How to Search for a Job Online and Start Your Career?

If you have completed your professional degree and looking for a job, then this post might help you a lot. With the advent of technology, we can find jobs using our laptop and internet at home. 

The internet is an excellent resource for job seekers, but it can also be overwhelming if you approach it without a proper plan. The best way for you to find a job online is to boost your online presence by forming a professional profile on world’s leading jobs platforms.

There are a lot of jobs resources available online where you can find jobs based on your interest. These platforms are:

  • Joblang
  • LinkedIn
  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor
  • Many More

The process is simple for finding jobs there. You need to go there and create an account. After this you need to undertake the following steps:

  1. Create Your Profile – This is the first step, and I recommend you to complete your profile as much as you can. The higher and more detailed information you include in your profile the easier for the employer to shortlist you.
  2. Post Your Resume – This is also a critical step, and if you don’t know how to create a professional resume you can outsource on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. My suggestion is that you should tailor your resume to any particular job ads so that it catches your interest. Let's say, you are applying for a job ad which states that they are looking for an “experienced engineer,” then you should use these exact keywords in your job description, too.
    Please also make sure that you should include contact information like your email and telephone number, in particular, is your resume. 
  3. Sign up for job alerts – Some sites allow the facility to receive email alerts when a new job comes based on your criteria or profile. So if there is such an opportunity always subscribe to their email list. RSS feeds are also a similar concept which lets you know updates in easy to use format. 

Let’s look at the sites one by one to get a better idea which site suits you best:

  • Joblang - I have used all of the sites listed above, but very recently I found Job Lang, and I found it pretty useful. The site is created explicitly for native, bilingual, and multilingual job seekers. They can find the right job tailored according to their languages.
  • You just go to their site and use a search engine and find jobs according to your needs. The site has four important filters like Job Title/Keywords, Country, City, and Language. So they have the best filter based on language which I haven’t seen for most job sites.
  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn is the world’s biggest social platform for professionals. Where they can connect with each other’s and biggest organizations, share their job ads on LinkedIn. Alternatively, they can find the right kind of people by seeing the profiles.
  • Indeed - Indeed was launched in 2004, and it is an American worldwide employment-related search engine. It is a sister company of Japan's Recruit Co. Ltd. They have a huge database of jobs, and you could find millions of jobs there.
  • Glassdoor - Glassdoor is basically renowned for a review site where employees (both current and former) anonymously review companies and their management. Moreover, they have a large database of jobs where you could search millions of jobs and get the secret of companies with employee reviews.
  • Zip Recruiter – This site is also getting famous nowadays, and you can find tons of jobs there. Once the applicant creates an account with them, then they can apply for jobs in a click of a button.

These all are great platforms to start your journey, and you can find thousands of jobs on a daily basis. Just start with every site professionally and create your profile and post your resume.

If you are more concerned about a job based on your desired language, then Joblang will be a great option for you. They are free and also have a large database of jobs.

That's all for today post, and I hope you will like it. Please leave your feedback below and if you are interested in more online jobs then please also see the following posts as well. 

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