iPoll Review – Is This Survey Taking App Legit or Scam?

A large number of people wants to earn money online that is why they keep on looking for reliable sites. Among trustworthy and dependable online money making websites, we also have iPoll.

Here we will share iPoll review to understand how you can make money with this and whether using iPoll is worth your time or not.

So, first let’s look at the overview of this site;

iPoll App Review

Business Name: iPolliPoll Review
Website Address: www.ipoll.com
Type: Surveys Taking
Ratings: 75 out of 100

Verdict: Legit

What is iPoll?

The previous name of iPoll was used to be Survey Head. This site is based in the US. You can call it with the name of uSamp, and the admin of this site is same as the Opinion Place. It is a mobile-based app and by using this, you can access a large number of surveys and complete them by using your mobile phones.

That’s fun!

Because you are traveling, if you are on a bus or in the train, you can do this survey filling task. Usually, users of iPoll are being paid by PayPal medium.

It is true that these survey companies give you cash and earnings in peanuts. We have these survey sites too like Opinion OutpostGlobal test site, and Inbox dollars, all of these are survey sites, and they pay few cents for completing those surveys. Same is the case with iPoll.

Due to the payment of a nominal amount for completing these surveys, users have to complete a large number of surveys before being hit the amount of 50 dollars. It is tiring thing for most of the users that they have to do bunch amount of work and in return, they just get pennies.

I am not saying that you cannot earn money with this but the truth is this site can be used for side income. Though there are other issues as well as it takes so long to give payments to its users and sometimes it can take up to two months, and this is absolutely a frustrating thing for the users.

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How To Make Money With iPoll?

The whole process is pretty straightforward. First, download this app and register with it. It involves accepting the terms and conditions and then moving on to provide a range of information, including your name, address, DOB, email address, and your race. You will also need to generate a password.

After completing this, you have finished this process and are fully registered and ready to move on.

Once the above steps have been finished, you will see “Find A Survey” option. Just click on it, and it will take you to a screen where you are asked some questions to help ascertain which sorts of surveys are best for you. The questionnaires are in the form of;

  • What types of publications do you read?
  • What your household income is?
  • What’s your age?
  • Are you male or female?

and some other targeted questions apparently intended to decide to which user group you fall in.

This process is quite simple and usually take your 3 to 5 minutes. That’s all with preliminary screening and then BOOM! It’s survey time!

This claim is made by this company that they pay their users for every single survey been filled and completed by them. That’s true, but most of the surveys are in the range of $0.50 to $2. I know that’s not much for most of the users.

When you have earned $50 and wanted to withdraw that then sometimes they pay to their users in the form of vouchers. This is not the preferred and likable medium; Users do not prefer to get vouchers because ultimately they are not used by them.

iPoll App Complaints:

Here we have this list of complaints about you which users of iPoll often face. We have already highlighted few of the above and rests of them are mentioned below.

1). Their survey approval process is quite slow. They keep on delaying the approval process and procedure of their surveys and polls, and this is the main thing which annoys users.

It takes about 30 to 60 days to get the approval of your single survey. People who are in the habit of doing constant online working, they cannot wait for this much longer.

2). Their payment procedure is also slow. Even if you are going to manage and reach their minimum threshold amount, still you will face this issue. If you are lucky enough then you will get your earned cash amount through Paypal account in only four weeks.

But once this payment clearance procedure gets delayed, then you have to wait for months and months to get your earned cash amount.

You shouldn’t be surprised if you do not get your payment correctly. This is how this company works. If this is the only cash earning source for you, then you have to bear these complaints side as well.

3). People are also complaining about not getting qualified. After spending nearly half an hour and then they see that;

“You didn’t qualify”

Though this problem is very common among other survey sites and iPoll is still better than most others.

4). Another very common issue with survey sites is that after spending 45 minutes and honestly answering all the questions, what people have earned? Just $1 or $1.5. But the truth is this is how survey sites pay.

Good Things About the Company

1). One of the best one selling features of this iPoll, it is this app. It is free of cost mobile app, and it is fun as well as easy to use. This app gives you many opportunities so that you can stack up and further collect your rewards.

Through this app, if you will be visiting stores and if you are uploading pictures of different products, then you will get rewards. If you will review certain items and if you make any purchase then you will get and be handed over rewards.

2). If you will only take few of the mobile surveys then rewards amount will come in your account. Apple users, as well as Android users, can use this app. It is only through this app that you can make a quick withdrawal.

Once you complete their shopping mission, then you will get almost 5 dollars to 20 dollars. These shopping missions can be linked to any fast food store tour. This iPoll app has received positive reviews, and you can see below.

3). Another best thing about them is that their sign up process seems easy and fun to use. You only have to make an account, and then the password will be confirmed by emailing it to your email address. You can also sign up over here by using your Linkedin account, or you can use your Facebook account.

4). Another best one thing about iPoll is that it measures your rewards right directly in the form of cash. It does not follow this points system and all your rewards also ultimately turned out to be in cash amount.

5). You will be registered in few seconds on this site. There is no hassle which you will follow. Their profile questions are simple, and you can easily answer them up. Their surveys are mostly of an exciting topic.

Like you can quickly solve their interactive in form surveys, and you will have fun while filling them up.

Is it Worth Your Time?

Here you will know that whether you should get in touch with this iPoll company or not. We have mentioned you about its negative side and also about its positive aspects.

If you ask us that whether you should sign up on this iPoll site then answer will be yes! As this site is quite easy to use and you will not face any major problems, that is why you should give a just chance to this site.

Most of all, it has its own app, and you can avail it too for earning money purpose. You should fully explore this iPoll app. In this way, you can better come out with your own review.

You can use it in your spare time like traveling in the bus and train. As it is mobile-based, just open up the app and start finding surveys to earn some quick bucks. Otherwise, I don’t recommend this site to be used as a fulltime income and avoid wasting so much energy on it.

Is iPoll A Legitimate or Scam?

Here we have a final verdict for you regarding this site iPoll. You can try this site, only then you can build trust on it. This site follows the general trend and procedure of paid online surveys.

If it is the startup time for you and you are in the beginning stage to start with some lighter online money making work, then you can choose this option.

Though this site has many plus points, you need to keep in mind its positive side as well.

This site repeatedly shows this social sharing stuff on it, and that becomes an annoying part for its users. But users can turn off this social sharing element. If you only want to get your cash amount through PayPal, then this is the best site for you. Many users only prefer to get their cash by using the PayPal medium, and this is what this site iPoll offers!

You can be inclined towards this site because of its app feature. This site allows you to earn money and rewards even by using a smartphone. So this site comes with dual uses. You can either get in touch and connected with this site by using a laptop and fill, complete its surveys.

The other option which this site gives to you is in the form of an app. You can download this app easily and try those ways as well which will help you to put and get more money in your account.

If you need more and more reasons to work on this app, then you have to work on it for once. You have to take this risk if you are really interested and quite eager to work in these paid online survey sites. We have given our final one verdict about this site iPoll; It is up to you that when you are going to try it.

Keep in mind its plus and minus points and then widely decide before you sign up on this site.

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