Ibotta Review – Is This App Legit or Scam?

Ibotta Review – Is This App Legit or Scam?

Welcome to Ibotta Reviews. In this post, I will show you whether this app is legit or scam.

Looking to know if you are seriously going to get cash rebates for all the products you make purchases of with ibotta? Let me reveal the true face of this company in a few minutes.

You have heard many people telling you that ibotta is really giving back some of the money you spend on groceries in various stores if you go for your regular shopping in one of the stores accepted by them and then send a photo of the receipt with the barcode.

And chances are you really are interested in making money with this venture.

But before you step foot into the whole thing, you may want to know how exactly the company is working, how they get the money they will be refunding, how they make money themselves as a company (because surely they wouldn’t be paying people for free) and how the receipts are useful to them.

My ibotta app review will give you the important facts about this program to help you with the decision making.
Let’s give ibotta a go.

Product Name: IbottaIbotta Review
Website Address: ibotta.com
Owner: Bryan Leach
Price: Free to download the app
Rankings:70 out of 100

Ibotta Reviews – Introduction:

There seem to be many ways you can make money online to supplement your income. But did you know that out of every 5 online programs created per month, two are usually scams?

Yeah, you read that correctly.

Whenever a system enters the market, it drags along with it a scam, most likely of its kind. The thing is, when a person gets an idea he can help folks make money online, there are always scams on the watch, waiting for it.

And when it has been launched, they study it and get a loophole which they can use to rip people off. After they have gotten it, they will capitalize on it and make sure they have come up with a system similar to the one they were studying, and use it to rob thousands of internet users, especially the newbies.

For this reason, I always advise people who are just getting started with money making methods on the web to stick with the good old techniques that have been working for decades like affiliate marketing.

It is very hard to scammed by the popular affiliate programs. But, you should note there are scams in this strategy too, you have to be careful.

I will be revealing the program that has been paying me for years at the end of this post. Away from that, these new tactics have been getting people scammed a lot or not much rewarding that can make a living, and you simply want to be watchful with them, if you plan on using them.

The signs of scams I have seen the many years I have been working online are pretty evident in this particular system. But does that qualify it as a scam? I think it’s way too early to judge it. Let’s look into its way of operation to determine that.

Shall we?

What is Ibotta App?

This is a company that has launched an app with the promise to pay rebates for all the products you buy from the selected stores in the app.

This app will pay you rebates if you are willing to prove that you actually bought the items. Simply put, you will get paid once you upload a receipt or scan the barcode on it and send it to them to find the products you bought. So does it work? It most certainly does.

This is one of the few legit companies that literally buy receipts for the things you have bought. The app can be accessed in Google Play and Apple Store.

Ibotta is a slang name used of the word, “I bought a…” These guys were creative. Okay, why do you get paid for ais ibotta a scam receipt? Asking yourself that? The thing is, most companies need a lot of consumer information, and they will go to any extent, even if it means buying, to get it.

The information comes in handy of them, that is why they are willing to pay up to a million for this project. The deep details for this have been discussed in the “how it works” section.

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The creative mind behind this program is Bryan Leach. He founded it in 2011 after seeing how needy brands were of this information, and how technology would help them connect with consumers and retailers, and get everybody to win!

Looking back at history, he went to Oxford, Harvard and Yale law school where he got his degree in law and got a job at the Supreme Court of the United States as a clerk for Justice David Souter.

After launching this mobile marketing app, it became the top company to succeed in offline marketing with technology. Peeping at his family life, he spends his weekends on road trips with his family. He also loves rock climbing with his daughters.

How Does it Work?

As earlier said, this is all about paying consumers for purchases they make, after confirming they have indeed bought the items they claim to have in the app. So we left it off at why companies are spending that much money to get receipts.

Well, many companies want to know how their products are fairing in the market. The reason for them looking for it is to know how often the products are bought and how best to increase the purchases.

That is why they will want to get this information from consumers themselves. When you submit your receipt, they will put them together with the ones other folks using the app are submitting and then study the trend of your purchases.

From the study, they will know how best to tweak things to get them bought a lot more than they are. It also helps make certain stores popular.

Here is how the ibotta app works:

To follow these steps you should have downloaded the app and registered an account.

Select the list of items you want to buy. Before you head out to shop, you should open the app and choose the store you intend to shop in. Then you will get to the product gallery.

Choose the products you want to buy. Then you will get a few tasks you have to perform for that particular store. Go ahead and complete, this will add more money to your account. Tasks include sharing this purchase activity with friends or liking the store’s Facebook page.

Go and Shop After you are done with the app, you should now go the store you chose and buy the products you have chosen and any others you feel you might need.

Confirm you made the purchases. Now you will need to prove that you bought the items you said you were planning to. So you have to scan the receipt with the barcode and send them.

You can also link your loyalty card and then use it to buy the products. This will help track what you purchased. From there, it will take about 24 hours to have the receipt confirmed.

Make Easy MoneyAfter they are done with the confirmation; you will receive a confirmation message letting you know that your PayPal account has just been credited for grocery shopping. Or you can choose to get Amazon gift cards or from Starbucks, iTunes or even Redbox.

What is Included in the Program?

Here, I would like to discuss the two types of rebates you get when you go to make your purchases. You need to know this if you want to make more money.

• The common rebates – This is where you get rebates for buying from any store out there, as far as it is listed in the app. They also pay very little. I guess the freedom to buy anywhere comes with a cost, lol. You earn anywhere from 25 cents to 75 cents.

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• The rebates for particular brands – This is where things get a bit better. You will make more money, up to 10 times what you will be getting for the common rebates.

But as the name suggests, you will have to buy from a brand that the app had chosen for you. If you can do this, you should definitely use this tactic to make more from ibotta.

Who is it for?

This app is for people who like shopping for groceries and want to save on the overall costs. It is also for people who are willing to make money online and don’t mind to shop for groceries to make money.

Ideally, the app can be used by anyone as far as they comply with the rules stated. Whether you are in high school or college, you can get your mom to shop using the app, and you get the pay.

Ibotta Review – Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• It is an easy and fun way to make money. You are getting paid just for shopping your home’s groceries. No other costs are added to make it work. You are paid to do something you normally do.

• You also get to earn through referring your friends to ibotta. By having them join, you as well as them, earn an easy $5 or $10. And you don’t have to trick them into it.

• It works. There is no catch in the system. It pays just as it has promised using the same strategy they have listed.

• Ibotta is a pretty popular program that has gained a good reputation over the years it has been operating. So you have nothing to worry about when it comes to reliability and trustworthiness.

• I had time to check them on BBB, and they have been well rated there. (At the time of this writing this review, they have a B rating)

• You have the option of making more money by buying from the recommended brands. This pays twice, thrice and sometimes four times what you’d get from the generalized rebates.

The Cons

• There is a temptation to get into impulse buying. During the holidays, many people buy more than they need because offers are usually crazy.

• There are times; the company will refuse to make payments if there have been any issues involved with your account. You will know this slightly before you are supposed to be paid. This can be at times discouraging.

• The payments are low, and you can’t make a living sending photos of your receipts with the app. They can only supplement your income to a very limited extent.

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Is Ibotta a Legit App or Scam? Final Verdict:

In summary, this product is not a scam. It has been paying people who use it as supposed to. What I like about is the ability to make money without having to do many tasks.

Most of what you are asked to do are the same list of tasks you have been doing all along; only a few things have been added, which are very manageable. The thing I don’t like about it is the amount of commission you make, especially with the general rebates.

They are too low to make it a sustainable source of income. That’s why I recommend wealthy affiliate to make a full-time business from home. Also, if you choose to work the recommended brands, you may have to spend extra to get to buy from the actual brand you are told to buy from to get higher commissions.

Also, if you choose to work the recommended brands, you may have to spend extra to get to buy from the actual brand you are told to buy from to get higher commissions.

Final Verdict – Legit!
Product Name: Ibotta
Website Address: ibotta.com
Owner: Bryan Leach
Price: Free to download the app
Rankings: 70 out of 100

I hope this ibotta review is what you are looking for. Have you been using the ibotta app? How much money have you made so far? Has it been helpful? Have you been having any issues with the system? Have you recommended it to any of your friends? Have you made any commissions with referrals up to this point? Let us know about it in the comments below.

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