IPAS 2 Review – Is it Scam or Legit?

Business Name: IPAS 2
Website Address: www.ipas2free.com
Price: $97
Business Owner: Chris Campbell and Chris Jones
Overall Rank: 35 out of 100 points


IPAS stands for “Internet Prosperity Automation System” and it was launched by Chris Campbell and Chris Jones. The prime purpose of this system is to capture leads and then convert them into sales. It is also a system that includes training, tools and other marketing material for the purpose of promoting Empower Network.

The prosperity team claims that it is the best system in the world to promote Empower Network. IPAS 2 is the second version of this system and the have made certain improvements to the system so that it remain at par with the current trend. Though the system claims that joining the EN is not necessary but in essence the purpose is to join EN.

What is Difference between Empower Network, IPAS 2 and Prosperity Team?

EN is an MLM platform where you earn by promoting their products and building your down line. They pay high commission to their members and promote digital and other personal development products. It is very costly system with lot of upsells. For detailed review of EN click here.

IPAS 2 is a system with different tools and training for the purpose of promoting EN. You don’t need any website or content to promote but they provide you webpage and your task is to get visitors to your page. Visitors can become leads and ultimately your customers.

Prosperity team is one of the main communities within EN and they have formed a separate training portal called IPAS 2. Their main purpose is to build their EN down line in order to earn more. You can become prosperity team member by joining EN through Chris Campbell link.

Training & Tools:

Sales Funnel: It consists of series of videos that helps you to build your down line by capturing more leads and it will presells to customers to buy more that will help you to grow your business.

Leads & Sales Tracking System: This system will guide you where your leads are coming from and sales made. This helps you to analyze better to your traffic and keep focus.

Online Marketing Training: Lot of training available on this topic that ranges from basic to advance.

Pros vs. Cons:


  1. IPAS 2 has a very professional squeeze pages that has a very good conversion rate. Though the system is promoting EN which is not a good product to invest but still it makes your task lot easier.
  2. This system can start at a trial offer of $1.


  • The biggest issue with this product is that it is promoting Empower Network. You can review my product here as it is very costly with lot of upsells. Moreover it is an MLM business where your sole task is to promote this to your new affiliate.
  • This product is also very costly as there are other similar products available with low cost as compared to this. If you really want to start MLM business then why not join the other better and cheap options available. But my suggestion to everyone is to avoid MLM platforms because of time and money waste.
  • When you see initial video then there is a lot of hype on earning thousands of dollars daily. With this pricy product it’s very difficult to earn good and EN has a very high failure rate due to price. I strongly believe that you can earn something if you work hard because there are people who can be trapped easily by showing paradise symbols.
  • It is also very sad that you don’t learn anything about how to create your online business. Most common and trusted form of online business is to create a website on a niche and promote other companies products using affiliate marketing. This business model gives you much control and flexibility in promoting different products. Google is regularly updating its algorithm and your business can really affect from this and it is always better to be diversified. It is also very obvious that EN are not rank well by Google.

Membership Levels:


It is the most basic form of membership and can access to some of the training and tools.

  • Complete access to IPAS success system
  • Access to EN viral blog.
  • About $87 per month you can earn from profit maximizers.
  • Instant support in the form of Phone and live chat.
  • Up to 50% commission on up-sells.

This membership will cost you $191.95.

IPAS Silver:

  • Earn more from profit maximizers by $350 per customer.
  • Video series based in Costa Rica in which you will learn how to approach your leads.
  • IPAS Basic mastery training course.

This will cost you $500.

IPAS Gold Membership:

  • Earn more from profit maximizers by $1600 per customer.
  • IPAS advanced mastery training course.
  • Earn up to 50% commission on up-sells.

This membership will cost you around $1000.

IPAS Black Membership:

  • 1-on-1 mentor assigned to your all team members.
  • Black membership card with VIP access.
  • Earn more from profit maximizers by $3000 per customer.
  • IPAS expert mastery training course.

This will cost you only $3500.


In short IPAS 2 is not a scam but a product that promotes Empower Network. But I don’t recommend this system because it is promoting EN and also has a very high cost. Other than this there are false promises and no training on creating your own business in which you have control made this product not recommended for people.

Why you spend so much money on this product with so much cost and also has lot of cons and there are better options available. See my #1 recommended product where you learn how to create your own online business with lot of step-by-step training and also has excellent tools to promote your business. There is no up-sells and hidden costs and great community support for you. You can join this system completely free and if you like it then can upgrade to premium which is very affordable.