Is Jeunesse Global a Scam or Pyramid Scheme? Honest Review (2021)

Welcome to my Jeunesse Global review 2021!

Jeunesse Global claims “you can use their collection of products called Y.E.S (Youth Enhancement System) which was carefully developed to combine powerful benefits into a synergistic system of skincare and supplements you won’t find elsewhere. Not only this, you will find one of the most rewarding compensation plans in the direct selling industry as well.”

No matter what the Jeunesse Global claim, the best way to corroborate their claim is to read the honest reviews on the internet.

This is where I must congratulate you for taking your time to do your own research about Jeunesse Global.

Let me very clear; I’m not associated with Jeunesse Global in any form. Instead, I’m here to disclose the reality behind Jeunesse Global and what it can really provide for you.

Is it really that easy for Jeunesse Global to fulfill its promises? Is it worth your time? And most importantly, is Jeunesse Global a pyramid scheme and a scam?

That’s all I will be reporting in this review.

So let’s start;

Product Name: Jeunesse Global

Founder: Wendy Lewis & Randy Ray 

Product Type: MLM

Price: $250 + Monthly Order Requirement of $85

Best For: People who love MLM business

Is Jeunesse Global a Scam

Summary: Jeunesse Global is an MLM company that sells anti-aging products using direct selling methods. The company has been running since 2009 and is the only company to reach $1 billion in revenue in just seven years. Though the company is legitimate, still it is witnessing an increasing number of lawsuits.

Rating: 55/100

Verdict: No

What is Jeunesse Global?

It launched on September 2009, and the minds behind this Company are Randy and Wendy. Both of them have a good experience in this industry, and they know how to build up a business.

Jeunesse Global is a typical MLM company that’s sole purpose is to recruit people, and they also do the same. Its focus is more on selling anti-aging products along with business opportunity that can help members to earn income.

Today Jeunesse Global sells different beauty products and nutritional supplements, including the flagship product lineup called Luminesce. The creams restore youthful vitality and radiance to your skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and reveals your unique glow.

Within short duration, the Company has achieved a big landmark of $1 billion revenue. Let’s look at the below image to see the sales history of this company;

Though the above claims look very appealing but remember that, the health & wellness niche is already saturated with MLM companies like Norwex, Nerium, Shaklee, Essante Organics, etc..

Jeunesse Global Product Line

The Company started with anti-aging products, but with the passage of time, they have also added personal care, supplements, and weight management.

There are total 12 products, which we look at one by one;

  • Instantly Ageless ($74.95) – It targets areas that have lost elasticity. It reduces the appearance of under-eye bags, fin,e lines, wrinkles and pores for 5 to 8 hours.
  • Luminesce ($59.95 ~ $137.95) – A series of skincare products to help restore youthful vitality, radiance and reveals your unique,e glow.
  • NV ($55.95 ~ $167.85) – It includes a skin-perfecting primer, foundation, and bronzer that give you an enviable, professional airbrush finish.
  • AM & PM Essentials ($139.95) – Contains powerful vitamins, nutrients, extracts, and antioxidants exclusively designed for your well-being.
  • Reserve ($137.95) – an Antioxidant blend of superfruits that work together as a defense against free radical damage.
  • FINITI ($144.95 ~ $289.95) – A supplement that is a unique combination of fruit and vegetable extracts.
  • ZEN Bodi ($21.95 ~ $399.95) – An expensive health drink simplifies weight management and teaches habits for leading a healthy lifestyle.
  • M1ND ($137.95) – a Dietary supplement that supports memory and reduces mental distraction.
  • Revita BLU ($137.95) – It’s a refreshing drink mix that tastes as great as it works.
  • MonaVie ($175) – Another health drink to help keep your joints mobile so you can live life in motion.
  • Naara ($41.95) – Collagen drink to help replenish skin’s natural loss of collagen over time.
  • NEVO ($71.95) – Energy drink with no artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners.
  • RVL ($42) – A shampoo to keep all hairs more healthy.

Most of the products used natural ingredients that are good for health. 

Believe me, there are some good products on that list, and I have seen reading people reviews, and they are pretty happy with the products. Especially Luminesce, which is very popular among the people.

But the majority of people are complaining about over pricing and better options available in the market.

How to Make Money with Jeunesse Global?

You can enroll as a distributor or customer by paying $49.95 for a starter kit. Your next stage is to activate with a minimum 100 commissionable volume (CV) product package that will cost you $200.

It means to take a start you must have $249.95. After this, you can earn retail profits, customer acquisition bonuses, and accumulate profits.

There is also a monthly auto-ship requirement to remain active is 60 CV. If we converted into money, then it will become $85 per month.  

Your next task is to become Executive as it will entitle you to earn team bonuses. You need to bring two people who will also buy the starter package and activate 100 CV product package.

Jeunesse Compensation Plan

There are six main ways for you to earn a commission in Jeunesse:

  • Retail Profit – 15% to 40% commission from each retail product sale
  • New Customer Acquisition Bonus – $25 to $250 bonus when new downline purchase any of the starter package to Ambassador Package.
  • Team Commissions – When you accumulate 300 CV on one side and 600 CV on another side, you will earn $35 team commission bonus. You can reach/earn up to 750 team commissions in one week. 
  • Leadership Matching Bonus – As you achieve ranks in the business, you can earn these bonuses.
  • Customer Acquisition Incentive – You can earn an additional 5% CAI if you have five retail preferred or wholesale customers or 10% if you have ten customers.
  • Leadership Bonus Pool – Get a share from the company’s total global sales once you achieve certain leadership ranks

I have covered the most significant parts in their compensation plan. However, if you want to know in detail, please see this video.

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Pros & Cons:

The Good

1. Growing Market

The Company deals in anti-aging products, and it is expected to be worth of $216 billion markets by 2021.

This can also be witnessed from Google trends where you can see significant growth over the years. This is the demand for the products that help companies to reach over $1 billion in sales in 2015 and become the fastest MLM Company that has achieved this level.

In 2016, the Company has achieved the growth of $1.4 billion which is a great milestone for a company which is only seven years of age.

2. Affiliations

Jeunesse is a member of the Direct Selling Organization which means it is not a scam company.

It also includes Inc. 5000 companies list having 2110 number in that list. Both these achievements cannot be considered as Jeunesse a worthwhile opportunity. However, it confirms that this site is not a scam.

The Bad

1. Recruiting, Recruiting and Recruiting

The Jeunesse Global business works only if you recruit and only recruit. You have no other option after paying $250 at the start, and you are feeling tense for the next month auto-ship fee.

That’s where you lose, most of your money and companies like Jeunesse take advantage. You have to be ready for face to face selling and hot remarks from the people.

It is also a great way to lose your friends, and they will think about a person who is always in a mood to sell them. No more friendship talk.

Recruiting people is not easy for everyone that’s why more than 98% of the people fail.

2. Lack of Support and Communication Gap

After paying the upfront amount, now you are waiting to see how to move forward. Either you get info from non-experienced up liners, or you are just let alone to do it on your own.

  • There is a lack of communication from topmost to bottommost.
  • Your up liners lack the management skills necessary to lead teams. This makes it nearly impossible for a project to move forward efficiently.

This is the whole industry issue, and that’s why more than 98% people fail here. I am not against recruiting people but for people who lack these skills and they are left alone to do it themselves is the main issue. 

3. Expensive Startup Cost

It’s clear that people join those sites just to earn money and they don’t have any interest in the products at all. Asking such people to pay $250 at the start and paying a monthly auto-ship fee of $85 is way too much for them.

Even after that, they have to start the toughest work, i.e., recruiting. Even if you aren’t able to recruit people to buy paying their auto-ship fee, then you could have gathered quite a stock in your home.

4. Lawsuits After Lawsuits

To date, there are at least 16 lawsuits filed against Jeunesse, including 2 Class-Action lawsuits.

These are facts, and they require no further explanation.

My question to you now is what would you want to be involved in such a company?

5. Expensive Products but Poor in Quality

I have worked on many popular MLM companies, and it was difficult for me to convince people to join those sites. This is the case with Jeunesse Global as well.

Simply, on one side the products are overpriced as compared to its competitors’ prices and on another side, they don’t offer value.

This problem doesn’t lie only with Jeunesse Global, but if you look at other popular MLM companies like Amway, Empower Network, Zurvita, and Kyani, they all are facing this issue as well.

Dues to this markup charged by those MLM/multi-level marketing companies, it enables them to make a cut from this markup and offer productive compensation plan to their members.

That’s for sure; people don’t join them due to their products, rather their lone purpose of joining those sites is to make money by recruiting other people.

Products are pure crap, thus makes extremely hard for their members to convince other people to buy them.

6. Limited Earning Potential

Despite the time and effort, you put in Jeunesse Global, at the end you only have few bucks in your hand.

That’s true.

Though Jeunesse Global is one of the trusted multi-level marketing sites on the web/in this industry, still this issue is with it.

You can get a paycheck of $60 to $80 per month. Even for that $60 to $80, you need to spend 4 to 6 hours daily. That’s a lot of work.

It is famous that less than 1% of people are successful in the MLM businesses. 

Additionally, some studies have shown that approximately 2% of people can get their initial investment back.

If you look at their income disclosure statement, you can see that more than 85% people are earning less than $215 per year and nearly 10% are earning $2000 per year. Make it simple, more than 95% people are not earning a sustainable income from this system.

These are not my claims and if you think otherwise then just give me one example from sites like Perfectly Posh, It Works, Traffic Authority, Wakaya Perfection and many more that has a success rate greater than this

If you think Jeunesse Global can replace your 9 to 5 jobs and earn you a full-time income, believe me, that’s not going to be happening.

Frankly speaking, I am not going to waste my time on such sites for earning like this and I don’t want/like to waste your time too.

Is Jeunesse Global a Scam?

Though there are a lot of issues with the Jeunesse Global, I am not in a positon to be called it a scam unless it is shut down by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

It is still a legitimate business that provides average quality anti-aging products and offers a lucrative compensation plan. Like most MLM firms, they have their upsides and downsides.

The Company focuses some good products that are also in demand for people who are health conscious. Jeunesse Global also allows them to take part in its business model and earn a commission for promoting its products to other people.

Despite legitimate, I don’t recommend you to start this as an income opportunity. Just see the number of complaints and lawsuits they are facing, my suggestion is to stay away from Jeunesse Global.

Can Jeunesse Global become your cash cow and provide you with the lifestyle that it promises? I wouldn’t think so, but that’s just my opinion.

There are better options out there when it comes to making money online.

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Is Jeunesse Global a Pyramid Scheme?

Before looking at whether Jeunesse Global is a Pyramid Scheme or not, let’s first understand what is a pyramid scheme.

Everyone has a different perspective but what I believe is that the company must have the following characteristics to be called as a pyramid scheme;

  1. The pyramid scheme doesn’t offer real products to sell.
  2. However, they may purport to sell a product, but they often simply use the product to hide their pyramid structure.
  3. If the money you make is based on the number of people you hire and your sales to them, it’s probably not. It could be a pyramid scheme.

To be fairly stated, Jeunesse Global has some decent products to offer. Though their sole purpose is to recruit people but proving this sort of claim is really hard for people. We should give this benefit of the doubt to Jeunesse Global unless it is hit hard by FTC.

What we can do is to avoid this company and look for better options.  

Final Verdict:

Though Jeunesse Global is a legit MLM company, I recommend you to put your focus on your own online business rather than working for someone else behalf. Including/apart from Jeunesse Global, MLM sites have very expensive items, and it gets difficult to sell to other people.

That’s where I recommend my favorite business model called as, Affiliate marketing, which is the only method I recommend to make money online.

Let’s look at the reasons why I prefer affiliate marketing over MLM;

  • Unlike Jeunesse Global, you don’t have to recruit anyone to make money
  • It gives you control and ownership that Jeunesse Global doesn’t
  • You don’t need to be involved in face to face marketing
  • You have the license to promote any products you want and not being confined to one product only.
  • It’s Free to get started

Don’t put so much effort on Jeunesse Global and other similar MLM businesses as if the Jeunesse Global gets closed, all of your efforts will get vain. This is not new in this industry; you could see this happened to MOBE and Digital altitude, to name a few, in the past. 

After that, you need to start again from scratch, while in affiliate marketing if a Company gets closed, you can choose other to replace the older one.

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What’s your thoughts on my Jeunesse Global review 2021 and if there is any questions in your mind, please ask me in the comment section.