Instant Payday Network Review – Is it Scam or Legit?

Instant Payday Network Review – Is it Scam or Legit?

Business Name: Instant Payday Network
Website Address:
Price: Free to Join
Up-sells: No
Business Owner: Jeff Buchanan
Overall Rank: 55 out of 100 points


It is a network that connects you to fortune 500 companies. These companies pay you for completing free offers and you can earn this by providing referrals to those companies.

Fortune 500 companies include large companies that have large advertising budgets like Credit Report, DirecTV, Discover, ADT etc. These companies need customers in order to earn revenue and in order to do so they are willing to pay good commission for free trial offers.

Why they pay commission for free trial offers? Because if you provide 100 free customers to company then there is a great chance that out of 100 people 10 may actually purchase the product.

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What is Included in Member’s Area?

Step 1: Create and account express my cash freebies and you need to choose trail offer from one of the companies and need to complete it entirely. Most of the companies require your credit card information in order to validate that you are a genuine person and are not creating fake account. You can cancel your trail offer any time before they will actually charge you. You task here is to earn one credit and you can do so by completing 1 offer only.

Step 2: Go to Double my cash freebies and choose two offers and complete it entirely. Once you complete two offers then these companies will credit to you 0.50 credit each and your task is to earn 1 credit. So you have to complete two offers.

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Once you earn 1 credit in both companies then you are qualified for life. It means you never have to do free trial again. Now you can refer people and every people you refer in express you will earn $20 and $30 for double. So you can earn up to $50 per person.

Example of Offers:

  • Sign up for credit card.
  • Create a free trial account with different companies.
  • Sign up for magazine subscription.

These companies mostly provide you free starter account for 7, 10 or 30 days and after that period they will charge you and you have option to cancel this any time before they going to charge you.

After completing every step you will be given referral code and you have to put in step 3. After this you can access to your capture page, auto responder and other marketing material.

Now the main question is “How you can make referrals to earn money”?

When you have your own capture page then you need to promote this page using different techniques and once visitor come to your capture page and enter email address then rest of the work done by the system and this new person has to do the dame that you have done. Once your referrals complete offers then you are rewarded referral commission.

Second question is “Which techniques should I use to for driving traffic to my capture page”?

There are many ways and Instant Payday Network guides you in this matter and show you both and paid strategies. It includes social media, YouTube, Email, PPC and other techniques.

In the last step you are encouraged to join Empower Network that is basically an MLM platform and I have provided a detailed review on EN.

Pros vs. Cons:


  • Free to join.
  • You can earn some money using this system.
  • Good training in member’s area on how to get traffic to your capture page.
  • Lot of free different tools available in the system that makes your work much easier.


  • You need to be very careful while completing offers because they will charge you after trial period so note down the date and cancel subscription before trial end. Sometime it is even difficult to cancel such offers because of the system they developed and even they call you on your phone number.
  • More than 90% companies require you credit card information which can be very risky because of increasing number of online frauds.
  • Some of the companies charge you even your trial period and hold on your funds so you need to read terms and conditions very carefully before completing any offer.
  • If you are promoting your link through craigslist’s, blog comments and YouTube then avoid spamming otherwise you get banned and there are other people also promoting their link so making your campaign unique is very tough.
  • You are providing your personal information to such offer companies like Name, email address, phone number, credit card number and so be ready for spamming.
  • Promotion of Empower Network in the system which is not free and not a good product to invest on.
  • Offers are available to only certain countries like USA, UK and Canada.
  • You may have to invest certain money on paid advertising in order to get visitors to your lead page.
  • Getting referrals in not an easy task and it require lot of efforts.

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In short Instant Payday Network in not a scam and you can earn something if you work hard. If you really want to join this system in order to check that whether the system works for you or not then be careful on issues I described above. Always use free offers and if you are confident in providing your personal details and credit card information.

Moreover always cancel your offer before the trial ends otherwise they will charge you through your credit card. At the end avoid joining Empower Network which will cost you $25 initially and thousands of dollars subsequently with no real product.

If you want to earn regular income online then see my favorite program Wealthy Affiliate. You can earn very good income by following and implementing techniques guided to you by this system. This is not a quick rich scheme but a genuine platform for people to start their online business. It takes some time but once developed then you can see results very quickly.

If you have any questions then please ask in the comment section and I am very happy to reply you. Please also share your experience with Instant Payday Network.




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