4 Critical Instagram Marketing Strategies for Your Small Business

During the past some decades, the apps such as SnapChat have tended of taking the crown of video and image sharing from Instagram, however the king has always found methods to retain comfortably settled on throne.

For brands, Instagram works like a pivot for marketing. Other than the few of the serious strengths, the site has some limitations too which you must know for maximizing your presence.

So, following are the four strategies for helping you to establish the brand as a powerhouse of Instagram.

1. Get the most of the profile

If you treat your Instagram account for business in the similar way as you treat it like your personal account, then you are certainly missing the key optimizations.

Not just the business accounts let you to show the additional info, like contact features, but they also offer few handy tools for analysis.

Though, most important thing is that the Instagram now lets the business pages having more than 15,000 followers to include links with the stories. Before this, the site only let the verified profiles to share the links in stories.

Use your bio link in a good way

Having few exceptions, adding link in the section of bio is the best opportunity that you are granted for getting the users via Instagram to your landing pages or website.

What is going on with your Instagram account right now? Have you been running the giveaways? Doing promotion of significant sales?

Doing hosting of a fundraise? Using the bio links for directing the users to the current push?

If you actually desire of capitalizing on the bio link, make a landing page for each of the links you did share in the bio.

Focus on the messaging

What are you up to? What are your offers? What do you expect from your followers to know regarding your company at the moment?

The bio of your profile must answer all these questions and you must not be scared of adding some personal info too. add a profile picture and a profile name which make you recognizable easily endless space 2 vs stellaris.

For instance, RBI (Restaurant Brands International) has few famous chains of fast food like Tim Hortons, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen and Burger King.

Now, if you are a fan of Tim Hortons, you will be searching for Tim Hortons for sure instead of RBI. Right? The main goal is to make your brand reachable and identifiable.

2. Use mentions and hashtags to enhance post exposure

It is important to know how to use mentions and hashtags effectively for growing the brand’s influence on the Instagram.

If used properly, these things can help a lot in gaining exposure by contributing and creating to the trends and introducing your brand to your followers.

Create hashtags unique for your brand

For a business, it is important to create the hashtags for the users so that they can use it for interacting with the brand.

For instance, for a store of pet supply of reseller panel, you can encourage the patrons for posting the pictures of the dogs while instructing them for utilizing the hashtags combined with the name of brand and the puppies like #NameofStorePuppies.  

The brand related hashtags can be used temporarily or can be a continuous strategy such as #NameofStoreHalloweenPuppies.

For providing some additional encouragement for engaging audience, provide monthly, weekly or big prizes for users who post with the hashtags.

For getting most out of the content of Instagram by using hashtags, make a landing page for promotion of the initiative.

Not just will it build a buzz on the Instagram, however it will able you also for sharing the content and promotion that is posted on the sites of social media as well as marketing mediums.

3. Tell the story

How to make your posts reach to the top of the Instagram feed? Use Instagram stories!

As you post an Instagram story, you can see it on the top of feeds for one day. This makes Instagram stories an ideal platform for the content pushes which you don’t want to live there forever.

Another benefit, as mentioned before, is that you can also post links in the stories, if your profile has 15,000 followers or more.

Also, stories are made reachable via Story Search at Instagram, which uses your location and hashtags for helping users to reach to your content.

4. Do promotions

Up till now, you have made recognition, collaborated with other users, and provided with the followers few behind-the scenes. Now, how to convert your followers into the customers?

You may offer giveaways and discounts, and probably you get savvy with the email advertisement, however you don’t need to utilize the Instagram very strictly to drive traffic to the site.

You can also run a wide range of promotions for introducing the services and products to the consumers.


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