your money.

Our active online community is very unique and supports new and existing members with any questions or suggestions in our forums and within the community chat.

How to Earn Money from Points2Shop:

Offers: Once you click on offer tab then you will see different offers. Click on some offer then you see the guidance. All you have to follow the instructions. Once you completed the offer then click on mark as completed in the member’s area. When advertise approve this you will be credited. Usually it takes 1 to 3 days. You are advised to complete as many offers as you can. Because by doing this you can increase your chance to win contest which could be anywhere from $0.05 to $15 if you make it into the top 10. Some of the offers are free and some require shopping.

Surveys: You have to answers the questionnaires. Don’t rush the surveys and answer questions after reading them. Otherwise you will not be credited. Also remember that provide your honest information and responded to each and every questions.

PTC: PTC stands for pay to click. In this category you only have to view ads for few seconds. When you view it you will be credited. Once you click on the ad then wait for ad to load. At the top of the ad you will see a timer moving. Once it is completed then you are asked to do some specified task like click on number showing twice etc.

Read Emails: After account creation you are regularly receiving emails. You should check your email box regularly. Click on the email to open it and read it for few time and then click submit button and you will be credited immediately.

Shopping: You can purchase from stores listed on this site. After purchase you will receive cash back for purchases you make on points2shop site.

Games: Play the points2shop games and bet your points with other members. The winner will earn he points.

Videos: Just simply watch videos and click nest for further videos and earn credits.

Referrals: If you wanted to earn more than refer other people like friends and any other person. You can earn up to 3 referrals level. You get 15% of what your first level earn, 3% of second level and 2% of third level. Other than this you will also earn 0.50$ when they verify their email and another 0.50$ when they completed their first offer which will give you $1.00 total. Your referral rate is also dependent on your active referrals. If you have lot of inactive referrals then your earning rate will also decreases.


Pros vs. Cons:


  • The best thing is that it is free for everyone. Just create your account and start earning money.
  • A trusted site. It is online since 2007 and paying to its members without any issue.
  • Three levels referral program. It is great opportunity for everyone to build large down line as no restriction on number of referrals. Not only you earn money from the people you personally refer but also your 2nd and 3rd level people who are refer by your direct referrals.
  • This site also has a forum. Where members ask help from other people and share their payment proofs.


  • They require your correct name, address and phone number and if anything is wrong your account will be suspended.
  • One main issue with the GPT site is that offer is not crediting to the account. The same case is here in Points2shop. There are many reason but to avoid the following things like do not use false information, do not do the same offer twice (like if you are using multiple GPT sites and you find the same offer on each site). One of the way is clear your cookies before starting a new offer from the same advertiser.
  • In some of the offers you are required to provide your credit card information. Well I cannot recommend anyone to provide this information because you don’t know what that person do with your confidential information.
  • You will earn more if you are from USA, UK and Canada and receive much more offers. While if you are from other part of the world like Asian then you will receive very few offers or no offer at all. Because most of the offers are geo- targeted by advertiser.
  • Strict terms of service and you have to follow them otherwise you will get banned your account. As there arises some cases some other people account also get banned.

How to Convert your Points:

You cannot convert points into cash. What you can do is you are able to exchange your points in return for prizes from Amazon. You can purchase a product from Points2Shop reward gallery based on your points. It includes a wide variety of products.

If you want to buy product then simply click on “Spend Points”, select the product and click on “add to cart”. If you want to find a product then simply go to shopping page and write the product in the search box. Click on search button. This will take you directly to the item and description. Prizes can be shipped to members in the United States (US), United Kingdom (UK) and Canada.


In a nutshell, if you are looking for some extra dollars in your spare time, Points2Shop is an ok site for you. You need to spend large amount of time here and then you can earn something so that you are able to purchase it from Amazon. The more time you put, more you will earn. Most important in order to boost your earnings then you have to get referrals.

If you are looking for substantial online income or want to get referrals then this site is not for you. Please see my #1 recommendation for this purpose. You will love this site.