How to Use Event Marketing to Promote Your Brand?

Though online marketing trend is increasing to a great extent over the years, but there are certain problems that are associated with this method.

People have very limited attention and less interest in those online messages. So, there is a disconnection between the companies and the audience.

But we have another traditional yet effective form of promotional method that is known as Event Marketing. Studies have proved that event marketing has far better results than commercials. 

You can provide better outreach to your efforts and interact with your audience to create a personal touch.

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Why Companies Uses Event Marketing?

1. Branding and Awareness

Organizing an event is a way to let people aware of your brand.

For a Business to Consumer (B2C) company selling juices, you may organize a festival in summer and give out free samples.

This is how they discover your brand, and it builds a relationship with your audience.

2. Establishing and Growing Relationships

If you have organized an effective marketing event, then definitely it emphasizes heavily on face to face communication.

This is where businesses build relationships with people. Interpersonal connection is the first step to convert a visitor into your customer.

3. Lead Generation

The prospects cannot immediately convert into your customers, but what you can do you can add them into your database.

Now they are your leads, and you can follow up those people regularly. You can get their email addresses, phone number and other information.

How to Promote your Products During an Event?

Step 1: Target the Right Audience

Your first step is to identify your goals. There is a very famous acronym about goals called SMART. It means your goals should be:

  1. Specific
  2. Measurable
  3. Attainable
  4. Relevant
  5. Timely

Focus on SMART helps you avoid selecting vague goals like “bring in leads.” Also, you can better check your event, whether it was a success or a failure.

You need to call those people who are facing some problem, and your task is to present them a solution. Why do you call for people who don’t have any problem or who are loyal to other brands?

Step 2: Organize Your Event Properly

You should properly set up all those things prior to the event actually takes place.

Make sure that your trade show booth kit is well-stocked with marketing materials and promotional products that help potential customers see clearly what your business offers.

Step 3: Ensure Value During Event

Your event shouldn’t focus only on product presentations. You should take people on board and provide them with a unique value proposition; i.e. offer them something in return.

That's why experts called events to be solution-based, rather than product-based.

At first, you must recognize and understand attendee problems.

Subsequently, you can call for valuable speakers that will offer quick wins and meaningful acumens, empowering the guests with the required tools to overcome their problems.

One failure of those events is that where attendees are treated as a buying machine.

Nobody likes to participate in any event and be the prey of constant marketing campaigns like, Buy this right now.”

It won’t work, and it might alienate or irritate your guests.

Step 4: Follow up

To provide a real brand experience, you must constantly engage with your attendees.

Just sending them routine thank you emails, your task is to engage with them by providing relevant content you presented during the event.

Also, recall your attendees about your products/services by offering them a special discount/coupon or incentive for visiting the event, which will make them feel special.

Final Verdict:

Event management is still one of the powerful tools for marketing your products.

It builds relationships, and those relationships can yield you long-lasting benefits for your business.

To make it successful, you have to focus on providing solutions to the problems, relationship building, and brand awareness.

Once you have done all those things successfully, you can then reap the benefits of that event for years to come.

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