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Welcome to my PayHourlyJobs review 2019!

PayHourlyJobs is a new platform claiming to be paying a huge sum of money if you just bring traffic to your affiliate link. This is a new idea which I had never seen before. Instead of sales and leads,  you are just paying money for showing your affiliate link in front of the audience.

As the platform taken a huge boost in this year and many people are joining this as a legit business opportunity, so I decided to look into it and gives you my honest opinion. 

I am not associated with PayHourlyJobs in any form, so I will let you know;

Whether it is really that easy for PayHourlyJobs to fulfill its promises? Is it worth your time? And most importantly, is PayHourlyJobs a scam or legit?

 So, let’s start;

Product Name: PayHourlyJobs

Founder: Not Known

Product Type: Complete Small Tasks

Price: Free

Best For: No body

Is PayHourlyJobs a Scam

Summary: Work from home jobs are the best types of methods to make real money from your home. However, with the introduction of scams this whole industry has become notorious. Even there are very few opportunities online that will show you real jobs.

PayHourlyJobs is also a similar scam in this industry that launched very recently, and it claims of paying $5 to $10 for every unique visitor that clicks your link. This sounds like too good to be true, and I must say that you should avoid it at all cost.

Rating: 0/100

Verdict: No

  What is PayHourlyJobs?

PayHourlyJobs has made a new entry in the market, and I’m surprised to see the growth of this system.

That’s what caught my attention, and I decided to write a review on this and prevent innocent people from falling them into this new scam.

PayHourlyJobs claims that you can earn money $5 to $10 for every unique visitor that clicks your link. So, if 10 people click your affiliate link, you will make $50 and $1,000 for 200 unique visitors. 

Believe me, I haven’t seen this method before, and it sounds like too good to be true. 

Previously, such companies were famous for link posting jobs but now they have come up with this new idea.  However, i will show you all of their scammy tactics in the next section.

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  Scammy Tactics:

Reason #1 – Unrealistic Business Approach

If you look at the business model, it is taken from affiliate marketing.

And in affiliate marketing, you get paid if someone clicks on your affiliate link and buys the product.

So the two most important things in affiliate marketing are;

  1. Get clicks on the affiliate link, plus
  2. Buy the product

So, let’s suppose if the price of that particular product is $50 and it is offering an affiliate commission of 50%, then your commission will become $25. 

There is no issue at all with this, and it is also the most commonly used model online.

But if you look at PayHourlyJobs, it is paying $5 to $10 just if someone clicks on your affiliate link.

Even you can buy quality traffic from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, and many more platforms and you could easily get a visitor after paying $1. So, you end up making a profit of $4.

Believe, me if that is the way to make money online then we do not need to work day and night on our blogs. Just sit at home and make thousands of dollars using this strategy.

That’s ridiculous!

Reason #2 – Hidden Ownership

There is no detail about the owner of this program, and I always say that if such information is hidden, you should avoid such systems.

Generally, people behind such systems don’t want to expose them because this is how they make money.

They create one program, close it and then move to next program and so on…

I have reviewed many such systems in the past as well with the same issue;

3. Reason #3 – Misleading information

I have seen written on their website that “We have been around since years and had over thousands of members worldwide.”

So, I did the research my own way, and when I look at the age of their domain, it was registered on September 26, 2018. So, the total life of this domain is one month and 21 days. Remember today is November 17, 2018.

So, what does this means to?

I don’t know what you will say, but to my side, this evidence is only enough to be called them scammers.  

They just try to label them a legal and trusted site and grab the attention of innocent people to get their confidential information.

4. Reason #4 – Similar to Other Scam Sites

It isn’t the first site in Work at Home (WAH) jobs industry that looks suspicious rather these are a series of sites from serial scammers.

Let’s look at the names of other sites that look like a one group;

  • Taking work (
  • Part Time Jobs (
  • Easy Work App (
  • Pay Hourly Work (
  • And Many More…

Even they are using the same script, design, and layout. It seems like they have bought the script at the start and with the passage of time buy new domains and install that script on those domains.

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  What is The Purpose of Those Sites?

The First purpose of those sites is to steal your confidential information and make money. Sometimes, they ask you to complete offers or surveys and get your credit card info as well.

After that, they will use that information to buy something they like, and your card will be charged.

So, I request you to never put your credit card info on such sites.

The Second purpose is that they add your email id to their autoresponder and send you all the time spam emails.

These emails are phishing attempts and scam promotional offers. If you aren’t sure about any site, I recommend you to create a separate email that you should use on those sites. 

The Third purpose is to generate massive traffic and earn money from ads. Let’s first look at the stats of this site and see it has gotten nearly 628,500 visitors in October.

As they are catching people attention by offering big claims, so people can easily become their victims.

  Is PayHourlyJobs a Scam or Legit?

Yes, PayHourlyJobs is a scam, and you should avoid it at all cost. Otherwise, you are taking a big risk.

To sum up…

First, no company is paying you $5 to 10 per link click. This is just ridiculous when you look at other affiliate marketing programs.

Second, there is no evidence of a single person who gets paid.

Third, there are MANY versions of this scam site which I have shown you above which are simply not how legitimate businesses operate.

Fourth, the hidden agenda is to get your personal information and send you spam all the time.

It is clear to me that this is a scam so I certainly won’t be recommending it.

If still, you like to join and want to see what’s inside, I recommend using a new email id to sign up.

Hope this helps.

It’s true most people fail to earn money online. This is due to there’s a mass of misinformation and rubbish programs out there.

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What’s your thoughts on my PayHourlyJobs 2019 and if there is any question in your mind, please ask me in the comment section.