How to Get Organic Sales on Your Amazon products?

Advertising your product on Amazon is one of the first Marketing actions that you must do when launching your brand to the market. In this article you come to know about Amazon Marketing Strategy

There are number of websites which makes money online through Amazon. What exactly they do either they sell products on Amazon or sell Amazon products online under a Amazon affiliate commission process and earn a handsome amount of money every month.

You may visit “the buyers trend” as well to learn more about Amazon affiliate commission process. How this process works and how you can make your own websites for selling Amazon products online?

Every single sale that will come through Amazon affiliate link will give you a fair profit.

The majority of buyers in the United States start their search in Amazon making a search on the site just as they would in Google and that is where our opportunity is.

Like Google, Amazon provides a pay-per-click advertising to through two different commercial channels:

  1. Sponsored products through Seller Central
  2. Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) through Vendor Central and Vendor Express

What is Amazon PPC?

So, what is Amazon PPC? 

When you search for keywords in Amazon, the first products that appear have a phrase that says "Sponsored" in the upper part of the title.

This means that the seller of that product has paid an Amazon advertising to show it when Enter your keyword.

It depends on how well your advertising campaigns work, your products can be exposed to all kinds of keywords.


According to the way you configure your campaign. If you do not know which keywords you can go to, you can pay a lot for clicks and a very low conversion to sales.

Amazon PPC Can Increase Organic Sales

If you run an advertising campaign on Amazon successfully, you'll start to see how sales increase over time. 

The additional sales you get may come directly from the PPC campaign you are running.

However, it can also come from organic sales since their listings will get a better rating; this means that your Amazon product is positioned better in the Best Seller Rank (BSR) due to the sales you paid.

To correctly execute the PPC campaign and obtain the best result of the expenses, there are 5 steps to follow:

Step 1: Optimize your Listing

To make sure you run a successful campaign, your product listing must be fully optimized.

That includes title, bullet points, product details and keywords.
Keywords are fundamental for optimization.

When researching your audience and your target market, a set of relevant keywords is what you should include in your list.

On the detail pages, tell your buyers why they need to buy this one instead of the other.

Step 2: Let the campaign run

It is best to start an automatic campaign the first time you want to advertise on Amazon. 

The reason is that by doing this, you are allowing Amazon to choose the keywords for you. 

They may not be the most profitable, but you will collect data on what keywords are related to your products.

After at least a week of the automatic campaign running, you can see which keywords people are converting and which keywords are not.

Next, we suggest selecting the Negative Keywords based on the keywords that are not converting

Step 3: Bid for profitable keywords

With a few weeks of running your campaign, you should start to get the profitable keywords.

Once you have identified the profitable keywords, a manual campaign should start with all the profitable keywords. 

We regularly adjust the price of the offer and add new keywords to the manual campaign to ensure that our products are sufficiently exposed to our potential audience.

Step 4: Exploring the competitor's keyword strategy

Sellers should always look for their competitor's keyword strategy to achieve a higher success rate in their PPC campaign.

You may want to know if your competitors are using keywords that you are not using and any type of advanced match that you are not exploring.

Step 5: Structure your campaign with advanced match types

Do not miss any opportunity structuring your campaign correctly.

Amazon marketers must use all three advanced match type campaigns to make sure they cover the entire image while adjusting their bids to get the best results from the campaign.

I hope these 5 steps will be helpful when you launch your product on Amazon

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  • Updated November 12, 2020
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