Invite2job Review – A Scam or Legit Opportunity?

Invite2job Review – A Scam or Legit Opportunity?

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Business Name: Invite2jobInvite2job Review – A Scam or Legit Opportunity?
Website Address:
Owner: Mysterious
Payments: $5 for a unique click
Overall Rating: Scam

Invite2job Scam Review – Introduction:

With the daily internet job opportunities springing up on a daily basis, it is very hard to come to a conclusion that every single one of the them is legit and worthwhile. Many scams are on the loose and are working hard day and night to create programs that sound genuine when in fact they far from it. So you will want to take a good deal of time to pay close attention to each before you start working on any of them. You will want to do a little Google search on the programs to get the gist of the programs as well as the experience other people who have had the opportunity to try it out first have gone through.

As it is my delight to have a first-hand experience with any program, I take this opportunity to help you realize if this website is really going to be of any benefit to you or it will be another time wasting scam that is set specifically to make its unknown owner richer. So have your thoughts and mind alive to see the inside and real purpose of it as opposed to what it brands itself to be. So, ready? Let’s dive into it!

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What is Invite2job?

This is a referral program based in the United States of America that aims at having people join the program in high quantities and then give the referred people different links to promote. Once you join, you will get paid based on the number of clicks you get with each link. Joining the website alone attracts a whopping $10 bonus to get powered up towards the threshold required to make a withdrawal.


Now, for you to get paid, you will have to promote the links that you have been given. And for every unique click on your link, you are paid $5, which is quite an amount. This means that if you work towards 20 clicks a day, which is easy to get in less than ten (10) minutes, you will be looking at $100 a day.

If this were true, it means that you could hit $3,000 a month without much struggle and still keep the current job you are at which might probably be paying lower. Once you reach the $300 threshold, your payment is allegedly sent to you in the form of a cheque, PayPal, Payza and MoneyGram and they claim that other forms of payment like the Western Union are just around the corner.


But the problem is, they don’t really pay! All these modes of payment are just a sham. What happens when you ask for payment, that is when you have reached the set limit, they give you surveys to make so that you can then be allowed to withdraw. And even after completing the surveys, which bring them more money, you still aren’t allowed to withdraw.

You can see other similar program that i have reviewed Jobrize, The Youth Job, Part Time Payment. This is a large network that has been operating for years and let’s look at the name of few companies:

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  2. Shareninvite
  3. Job rise
  4. Part time payment
  5. Money and task
  6. Get paid 4 duty
  7. Youth 2 payment
  8. Pay for youth
  9. Done 4 job
  10. Monthly youth

Who is it For?

This program is poised for everyone who wants to make money online and has a few minutes to spare to get the clicks and make conversions of the clicks to referrals by having lots of clickthroughs. Ideally, I would phrase it this way, based on the kind of experience I have had, it is a money making program that is set to make the owner rich by taking advantage of the online newbies who don’t know a thing about the internet. They claim that they help people make money when in the real sense, they give people jobs that will pay themselves directly without even having any mercy on the tirelessly dedicated members.

Training and Tools Overview:

• Training

In as much as they claim that making $1500 a week is easy to reach, they don’t show you the specific ways to go about this strategy for making money online. They don’t have any tutorials, webinars, video walkthroughs, photo instructions or even tips to work with to maximize the clicks and optimize the clickthroughs, and they have nothing to offer!

They give you the links and the surveys, all of which they don’t give any payments for, and then they leave it up to forge your own method that will be giving you the clicks and the referrals. I believe it would have sounded at least better to give you links to a website that could show you how to make more clicks or something like that. How can a high school graduate who knows nothing about clicks and online referrals make money with this kind of a program? That is if it were true.

• Tools

They do provide a fake click tracker tool and stats that show the number of clicks your link has received within a certain period. The tools are very ineffective. In fact, I would want to think that the tool doesn’t even work as correctly as it should, they just coded a tool that was meant to serve their own interests and suit their specific needs.

Things I liked:

There is nothing to be praise about this website. Though, if their idea and expectations of each member so that they could get their pay was genuine and working, that is $5 for every click, it would really have been wonderful and a lot of people especially the jobless would have highly benefited from it. Sadly that’s not the case.

Things I didn’t Like:

There is virtually everything not to like about this website. Starting from the lack of tools, training and everything needed to make a living out if it to the fact that there are no payments, this is a huge failure. And to break down things down well, here are the things I disliked in this website:

1) The $10 bonus they offer is a way to lure you into thinking that you will easily get the threshold and be able to withdraw as well. This kind of strategy is usually used by people who want to make people think that they truly care about the welfare of the members when they just truly don’t.

2) Giving a high threshold of $300 in order to receive your payment is another pointer of their nature of being a scam and a wake up call to skepticism. If they were really providing real opportunities, they would have set the first payment at least at $ 50 so that people can get their money fast and have faith in it. But their high limit is a way to help them accumulate as much money as possible before the member realizes that he can never receive any cash from it.

3) The surveys they give people before withdrawal gives them revenue but no commission is given to the person doing the survey. It is a trick to generate more revenue from the members as if scamming the same people using the links stuff is not enough.

4) They don’t pay members at all. All the referrals make and are still making money for the fake company. And having reached the limit required to withdrawal, the owners create yet another opportunity to make an extra $30 to $50 from each person using the surveys. Ideally, as a member, you make for them up to $400 but get nothing in return. They designed fake names on the site to cheat innocent people:


5) They give fake emails as their support system. If you make a good investigation of the emails with Gmail, you will come to note that there is no such domain that exists in their database, and that is why, when you send a support ticket to them, you will never get any response.

6) There is no help, no community, no talk or discussions with other members to share tips or techniques to make more money. This website is nothing but a complete failure.

7) They give false testimonials to have people buy that it is possible to make money with it. What you should note is that whatever you see on a website is under full control of the website administrator. He chooses what goes on his site. This means that he can to draft his own fake testimonials and publish them.

8) There is no secure payment connection that uses the (https://) form. This website uses the weakest form of connection, which is (http:). This shows that the owner of this website is not even ready to invest worthy program that is safe for its members because he knows that it is not there to last.

9) Not revealing the owner’s name is another great factor to consider. If he doesn’t let himself known, it means that he does not believe in his work and does not even want to be associated with it. And if he doesn’t believe in it why should you?


Going by the other sections, I sure hope you can guess how the support is like, terribly disappointing! The currently available means, the email, doesn’t work. They have not provided any other means of reaching the support team to help them out with their problems. And as you know, a website without support is like a car without a spare tire and no mechanic to repair when it’s broken, which loses the sense of operating this website. The owner of this website has left so many clues to people that this is just another blatant scam, far worse than the ones that have ever existed.

Final Verdict:

The conclusion is this is by far the worst SCAM that has ever existed in the web. And there are too many leakages for justifying its scammy nature. People should really keep off this website and look for real opportunities as there really are clean and genuine online jobs that do pay.

Verdict – SCAM!

Name: Invite2Job
Owner: Unknown
Rankings: 11 out o 100

Were you a member of this scam? I would love to hear your experience with it. Please leave your comments below and try to be very detailed to make people aware of what is exactly happening there. It will be grateful to help people know the real worth of it.

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