How to Start a Dating Site and Make Money?

Dating niche has always been a hot niche, and it will also be in the next hundreds of years. People always want to find their loved ones.

This need will give us the opportunity to make money in the dating niche.

If you look at some of the dating giants like:

You will see that millions of people daily visit those sites and these companies make thousands of dollars daily.

Though they have been in this business for many years and you may be thinking about how we can compete with those sites.

Yes your concern is right but still, there is room for new sites, and that’s why new sites are created daily. So, if there are no rewards then why these new sites are created daily.

Now let’s look at the few steps that you need to consider before starting a dating niche.

 Please carefully read all these as they all are important:

Though dating itself a good niche but it is broad as well. It is good to target dating on its own but if you want to further breakdown this niche like;

It will also be a good idea to do, and it gives you much quicker results.

  Step 2: Choose a Brand Domain Name

In the second step, you need to visit a domain registrar and buy your domain name. I always prefer Namecheap, and for the domain name, I suggest you come up with a brand domain name.

I have also given you ideas about big brands that are operating in this market; you can get the idea from their names and choose a brand name for your website.

There are also free domain name generators out there that can help you out in choosing this.

With respect to an extension, I always prefer to buy a .com domain. It is easier to remember and also offers much more benefits than this.

  Step 3: Choose a Host

At start always prefer to use a shared host. Bluehost is a great platform to start your journey. They offer good support, excellent server speed, and high uptime.

Once your business start to get massive traffic you can switch to dedicated host later on.

They also offer one-click installation of WordPress which is the CMS system we will use for our website.

  Step 4: Choose the Right Dating Software

There are different software out there in the market that can make your whole things easier for your website.

I suggest you buy SkaDate which is pricey, but it gives you so much that your life would become a lot easier.

Let’s look at what SKaDate will offer to us:

  • Video Chat
  • Match Making
  • Membership Level Management
  • Credit System
  • Payment Providers
  • Facebook Connect
  • One-on-One Chat
  • Virtual Gifts
  • Built-in-SEO
  • Google Maps for Location
  • Many More

  Step 5: Choose a Premium Dating Theme

There are different popular dating themes out there like Sweet Date, Love Story, Razor, and KLEO.

But I prefer to choose Sweet Date which is most suitable for a dating niche.

Tired of Scams, see my #1 recommend program!

  Step 6: Always Choose Free Membership

If you have just started in the niche, I suggest you offer free membership to build your community.

It is a lot easier to recruit free people, and if you look at a site Plenty of Fish, the site has over millions of members, and it is all due to the offering of free membership.

I don’t know the current status of this site, but their growth is all due to this strategy.

  Step 7: Bring Traffic to Your Dating Site

There are several strategies you can execute to drive traffic to your website like:

  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • YouTube
  • Paid Advertising
  • Email Marketing

As you are offering free membership, you can instantly start building your community database.

This is the hardest phase and also requires patience as well. So keep patience.

  Step 8: How to Make Money from Your Dating Site

Now once you start seeing good traffic, there are a lot of ways you can use to start making money. These are:

  • Subscription fee (for some features like start chatting)
  • Advertising (Google AdSense)
  • Affiliate Offers

I don’t think you need to worry about making money with the dating site as long as you have traffic.

So, these are simple yet effective steps to start your dating site and make money from it. I know each step has a separate topic, but I want to be as concise as possible just to get an idea about how you can start this process.