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Infinii Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my Infinii Review;

Business Name: Infinii Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?Infinii
Website Address:
Price: Depends on Investment Plan (See Below)
Business Owner: Hitesh Juneja, Kevin Hokoana and Jason Rose
Overall Rank: 60 out of 100 points

Infinii Scam Review – Introduction:

Infinii was launched by the group of internet marketers named as Hitesh Juneja, Kevin Hokoana and Jason Rose. They have been involved in other famous programs in the past like DS Domination and Options Domination.

Due to those famous names, there is a lot of buzz about this new site and people are enrolling very quickly to join as early birds. DS Domination uses a model called drop shipping, in which you can earn by buying items from Amazon and resell on eBay using drop shipping.

Now with Infinii, they are coming with much better tools and training to guide people on how to earn from eBay, Amazon, and Bonanza. You can simply assume this as ready-made e-commerce system.

E-commerce is simply buying and selling online products rather than actually going to the store and purchase items. Everyone better knows that this trend is increasing day by day and there is a great room for its growth.

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What is Included in the Infinii?

Infinii offers three membership levels and if you move into deeper then it offers following training and tools;

Prime ($49.95 per Month)

This membership offers following things;

  1. Over the shoulder training on how to sell on eBay using drop shipping. Drop shipping is simply bought low price item on Amazon and sell at a higher price on eBay. You may be thinking how this works. Well, don’t be panic. Simply get the order from eBay, let suppose it is $40 and find the product on Amazon, that is $30 and shipped directly to the customer location.
  2. Access to eBay listing tools that can create listing very quickly.
  3. Next thing is how to make money with shopping parties. This can be done by using infinii app and you can check any store item and scan them, whether it is profitable to sell on Amazon and if it is then you can simply buy and ship them to FBA. This means rest of work will be done by Amazon.


Surge ($149.95 per month)

This membership is much advanced than the previous one and apart from previous training it also includes;

Many automated tools and analytical data to ease up the whole process. You would be able to know that which item is selling best and which one is not. By following this, you can easily add and remove items from your list.

You will also get guidelines about products that are selling pretty well so that you can also take advantage and get good earnings.


Excel ($399.95 per month)

This membership is the most advanced offered by this system and it is at a very hefty price of $400. It definitely unrealistic for beginner to afford that one but it does includes all the training and tools that are offered by the previous two types of memberships plus a detailed guide on Amazon FBA training so that you can easily ship items from any marketplace.

Other than this you will be able or learn how to drop ship items when you are selling on Amazon. You are allowed to access Infinii marketplace where you get discounted products and able to generate much more commission than other methods.


The Infinii Compensation Plan:

You can get an affiliate commission from recruiting other people to the system. The compensation plan overall is a hybrid between a Uni-level and Binary.  They have devised a much lucrative compensation plans than the previous one because they are going to share 70% revenue comparing to 40% in industry average.

Let’s get familiar with the terms;

BV =  BV stands for Business Volume (It includes monthly membership payments + transactional fees on product sales)

PET = PET stands for Personal Enrolment Tree (It includes people you personally enroll + their enrolled partners)

It is very complex but to get some idea let’s look at the following image;


Things I Like about Infinii:

Drop Shipping Actually Works

Drop Shipping is not actually new and it has been from years and people are generating full-time income with this business. You simply called this a legit business model and if you certainly know how to do it then you can build your full-time business on it.

Their previous product DS Domination also based on similar model and it has worked for some people. But this product could not retain its popularity. Now they have improved this product. Now let’s see how long this will stay.

Lucrative Compensation Plan

As I have mentioned previously, they have now formed a much better compensation plan that offers much more sharing revenue to members. Though it is very complex and you have to take the time to understand this fully.

Things I Don’t Like about Infinii:

Very High Cost

To access this system, you are required to pay $400 per month. It’s very pricey. Isn’t it? A beginner cannot access this system because how he/she would be able to pay such amount.

If you are just joining for drop shipping then this cost is extremely high because you can learn elsewhere at a cheaper rate. While if you looking for lucrative MLM model then definitely think that recruiting other people to such pricey plan requires very hard work.

Drop Shipping Certainly has Negatives

To mention a few;

  1. Product may be out of stock on Amazon, so lead to refund and bad reputation.
  2. Negative affect on the customers when they actually see the Amazon product while they order on eBay.
  3. Decline in profit due to excessive competition between infinii members because each one tries to low his/her price to look attractive in the eyes of customers.

Is Infinii a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

In short, Infinii seems to be much better product than the previous products. It offers much better training, tools, and commission than the industry. The only thing that is skeptical is its cost. Paying such an enormous fee per month to get the full training is really a nightmare for most of the internet marketers.

My main question is why to pay such an enormous amount for such a platform that is very new and has a lot of drawbacks. I am just give you far better opportunity than this product and if you are serious for earning online income then see my #1 recommendation. It has been around since 2005 and has helped thousands of people to earn a full-time income from home.

The best thing is you would not face such drawbacks that drop shipping business has because it guides you affiliate marketing which is my favorite business model.

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