Is Paidviewpoint a Scam? – My honest Review

Program Name: PaidviewpointIs Paidviewpoint a Scam? – My honest Review
Price: Free
Owners: David Handel and Lev Mazin
Rating: 70 out of 100



Paidviewpoint is a paid survey site. Its parent company name is AYTM. AYTM consists of many team members. David Handel and Lev Mazin are its co-founder. Its CEO is Lez Mazin is and Tom Tovar is the member of the board. They are also running another site known as instantcashsweepstakes, which is for USA people to complete surveys.

It basically does market survey on behalf of its clients and submit information to its clients. This site works on trait score.

What are “market research surveys”?

What basically happens is that client ordered surveys at AYTM. Surveys are conducted for variety of purposes. The era in which we are living is an advertising era. Companies spend millions of dollars on advertising. Market research is also one part of this advertising. It is usually conducted before the product launch or even before the product creation. Because companies trying to find out that what are the requirements of customers so that they create product that fulfill their need.

There are other purposes like testing new products ideas, search for opinions about designs (logos, branding, etc.) and many, many other reasons. Companies are interested in your opinions.

How to Earn Money from Paidviewpoint?

First you need to create account. For this purpose click register and fill out the form. After account creation wait for the survey email. You have to fill that survey by answering questions within 24 hours of email. Whenever there is a new survey for you they will email to you. You can access surveys to your paidviewpoint member’s area. So you need to daily check your email and account at least 2 times a day.


Suppose you have received email, then log in to your account and see waiting survey. After you click on that then you see series of questions, you can answer those questions in Yes or No or just tick mark. Usually short surveys have 10 questions, which hardly takes your 4 to 5 minutes. There are other long surveys as well which have more detailed questions but it will also earn you more. Questions may be open ended and closed ended and you have to answers in limited characters.

Your earnings will depend on your location. If you are from USA then you will earn higher than Asian countries. Generally you will earn 0.03 to 0.1 USD for answering 10 questions. But sometimes you get higher amount surveys that usually pays you around $0.5 to $2. It is also possible that you get more surveys in just one day.

Client generally asked for fixed number of responses from people. When this level is achieved then the survey will be closed. Survey mail are received by large number of members and if they complete survey questions before you and required responses has fulfilled then you lose earnings. So you need to see your account regularly in order to avail the offer and boost your earnings. It is better to activate SMS notification.

How to Earn Money Online? 

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Pros vs. Cons:


  • Free to join for everyone.
  • You can earn some money by giving some time daily.
  • There surveys site has eliminate the drawbacks that some of the other surveys site have like:
  1. They will never kicked you out in the middle of the survey. Once you have received survey you can earn money from it unless you are late.
  2. Your privacy is really protected. This is another main issue in survey sites because you don’t know what they will do with your information. They usually sell your information to other people.
  3. It shows a running total of your surveys income.
  • Trusted admin. This site is also running from years and they have been running another site “instant cash sweep stakes.”
  • Surveys are not too long like other survey companies.
  • There is no false claim in the system, whatever is shows you can earn.
  • They never ask you real name and physical address.


  • You can earn very little from their surveys.
  • In order to earn more you need to make referrals, which is not very easy to make.
  • If you are from Asian country then you will earn less as compared to people living in USA.

What is Trait score?

It is a special score given by PV. The higher the score you have, higher you will earn from per survey. Actually what happened is, some people do not read survey questions or fail to give their honest opinions or truthfully disclose their demographics. In order to overcome this PV decided to build algorithms into its system which identify the members with best practices and reward them for being good survey takers.

You have to increase that score but how can you do that. There are number of ways like:

  • Consistency of survey respondents.
  • Be honest about what you are telling about your demographics and traits.

They can repeatedly ask you same questions and check whether you are consistent in your reply.

How to Earn More?

  • Regularly view your email and account and complete surveys as soon as possible.
  • Increase your trait score. This can be increased slowly. But be consistent with your work, answers to questions and be honest. It hardly take 5 to 6 minutes so it is better to read what is written in surveys.
  • Your earnings will increase gradually.
  • Most important thing is refer as many people as possible. You will earn 20% referral commission. If you have 100+ active referrals then you will become VIP Community Builder club member.

Is Paidviewpoint a Scam? My Conclusion:

It is definitely not a scam. To be honest it is a good survey site and it is not similar to other typical survey sites as I mentioned above in pros. Initially you will earn very low but with the [passage of time your income will rise as your trait score rise. Its withdrawal limit is $15. Honestly it is not possible for you to reach this limit without making referrals in 4 to 5 months.

Suppose you will earn $0.05 per survey and you receive daily one then you need 300 days to reach your withdrawal limit. But definitely you will get high paid surveys and even more than one surveys in one days so it will take less time than this. The points is if you wanted to be successful you need to get active referrals.

Overall Verdict: Legit



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