Is Paidverts a Scam? My Honest Review

My Paidverts review is as follows;

Program Name: PaidvertsIs Paidverts a Scam? My Honest Review
Program Price: Free + Upgrades
Website Address:
Site Owner: Jo Cook
Rating: 50 out of 100

Paidverts Scam Review – Introduction:

Paidverts was launched by Jo Cook back in March, 2014. He is already running a site name as Mytrafficvalue which is an established site and has been around from years. Jo Cook was also founder of Basebucks and other HYIP programs in the past and all these programs were already closed. I have searched but what is found is that some people believe that he paid all dues to members when he closed that programs and some believe not.

Paidverts is basically a crowd funding platform with additional PTC features. Since launch it became very popular as it is a new concept and people joined quickly.

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How to Earn Money from Paidverts?

You can earn both as free and by buying ad packs. You will receive daily 8 activation ads. You have to click each ad and view it. When you view it, then you will earn 25 BAP points. By viewing daily 8 ads you will daily make 200 BAP points. Now this BAPs will convert to cash.

BAP 1 = $0.0005


More BAP you have, higher value ads you receive. When you accumulate 1600 BAPS then you will start receiving cash value ads.

You can buy ad packs. Each $1 you spend will provide you 3100 BAPs. As I said earlier each BAP value is $0.0005 so 3100*0.0005 = $1.55. It means each $1 you spend will return you $1.55. When you receive cash value ads then your respective ads will be deducted from total. For example if you have 300,000 BAPs and you receive one 5$ ad. Then your 10,000 BAPs will be deducted from total and remaining will be 290,000.

Why 10,000? Because $5 ad is worth 10,000 BAPs. $5/0.0005 = 10,000 or 10,000*0.0005 = 5.

How to Receive High Value Ads?

Every person has a desire to receive ads that are in dollars rather than cents. But this is not easy as Paidverts has different BAPs level.

Group 1: 100 to 1,600 BAP…………. $0.1324
Group 2: 1,600 to 6,400 BAP…………. $0.2514
Group 3: 6,400 to 12,000 BAP…………. $0.4667
Group 4: 12,000 to 24,000 BAP…………. $0.55924
Group 5: 24,000 to 48,000 BAP.………… $0.8745
Group 6: 48,000 to 96,000 BAP.………… $1.5118
Group 7: 96,000 to 180,000 BAP.………… $2.04274
Group 8: 180,000 to 360,000 BAP.………… $4.3512
Group 9: 360,000 to 720,000 BAP.………… $9.2566
Group 10: 720,000 to 1,500,000 BAP.………… $15.61
Group 11: 1,500,000 to 3,000,000 BAP.………… $27.875
Group 12: 3,000,000 to 6,000,000 BAP.………… $33.45
Group 13: 6,000,000 and up BAP.………… $120

You can see different groups and with you approximate daily value ads you receive if you belong to that particular group.

Example: Let’s say you currently have 680,000 BAP (Bonus Ad Points), so on this day you see that you fall in the group 9. On this particular day you would have received ads worth $4.35. Nice return when you take into consideration that 680k worth of BAP only costs $219.35 or so (680,000/3100= $219.35). You need to reinvest if you wanted to stay in the same group or wanted to move upward in the group.

Paidverts Pros vs. Cons:


  • It is free to join for everyone and available to worldwide members.
  • Very easy to understand member’s area.
  • Better ads value  and you can earn more money as compared to other PTC sites.


  • You cannot earn free good amount of money unless you invest large amount.
  • Daily value ads are not guaranteed. Usually people didn’t receive that value ads.
  • How much time it take to convert your $1 to $1.55. You cannot predict that.
  • It has gaming section which includes lot of gambling games and you can easily lose all your money.
  • After 3 to 4 months they swap BAPs, a system under which all your BAPs are converted into MTV share. This is done in order to clear the debt of the system which make system more stable. This is really annoying for members.
  • Owner’s reputation in doubt as I mentioned above.
  • It is very difficult to say that this program will sustain long term in future as other similar programs who started after this site start closing their programs.
  • They have no check on ads that show sexual content.

Do you Earn Good Money from Paidverts?

You can easily earn from this system because it is very simple but in order to earn good this is not the system for most of the people. Only those people are earning good amount of money that have invested in the past and withdraw their amount with profit (though this is very risky with such type of program), people who have a lot of referrals (which is difficult to make for most of the people).

It is difficult for most of the people to invest such a large sum of money with such a risk involved and also to get a large number of referrals.

Other Features:

There are other features inside the member’s area.

Ad filter: It is for those people who don’t like to view low value ads. You can buy this filter for $10.

Upgrades: There are different upgrades options available like Mini upgrade and Mega upgrade. Mini will cost you $2.99 and $19.99 for mega. It will usually earn you more than your cost and you will receive value ads within 7 days. It you will not receive in 7 days then it is extended for further 7 days.


Vacation Mode – For $1.99 you can freeze your account if you will be away from the computer for any significant amount of time. Prevents you from losing your BAP if you have un-clicked ads in your account.

Is Paidverts a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

To be honest Paidverts is not a scam. It bring some new things in PTC industry and made earning potential higher as compared to other PTC sites. But I don’t recommend this due to following reasons:

  • Very limited earning potential.
  • Owner has some suspicious background.
  • Very difficult to say how long this site will sustain in the future because other similar sites have started to insolvency.
  • I never recommend any one to invest in this site as it involves a large amount of risk. If you wanted to take risk then remember don’t put all eggs in one basket.

There are some people who may join this site but i recommend that only join as a free member and don’t invest because there is a great risk involved. If you are really serious about money making then read my #1 recommendation. Its name is Wealthy Affiliate. It was started back in 2005 and it is No.1 rated online work company till date. This is a program where you will learn how to create your online business. After joining this, I am pretty sure you will forget these type of program which waste money and time.

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I hope you will like my Paidverts review and if you have any questions please do comment, i am more than happy to help you and please share your experience with the Paidverts so that we all can benefit from you.

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