Income League Review – Scam or Legit Opportunity?

Welcome to my Income League review 2019!

Income League claims that you easily earn $1,000 per day just by posting tiny ads on the internet. Initially, I thought it a link posting job, but when I look in the member’s area, I have found that it is a list building course. 

Thought the above claims look very appealing but do this system work is the question that should be in everyone’s mind.

I also congratulate you for doing all this research before joining this program. 

I’m not affiliated with Income League in any form, and my aim here is to reveal you truth behind it. 

So let’s see whether it is a scam or legit;

Product Name: Income League

Founder: Jamie Lewis and Mathew Neer 

Product Type: List building using free and paid methods

Price: $47 + Numerous Upsells

Best For: People who have spare money to afford

Income League Review

Summary: Income League is a product whose claim is to make $1000 daily just by posting tiny ads. There is nothing new in the system and its all focus is on list building and then market your leads high converting offers through a series of emails.

The training provided in the course is decent however it is very expensive, and that’s why I don’t think, the training is worth the price it is offering. Moreover, you could also find such info easily on the web for free.

Rating: 55/100

Verdict: No

What is Income League?

Jamie Lewis and Matthew Neer are the persons behind this product, and they are boldly claiming this;

“Kids make $1,000 per day online posting these tiny little ads. “

Another appealing thing I heard in the sales video is you don’t need to spend money on posting these ads, and also it wouldn’t take your much time on a daily basis.

What else you want if you are making money from home that is also more than your monthly needs, but my dear, these are just unrealistic promises that I will show you within a few seconds.

But first I tell you what it is?

It is basically a course where you build a sales funnel and then feed this sales funnel using different traffic generating strategies.

Let’s look at the steps;

  1. Purchase landing pages (which will be provided by Income League in an Upsell)
  2. Buy Getresponse auto-responder subscription
  3. Buy Clicks Magic subscription for tracking
  4. Find products on Click Bank
  5. Set up a series of emails in an autoresponder
  6. Drive traffic from free and paid methods (I will cover this in detail later)

So, now you get the idea about how does this system work?

You don’t have to do any innovative link posting job rather it is all old-style list building course.

What is Included in the Members Area?

The member’s area comprises of all the training you get access after paying $47 along with upsells. Let’s look at one by one;

1). VIP Training

  • Payment Profiles – You will learn what Clickbank is and how to create an account with it. Basically, you do set up of all your payment profile.
  • Recurring Cash – You will learn about Getreponse and how to connect capture/sales pages with the autoresponder.
  • Money Links – In this section you are going to get details of how to find high converting offers on Clickbank to make money.
  • Revenue Tracking – You will learn about how to track your campaign. You will get familiarized with Click Magic, a common tool used for that purpose.
  • Profit Activation – In this section, they are going to show you different traffic sources you can use for your funnel. They called this;
    • Desktop lighting
    • The drip stream
    • Adhitz Network
  • Click by Click Demo – The most important section of this system because you will learn everything from start to finish. How to set up a campaign, posted an ad on a site and got results? You are shown here live campaigns and results after few hours video pause.
  • Internet Marketing 101 – Here you are going to guide about eight keys to make money online, internet marketing for dummies, and other introductory stuff about internet marketing.

Massive Traffic

You will be shown on how to buy traffic on the member’s area.

  • Click Drops – This is their proprietary traffic rotator. This is where they take email traffic that they are generating daily thousands of extra or repeat clicks and resell it back to you at a discount of $35 per month.
  • Free Ad Swipes – You will be swapping with solo ad vendors.
  • Warrior Ads – You will learn how to run ads on warrior forum.
  • FB Group Secrete – You are shown recommended solo ads providers.


#1: Unlimited Campaigns ($149)

You will be given landing pages that Mathew has used over the years. I must say that they are of good quality and tested pages but only 15 in numbers.

You are also provided 1k+ email swipes that Mathew has used over the years for email marketing campaigns. 

#2 Vendor Site Secrets ($197)

With this turnkey project, you just place that product over affiliate marketplaces (JvZoo, Warrior Plus, and Click bank), and affiliates will promote your products to other people.

#3 Coaching Webinars ($197)

In this upsell, you will get access to Mathew Neer recorded webinars. These are;

  • The online wealth formula
  • Marketing funnel mayhem
  • Internet marketing commandments
  • Niche vendor mastermind
  • The endorphin dump
  • Why blogging sucks
  • PowerPoint pulling forum marketing
  • The secret to itchy clicks and scratchy ads
  • And many more…
#4 Done for Your Sales Funnel ($497)

You will be given Mathew sales funnel that has made him over $200,000. All you need to send traffic to this funnel and make money.

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Pros & Cons:

The Good

1. Good Training

I have seen the member’s area and found pretty useful stuff. I already know this method, but there is something new from every person.

And the training is complete that covers nearly every aspect you need to know about making money from email marketing.

The business model used by Mathew, i.e., affiliate marketing and email marketing are the best and the most profitable out there.

The main question is whether the training is worth $1,000. I don’t think so, but that is just my personal thought.

You could easily find such information on Google and YouTube. Though you need to gather bit by bit there, here you are all provided under one roof.

The Bad

1. Too Much Hype

There is too much hype shown on the sales video just to trap newbies into the system.

On sales video, you are shown just big money making Clickbank accounts portraying people that it hardly takes any effort to reach this level.

This is the sure a sign of a scam program. Though it is not a scam what they did is to make false claims and unreasonable promises just to sell this program to many people.

They should tell clearly at the start that it requires a lot of effort and time to reach this level.

I know all these methods as I have been working for more than five years in this industry. However, it is hard for me to get the same kind of results.

Everything takes time and builds up step by step. 

I have no proof of saying that the accounts shown in this video are fake. However, I can say that Mathew is an experienced marketer, and he had a budget to start multiple campaigns.

2. Costly Product

You need to pay $47 at the start to get access to the VIP Training and Massive Traffic module. Rest of all other requires you to pay further.

Let’s do the math;

  • VIP & Traffic Training = $47
  • Unlimited Campaigns = $149
  • Vendor Site Secrets = $197
  • Coaching Webinars = $197
  • Done for Your Sales Funnel = $497
  • Total Cost = $1,087

So, you need to pay $1,087 to get access to full training and resources.

This is also to be called as high ticket program, and I have already written many reviews on such sites like Empower Network, AWOL Academy, and Six Figure Mentors.

3. Other Cost

You cannot afford to forget other costs as well. Let’s see it;

  • Getresponse = $17 per month
  • Click Magic = $15 per month
  • Hosting = $50 per year
  • Domain = $10 per year

You need a consistent budget for this. It is not necessary that you get the positive return on investment (ROI) from the first month. It can take up to a year to reach this level.

4. A lot of Focus on Paid Traffic

In sales video, Mathew didn’t talk about the paid traffic at all. But once you look at the inside member’s area, there is a lot of focus on paid traffic.

You are encouraged to use solo ads and buy deals from different trusted Facebook groups and solo ad marketplace, Udimi.

Along with this, you are also recommended to buy traffic from the warrior forum.

So, this cost can add up very quickly because these are all expensive stuff and you regularly need a budget for this.

Let’s see that for 500 visitors, the person is demanding for $328. 

Paid traffic always comes with the risk, and if you are on a tight budget, I don’t recommend this strategy.

It takes months of practice and good budget that let you find the winning campaigns.

5. No Free trial

I recommend those products that offer free trial or $1 trial. This makes easy for newbies to get access to the few modules in the member’s area and if that appeal to them, they then go for the full product purchase.

Income League also doesn’t offer any trial period, and you need to pay $47 at the start to get limited access.

6. Their Recommended Traffic Systems are Crap

Particularly, I am discussing their three methods of bringing traffic to the funnels known as;

  • Desktop lighting
  • The drip stream
  • Adhitz Network

Yes, these systems can bring you traffic, but they are cold traffic. Means they will not convert at all. All you need is laser targeted traffic that converts well.

Suppose your offer is related to make money niche, but that system is bringing you people who are looking for weight loss. Do, you think they are going to convert?

Definitely no.

So, the only traffic that works best for these types of offers is search traffic.

In search engines, people write a specific problem, and they want to see the solution, and when someone recommends a solution in front of them, they will take action.

Want to Earn a Full-time Income From Home?

Is Income League a Scam?

No, Income League isn’t a scam, and I am not the type of person that called everything a scam and just tries to promote my recommended products.

It is a legitimate program, and the training here is good, but you don’t expect much from this system especially at the start. You need to consider a lot of other factors as well to make money online.

Income League will not only charge you $47, but you will also be thrown a large series of upsells to know the in-depth secrets in this system.

Even if you pay all that $1,087 to buy this product fully, do you think that’s done and from the next day, you will start earning $1000 a day just by posting ads. That’s not going to happen, my dear.

You need a budget on a daily basis to run those campaigns. I suggest you should have $100 per day to take a start. Also, keep in mind the tools cost that I have shown you above.

For a few months, you shouldn’t expect profitable campaigns too much. So, it means you are losing your money on a daily basis.

Let’s suppose you reach at a profit after one year, then calculate it how much it takes to reach this level.

So, if you think this is what you are looking for, go ahead and join this business.

Final Verdict:

If you think Income League isn’t for you or you don’t have that much money to get started, I suggest you see my #1 recommended business known as Wealthy Affiliate that will guide you nearly the same concept but with much better way.

You don’t see any hype at all, and I am here saying that it isn’t designed for the people who want to rich overnight.

Think it as a long-term business and build it brick by brick and one day you will definitely have a solid and rewarding business.

Don’t worry; the system is free to take a start, however, if you like it you can go for the premium membership with more training, features, and tools.

Also, don’t think you are alone there, you can contact me anytime there if you need any help. Moreover, they have a very active community that will always welcome your queries and respond you very quickly. 

What’s your thoughts on my Income League review 2019 and if there is any question in your mind, please ask me in the comment section.