Is DS Domination a Scam? My Honest Review

Is DS Domination a Scam? My Honest Review

Program: DS Domination
Price: Free + Upsells
Owners: Roger Langille
Rating: 45/100


DS domination was started by Roger Langille back in  . Roger was very successful with his online strategy and this program is also based on his successful method known as drop shipping.

DS stands for drop shipping. This program generally focus on buying products from Amazon and resell it on eBay for profit using drop shipping strategy. Drop shipping is a technique in which retailer does not keep goods but transfer order to wholesaler or manufacture who then ship goods directly to the customer without sending it to the person who ordered it.


Let’s see the simple example below to understand the process fully:

Step 1 – Let’s say after completing research you have found that product “A” is selling at $80 in Amazon and similar product are selling at $100 in Ebay. You will post the product description to Ebay but at a price of $95. It will become more appealing and attractive to people.

Step 2 – A customer saw your product and wanted to buy from Ebay. The customer will make a payment to you and provide his shipping address.

Step 3 – You will purchase that product from Amazon and mention customer’s shipping address for dispatch of that product.

Step 4 – This will earn you a profit of $15. ($95-$80)


Levels of DS Domination:

Pro level: This is very basic training and it consists of 19 modules. In these videos Roger shows how to setup eBay account and other earning strategies with smaller items on eBay and Amazon that will earn you about $5-$50 per item sold. You can also enroll for live webinars which are held weekly. You can also access to past recording. There you will also learn how to entirely automate your eBay business.

Elite Level: This is more advanced training than the pro and it consists of 10 training modules. It will access to more wholesale sites to buy and a software tool that helps you to make more money in less time. In this training lot of guidance about more expensive products listing on Amazon and profits normally range between $100-$200 per item sold.

Unleashed Level: This consists of 15 training modules and here you will learn more strategies that allowed Roger to sell millions on eBay and become an eBay Power Seller. You will also learn secret about best wholesale places to buy and more tools to make your life easier. You will also learn cash back methods and how to reduce PayPal merchant fees.

Monopoly Training: This consists of 19 training modules and it is detailed course on Amazon and teaches you everything about Amazon inside and out. You will know how search and buy products at the lowest prices possible.

Market Extreme Pack: This training is basically for those people who are promoting DS Domination. Here you will learn how to activate lead generation. There are other many strategies on how to get traffic to your site, get leads, lead follow up, and exciting live webinars from top level marketers.

Affiliate: This is also for those people who are promoting DS. Here you will find live training, link and promotional tools, income stats, down line view and other personal profile settings.

Pros vs. Cons:


  • A product that teaches you some good training on drop shipping and opportunity for people to make money online.
  • A company that continues to add new training and products for their students to become profitable drop shippers.
  • Easy to navigate member’s area and step by step training.


  • Very high pricing product and you have to pay a lot if you want to access to full course.
  • By paying monthly to DS is not enough because you have to spend money in order to list the products within EBay.
  • It may also possible that when you sold product on EBay and in the same time product may be out of stock in Amazon due to which you will not able to deliver that product to the customer. This may lead to PayPal’s dispute and more serious consequences of this is account suspension in EBay and PayPal.
  • As per EBay policy, clients can return the items and if that happen frequently then definitely your account will be effected and you have you have to face serious problems in order to reopen your account.
  • There is also a lot of competition between members of DS Domination (DSD) for selling their products on EBay. It result in members will start to lower their prices in order to sell the products which may lead to very less profit as well as sometime loss.
  • Your customer will consider this a bad selling tactics as the product they are purchasing from EBay but it is actually from Amazon. When this is combine with high pricing definitely they will consider you cheater.


DS Domination pro = $19.95//month

DS Domination Elite = $99.95/month

Product Upsells:

DS Domination Unleashed = $249.95 one time.

DS Domination Monopoly = $499.95 one time

DS Domination Market Extreme Pack= $199.95 one time.

Affiliate cost: If you want to promote DS and earn MLM commission then you will need to pay $9.95/month which is very surprising for promoters.


To be honest this is an average product in which you can earn some money. You cannot make money overnight but you have to do a lot of hard work. You see many people that are successful and earning lot of profits but they are in this field for a while and their eBay accounts are well rated. It takes very long time to be well rated with eBay and people will really start buying your items or products.

This method can give you profits if you are actively implementing the strategies but due to above cons my sincere advice to everyone is that it is very risky program and more than 90% people are losing money.

There is one best program available that you can join and earn real money. I have provided a detail review about this company here.