Is a Scam? – My Review

Program: AdflyIs a Scam? – My Review
Price: Free
Owners: Ian Donovan
Rating: 60/100 (See the cons below)



Adfly was launched by Ian Donovan back in 2009. It is basically a new way of advertising where people pay to adfly for advertise their link in front of different people and adfly share this revenue with publishers. You can take any link and shorten that link using adfly site and share that link to different people and when someone click that link he/she has to view ad for 5 seconds. It is completely free to join and you can earn from referral commission also.

Let’s consider an example. A person (advertiser) who wants to sell his product or promote his online business. He can use this (adfly) platform to show his products in front of large audience. Let’s see the complete breakup of process:

  • Advertiser pays money to Adfly to display his website to visitors. Let’s say advertiser paid $3 for 1000 visits.
  • Adfly takes some amount. Let’s say Adfly takes $0.5.
  • Adfly then promote the person products through its publishers. When a visitor clicks on publisher’s links he has to view 5 seconds advertisement. Publisher gets rest of $1.5 for 1000 visits on his link.


The Advertiser and the Publisher:

I have mentioned two parties: the advertiser and the publisher. Advertiser is a person who pay to adfly for promoting its products. Publisher is a party that is promoting advertiser products through various techniques as I mentioned below. Adfly then share its revenue with publishers. Both parties need to sign up account and select which he/she wanted to become.

How to Earn Money from Adfly:

When you create a free account with this site then you can take any url like your website, YouTube videos link, images, Facebook pages, files (any link or url) and paste that url to following mentioned area and click on shrink.


After this you will receive a new url which is in reality the same site but it is masked with adfly. All you have to do is to share this link to different people and when people click that link they have to view ad for 5 seconds and you will earn money.

You can share your link to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and other platforms. You can create a website for this purpose or share videos on YouTube with links mentioned in description (After shorten).

You can earn some money if you work hard from start. Remember it require very hard work to earn from this and it is mostly suitable for people who have thousands of social media friends and are very active in it.

Different Ways to Earn from this site: ( Strategies)

I am providing some strategies that you can use to boost your earnings. You can implement your, if you have some good ideas. The main task is to share your link to large number of audience. This doesn’t mean that you just shrink one link and share, then sit down. You need to regularly shrink different links and share. One more thing is you need to implement multiple strategies.

Facebook strategy: One of the main method to earn from this site is through Facebook. Here are ways you can use:

  • Be very active on Facebook.
  • Create as many friends as possible.
  • Share links regularly.
  • When you are commenting on someone else post you can also share your relevant adfly link.
  • Share funny pictures shrinked with
  • Create your own page.
  • Join many groups and comment on others.

If you have huge fan following then you can earn good. Remember avoid spamming otherwise you get banned in Facebook. Create your new Facebook account for this purpose.

Twitter Strategy: Create account in twitter and increase your following. This can be done by follow other people and hope other people will also follow you. When you tweet you can share your link. You can share things with interesting title and people want to see what is inside.

Creating your Own Website: One of the best method is to create your own site. Once you have traffic then you can earn good amount of money. Just convert your outgoing links to links or you can also use their full page script or website entry script.

You can upload any files on Media fire, Deposit file, Uploading, YouTube and share link (after shorten from on your website or blog. I will not recommend this for highly professional blog, please see cons below for further information.

YouTube: Create interesting (Like funny and informational) videos and upload on YouTube. Mentioned other videos links in your first video description (After shorten from If your videos goes viral then you can earn good.

Forums: You can also join forums where people ask different questions, you can reply them and share a relevant link by masking link from Adfly. Some forums allow links in your posts and some don’t so check it before joining. Find a hot topic that is going to be circulate for few months at least. Find something related to that topic and post on them on the forums with your related link. Keep increasing your posts regularly for income boost. You can comment of different blogs also. Remember don’t spam otherwise you get banned very quickly in forums. To avoid spams only you need to share relevant things and don’t just share your links.

Referrals: If you wanted to increase your earnings quickly then you have to make referrals. You can do so by simply referring new members using your referral links to You will get 20% referral commission. If you have more than 100 active referrals than you can earn something good.


Pros vs. Cons:


  • It is free to join for everyone.
  • Very easy to understand earning process.
  • Very good referral commission to boost your earnings.
  • It is trusted site as paying to its members from years.
  • Minimum Payout is only $5.


  • Very difficult to earn good amount of money. Though its look simple but in reality very difficult.
  • Very low payout rates for per 1000 views.
  • Different social media, forums and other sites have banned adfly. (See below for strategy)
  • Very irritating for viewer to view ad before link opens.
  • You cannot use this with your professional blog/site. Because user will irritate and run out of your site and this is a big loss for your business.
  • If you are just sharing links and don’t do other relevant things then you are declared as spam by forums.
  • Support and help is not up to mark, mainly because of high number of traffic and members.
  • There are some instances you get malware and adware attack. Mainly this is form people who are advertising with adfly. You should always have an excellent antivirus program while working with this site.


Tools Included in has many features and tools which can help you to increase your earning potential.

Mass Shrinker: If you wanted to shrink multiple URLs at a time then this tool will help you and it can shrink up to 20 URLs at a time.

Bookmarklet: An easy to use toolbar that can be easily install in your browser. With this you can easily shorten any link. Whenever you visit a page online you just simply click ‘Shorten with!’ button in your tool bar and you will get shortened link for that URL.

API Documentation: This tool you everything you need to integrate links in your applications.

Google Analytics: You can add your code with Google analytics and you can easily view your stats in google analytics.

Full Page Script: Simple copy this tool gives you and all your links of blog or website convert to links. tools

Payout Rates:

It all depends on the type of visitors. If your visitors are from USA then you earn more than if your visitors are form Asian countries. Let’s see some of the rates below.

Interstitial rates for some of the countries are as follows.

adfly payout rates

How to Hide Adfly link:

As I described above that some of the social media and other sites have banned Adfly so before starting this work you need to create new social media accounts. Then you can use any one of method below to hide your Adfly link.

  • After shortening your link from Adfly, then open and again shorten your link using this site. Now your link convert to link and you can share.
  • There is another similar site you can use for same work.



In my opinion, this site is a trusted site and paying its members since 2009. You can earn money from this site by working very hard and implementing above strategies and other which best fits to you.

But if you wanted to earn regular income or wanted to build your online business then this is not the site to work on. You should join my #1 recommendation which will guide you each and everything about your online business.

Time is the key, so don’t waste time and be a part of that platform which is simply the number one. I have provided a detailed review here. You can easily find each and everything about this site.