How to Detect Spun Content for Free?

Bloggers once used article spinners on a regular basis, and even those people were using it for their money sites. With time Google launched few updates, and then people avoided using spinners for their money sites.

After that people used them for tier 1 backlinks and again we have seen fewer more updates from Google, and then people preferred to use spun content for their tier 2 links.

I remembered a time when people were ranking their sites on spun content using spammy backlinks but time has changed now.

I still believe that very few people are using spun content TODAY for their money site and backlinks.

But remember, these types of content and backlinks may work on a niche where there is no competition at all. But for other popular niches, you just cannot do that with this crappy stuff.

Even if you go to Fiverr, SEOClerks, iWriter and other outsourcing platforms, some of them are claiming to provide you 1000 words article for $7 to $8. 

This may get you interested as generally most of the bloggers don’t love to write content and they are always looking for some cheap ways where they could outsource their content.  

But what happens is these people will just provide you spun content or rewrite it. So, after spending thousands of dollars for hundred pieces of content, you wouldn’t be able to rank well on Google. 

The reason is simple – Google has a very advanced algorithm that can detect such copied, spun and rewrite content very quickly.

Even I’m familiar with many tools that can detect spun content so why not Google which has employed world top most engineers who are always working to make it more efficient.

So, if you are looking for tools that can tell you whether the article is provided to you by someone has spun content or not? 

Then I have one very good tool that got my attention very recently. Its name is “Spin Me Not.” So let’s look what is this tool and how does it work?

  What is Spin Me Not?

Spin Me Not is a new tool in the market which is created to help you find spun content. It is simply a Spun Content Checker

As you know that if you put your content on a spinner, it can produce numerous versions of unique content. I have used Spin Rewriter which can produce 1000 copies of unique content from just one piece of content. Though the content is not perfectly readable but still people are using it.

If you read them, you can easily find whether the content is spun or not.

Still, some people try to rewrite content and make it readable, but we cannot tell them whether it is rewritten or not. 

But with the help of Spin Me Not you can easily find whether the content is spun or not.

I don’t know how this software detects spun content, but it is true that every spinner leaves a footprint which this tool can detect very easily.

Their artificial intelligence system utilizes Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing algorithms to estimate the percentage of spun text based on the footprints in the text. 

Please remember, this tool doesn’t look at the plagiarism and comparison to external resources. It just looks at the content and finds whether it has the clues of spinning or not. 

  How Does Spin Me Not Work?

To check whether this tool is working what it claims, I decided to take a piece of content from my site (actually this is the same article that you are reading) and paste it on the tool. I fill out the captcha and then click on the submit button.

So, I got a message that “This Text is Probably Not Spun.

After this what I did is to take this piece of content and spin it using free spinner online.

When I again paste that content on the tool, I see a message:

So, I was really astonished to see this tool and how does it work. It is very simple to use and most importantly it is free.

This is currently its first version, but I know with time the owner will add more features and also it will improve with time. I will love to see more granular characteristics if that tool can provide in the future.

Means it can tell us when paragraph has more clues of spun content to that we can fix that paragraph rather than the whole text. 

  Final Verdict:

I believe, Spin Me Not is an excellent tool for every blogger and even agency to see whether the content has spun clues or not. 

This is how you can protect your blog and links from Google penalties.

If you have a blog and opened guest posting opportunities for outsiders, you can check their content and prevent your blog for future Google updates. SEO is all about staying yourself updated.

I believe, this post will help you a lot and provide you a realistic solution to the problem, “How to Detect Spun Content for Free?”

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