InnoCurrent Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

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Website Address: www.innocurrent.com
Price: Free + Premium
Business Owner: Not Known (Same group as Ayuwage)
Overall Rank: 55 out of 100 points

InnoCurrent Scam Review – Introduction:

InnoCurrent was launched in 2010 and it belongs to the same group that own Ayuwage site. This group is trusted as it has been paying since 2009. It is free for everyone and very easy to work on and earn money. It offers different payment processors for withdrawals like PayPal, Payza, Amazon gifts cards etc.

InnoCurrent is basically a pay to click (PTC) website where you can earn money browsing different sites. Other than this there are more earning opportunities available like earn from searching, emails, radio listening, surveys and other tasks.

In this site you can earn credits for every task and each credit worth is $0.0005 and once you have 10,000 credits then you can convert this into $5 and withdraw this amount using different options.

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How to Earn Money from InnoCurrent?

In the members area when you click on start earnings then there are different options you can use to earn credits.

View – Earn 1 to 6 credits per site for clicking and viewing different ads for few seconds.

Standard – Earn 5 to 30 credits per site for clicking and viewing different ads. Moreover you also need to click ads in those site.

Explore – Earn 30 to 60 credits per site. You are require to go to site page and complete certain task. At most you need to copy paste certain links and also click on certain links.

Email – Earn 15 to 30 credits for clicking on desire site and request email. When email arrives then click on the website in the email and see ads for few seconds.

Search – Earn 25 to 50 credits for each of your search based on the instructions provided.

Special – Earn 100 to 400 credits per side for your visit as per instructions and you need to provide the proof of the task and wait for 24 hours to get credits.

Radio – Earn 3 to 10 credits for every 10-30 minutes of radio listening. You must enter captcha code after few minutes in order to verify that you are actually listening.

Survey – Earn 250 to 2000 credits per survey completed. Visit the survey site and complete according to the instructions. Then site will move to the reserved survey sites table where you can check completion status. You completion will be checked by the advertiser and credit will be awarded on their approval.

Live – Earn 50 to 250 credits per hour and it all depends on your surfing time.

Other then these earning opportunities there is another great way to earn referral commission.


InnoCurrent Pros vs. Cons:


  • Innocurrent is free for everyone and it is available to worldwide members.
  • Innocurrent has been paying to its members for over 4.5 years without any issue and also this whole group is trusted as they started in 2009.
  • This site offers unlimited referral system to its members and also it offers best referral rates in the industry. No other site in the industry offers 120% to its members. If you can build large down-line then this offer can reward you much more earning than any other similar programs.
  • InnoCurrent has a fixed withdrawal limit of $5 and it can pay through multiple payment processors.


  • Though InnoCurrent offers multiple earning opportunities and good referral system, still you cannot earn full time income and if you don’t get referral then you can only earn few bucks per month.
  • During ads view you are required to go to site and click on ads which is not an ethical practice and it is considered fraud. If someone placed Google ads on his site and forced someone else to click on ad then it is against Google terms and conditions and your AdSense account can get banned.


  • In InnoCurrent site you can purchase referrals on rent and their rental referrals are very poor. They click well initially and very few after some time. It looks like they are all bots rather than natural persons.
  • Most of the ads in InnoCurrent are geo targeted and if you are from USA then you can get good number of ads daily but it is very low for other countries.
  • Admin have placed a strict instructions system while viewing ads and other tasks. If you violate any instruction then you will receive warning and when it accumulate to 3 as a result your account will be permanently suspended.
  • Some people have complained that they didn’t credited for offers completion. You should enabled your JavaScript and cookies and provide real information. You can increase your credit rate by completing those surveys and offers that have a high credit rate.
  • Surveys and offers in InnoCurrent may require your credit card and other confidential information. It is better to avoid such offers in order to be on safe side.

Is InnoCurrent a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

InnoCurrent is not a scam but a legit site and belong to the group that has been paying since 2009. Its sister sites are all working well and paying to its members on time. There are few things need to be considered before joining this site like:

  • Very few you can earn except if you are from USA and on average you can earn just $0.10 to $0.15 from clicking ads.
  • In order to earn good you must make large number of direct referrals which is not very easy to get.
  • InnoCurrent is forcing viewers to click on ads which is not ethically the right way to proceed and group like this should avoid such type of things.

If you are happy to above situations then go ahead and join this site. You can also install their toolbar when can intimate you when there are new ads available.

If you are looking for some earning opportunity that can earn you fulltime income then this is not the site for you and you should see my #1 recommended program.

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Jeanne Kazama - April 25, 2018

Innocurrent and Ayuwage are no longer good sites to earn money. In the past I have used these sites due to their high average daily earnings. These days, the sites no longer pay on time according to other recent reviews. I personally would not be surprised if they went offline for good.

Paul - December 12, 2016

Signed up in October to Innocurrent, and Ayewage a few days later. They got away with $47.00 worth of work. Never paid me a dime, never assisted with any issues on their site, and never responded to the tickets I submitted. After trying to cashout $15.00 before working anymore to see if it was a legit site, waited 8 days and wrote to them telling them I hadn’t received payment. Two days later they suspended my account permanently. Not just my Innocurrent account, but also my Ayewage account both for the same reason, even though I had not been working the Ayewage site but a few times.

P.S. ClixSense pays 100% I’ve been doing it for a long time, been paid many time without a hitch(w/out problems). Took about a month for the first check to arrive (the site tells you it will) after that it takes about 3-5 business days to be deposited into my PayPal account. I paid the $15 upgrade, good for a year. and make about 30.00 in a month. Not going to get rich, but it’s a little extra cash for the little things my limited income doesn’t allow for me to get.

Kari Hakkinen - February 18, 2016

Where’s my money? – 02/08/16, 9:43 pm

In the beginning of January I requested a $5 cash-out. The payment was pending nearly a month. Now it’s gone from my payment history, but my PayPal account is still missing the $5.

Now ten days has gone without response.

InnoCurrent is a lying, cheating scam.

InnoCurrent does not pay. InnoCurrent does not answer help requests. Stay away from InnoCurrent.


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