Influenster Review – Is This App Safe and Worth it Or Scam?

Welcome to my Influenster review!

How many of you have listened to the name of Influenster product? It seems like this product has been acting out to be the influential kit for someone.

But this is not true at all! Right below we will be getting the quick timeline discussion about what influenster is all about and how it works!

Product Name: Influenster
Website Address:
Aydin Acar, Elizabeth Scherle
Get Products To Test At Home
Overall Ratings:
70 Out of 100

Well, the Influenster VoxBox is a box that is full of products that Influenster sends out monthly to some lucky members. Not each single of the person will receive products, but as much and more active you will be in the community the higher chance you have of winning the products.

As you do receive the Voxbox, the product of Influenster will be giving you a few short tasks to complete. It would primarily be known as the writing of the quick review of the product or answering a few questions that they will hence provide. 

They would not be sending you with the trial size of products. They would be sending you with the full-size products for you to try and review.

It usually is taking few minutes of your time, and you got some of the best and great free stuff. It is so amazing to use it right now!

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How Does Influenster Work for You?

It is the much secure site to get navigate. You have to only start off as by joining and fill out your profile. As in your spare time you have to answer questions and write reviews of products.

Each single of the month, Influenster will be sending out what they call a “VoxBox” that is all known out to be the set of free products that they would like you to test.

You will be keeping all the products they have sent to you, and they will ask a return that is all about to give your honest view about the product and share it on your social media accounts and website if you have any kind.

They will also make your offer with some of the ways by which you can earn.

Essential Ways to Earn Money by Influenster:

Earning Money By Completing Campaigns: It would be offering you the additional way of making the money that is known as campaigns.

As you do become the member, you will have questions that you can answer in the course of any time called Snaps. As you answer these questions, you will at the same time unlock different Campaigns that you can compete with.

It is similar with the eBay Campaign for you. You will be writing on with the two of the short tutorials on how to use a few portions of the site.

When you get finished with this campaign, you will be given away with the $25 gift card for my time! 

Earning Badges With Influenster: You can often consider out making money with the badges as well. You will only be going to unlock extra campaigns and will also be answering these snaps that would be giving you with the points to unlock badges.

Badges are one of the familiar sources as to let you know that how much you know about a particular type of products mentioning with the Fitness, Beauty, Cooking, and much more.

If you do want to unlock badges, you can answer snaps in that category, as well as share product reviews, and write product reviews in that category. 

When you open symbols you will be named up with the title of an expert in that category and have a greater chance of receiving much of the products and campaigns in that category!

Good Things About Influenster:

1. Get Free Stuff

It would be giving you a chance as to where you can get with some of the free stuff. You will not be finding regret over signing into the website that to send you free full-size products to try out for a few moments of your time and also to review them afterward.

2. Easy Money

It is the most significant benefit of this product for sure. You will be taking just 10-30 minutes out of your daily schedule, and after completing the product review, you can earn $25 gift cards. You would not be getting any paid cash, but the gift cards are a great way to save some money on your regular purchases.

3. Excellent Source of Information

It is considerably taken as the best and excellent source of information too. One of the best features of this product is that you would be finding it filled with the product reviews and information about products.

It is all the more a common fact that some of the users make the perfect use of Amazon or other sites to find out about products before purchasing.

But on the same side, Influenster has excellent reviews of almost all the types of products in favor of the free in a VoxBox. It would be giving you out with some of the additional information about products you want to purchase.

Complaints About Influenster:

This site does face the biggest drawback where it is not entitled to be the money making online opportunity site.

1. Low Popularity

Well, this is not a big complaint at all, but for sure as compared to other companies and product sites, this site is the little bit low in the popularity.

But as long as you would be learning out the fact that you will be getting paid by free products instead of cash and those completing campaigns can earn you some additional money in the form or type of gift cards, then you would be happy much to be the part of this site.

2. Getting Products Not Easy Sometimes

Not all the users will be getting the products. One of the customers did mention in the testimonials that they have used the site for three months and had just one VoxBox. But they have been much active in the community as well.

3. Require Very Hard Work

If you have been thinking about joining the Influenster, then we would suggest you complete your profile completely and entirely.

You should be working hard to earn a few badges, and being active by writing reviews as well as sharing products on social media.

If you would be showing them your working as on a daily basis, they will reward you with free products to review!

​Method to Join Influenster:

If you want to join Influenster, then you can click Get Started and register by email or sign up with Facebook. Then you will be going to receive a link right to the email that you can visit to fill out your profile portion.

It is to mention that Influenster is an entirely free program to join and you do not need to attend with an invite.

As you are all done with the joining of the site, the next important thing you have to do is to connect your social media accounts by visiting your social impact page.

Over the top portion of the page, you will join or see the impact score. The high you will score, the more likely you are to get sent a VoxBox full of free products.

Your impact score is taken to be one of the ideal and best way to get a VoxBox. So make sure that you do put some effort into increasing it. You have to go through and connect all of your social media accounts on top of this page.

It would be taking few of the hours as for the impact score to be complete calculated.

If you do still think that you have a low impact score after your social media accounts are connected then below we will be sharing some of the essential tips which can assist you to increase it:

  • You should increase your social media followers.
  • You can even think about to invite friends to join Influenster as the more social the friend, the better it will be at the end of the day.
  •  If you have a blog, you can also think about to add the Influenster widget to it.
  • You should think about as in improving your chances of getting a VoxBox by answering snaps.

On top of the dashboard, you will be going to see a section called Snaps. Snaps are the quick questions that would let you determine if you qualify for a VoxBox.

You have to make sure that you did check your Influenster dashboard frequently and answer any Snaps that you have available.

You have to even pay with some attention at the Influenster emails. Most of the times it would be sending the emails with surveys that may qualify you to receive a VoxBox.

You need to make sure that you do take these surveys as soon as you can so you can snag up a box full of complete free products. As the Influenster will be going to send you a VoxBox, they will be just sending you an email as letting you know that it is all the more coming.

As you do get qualified for a campaign, you will be able to receive your VoxBox in the mail. You do need to make sure that you do visit the Campaigns section on the side of the dashboard at this time.

It would make you learn that what tasks you can do using the VoxBox.

Final Verdict:

Influenster is 100% not a scam at all. It is an entirely legit site that would be giving you a chance as to get with some of the free products in exchange for a review and social share.

There no such kind of the Influenster Complaints that makes this site a no join or ruin its popularity among the customers.

As long as you do find yourself to be convenient in not getting paid cash and being able to keep the full-size products which they are sending you, then you would be much happy and satisfied in using with this site.

You can even read out the previous customer reviews of this product/site to learn about their last working records too.

If you want to learn or study more about this product and its method of joining, then you can check out this product testing e-book!

We are sure that once you start learning about this site, you would surely be finding it much entertaining and exciting to carry out with. It is entirely legal, and no particular kind of flaws customarily attached to this site.

So what are you waiting? Let’s join it now!

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I hope you will like my Influenster review. If you have any queries related to this post please share it in the comment section below.