Income Blueprint X Scam Review

Income Blueprint X Scam Review

Business Name: income blueprint x
Website Address: www.
Starting Price: $9.99
Upsells: Yes (See below)
Owners: Kory Pearman
Overall Rank: 65 out of 100


Income blue print x was launched by Kory Pearman back in 2014. Kory Pearman is generating full time online income for 2 years now. Income blue print x is an email marketing video based course that guides you to how to build large list and sell digital products.

Kory Pearman is very successful with this strategy and he shares his strategy that runs on auto pilot and makes money for promoting other peoples’ products. 

What is Included in the Form of Training?

There are different training modules in the member’s area and you can learn step by step on the following topics.

Obsession Scale: This module discuss about how to choose best niche for your business. Though this system work on most of the niches but here you will learn the most profitable niches to choose.

1 Page Profit: Here you will learn that how to build squeeze page along with how to use it and things that should be avoid.

Hooking the Bait: This talks about visitors that are coming to your page.

Instant Cash: This course explains about the strategy that Kory is using to generate cash.

Linking up: How to setup an auto responder. This is the step that will lead to list building.

Autopilot Cash: Earn money while you sleep is a dream for everyone. This can be done through follow up messages through email.

$10,000 + Paydays: Build relationship with your subscribers so that they wait for your new mail.

Waterfalls of Traffic: Here you will learn that how to drive targeted traffic to your squeeze page. Methods you will learn here are Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube etc.

Maintaining Your Business for Long Term Success: This course discuss about the business stability and at the same time how to withdraw cash on autopilot from the funnel.


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Pros vs. Cons:


  • Starting price is very affordable to everyone.
  • Good training on list building and it is especially for those who have no previous knowledge about the email marketing.
  • Video quality is very good.


  • I mostly prefer product that is free to join because what I am recommending may be is not good for other people. So by joining as a free member one can easily analyze that whether it is as per one’s likings or not.
  • Two up-sells are there. I also prefer products that have no up sells because when somebody joins by paying some amount initially then that person is thinking that he/she will access to full resources but later on he was bombarded from different upsells then only he can do is frustrated from the system.
  • Apart from up-sells there are other associated cost to run fully the system as intended by the Kory. If you think that I have just paid $9.99 and ready to start earning then you are wrong. (See price below)
  • Training is basic and it is also incomplete. Kory just talk about his strategy but could not mention that what to do if list isn’t responsive, problems with the squeeze page. There are lot of questions in your mind but you are force the system to keep them in your mind.
  • No guidelines on how to setup a website and customize theme.
  • Different methods of driving traffic to your squeeze page but most of them are paid advertising.

How Much Does Income Blue Print X Cost You?

If you want to join the system then the Income Blueprint X costs starting price of $9.99. After paying this you are allowed all the training videos in this program to get you started.


There are two up-sells in the system, the first is a $47 a month known as “done for your solution” (down sold to $27 per month) and the other is “White Label Blueprint” it will cost you $67.

Other Associated Costs:

You have to purchase two other things that Kory recommends you, first one is Optimize Press ($97) and second one is Aweber ($19/month. Optimize Press is used for creating the squeeze page, and Aweber is the autoresponder.

Who It Is For?

This product is best for newbies who have just started internet marketing business. If you are advanced user than this product is not for you because it contains preliminary information about list building. 

Is Income Blueprint X a Scam? My Conclusion:

In a nutshell, Income Blueprint X is real platform coaching you useful information about email marketing and you get the secrets about how owner is earning money through this system. It is certainly much more worth than its price $9.99, especially when they are so many other products out there who teach nothing much and cost way more than this.

In members area there are typical countdowns that are just marketing technique to get the customer to believe the offer is time sensitive when in fact you can refresh the page and it starts right over.

Moreover this is the system for starters to understand how email marketing works but it is not for others. Also this system is not ideal to make money online because you just cannot earn regular income with such type of incomplete information.

Best Solution for You:

If you want to earn regular income online then I have a solution for you. See my #1 recommendation here. Its name is Wealthy Affiliate and it is a complete package for you to build online business. It is also more appropriate to join affiliate marketing rather than email marketing. But with the passage of time when your business grow then start email marketing as well to further strengthen up your business.

If we compare both products then lets see this:

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If you have any queries about Income Blueprint X , please do comment in the comment section below. I am very happy to help you and also share your experience with this product so that we all benefit from your experience.