How to Buy an Appropriate & Cost-efficient LED Display?

In this opportunity the author offers a series of recommendations that must be taken into account when making the decision to buy an LED screen.

Listening to the voice of an expert will always bring benefits for a team of such magnitude.

Know who the manufacturer of the screen is:

Know the original manufacturer and the origin of the product is not a minor issue.

If you are buying a brand product, the name itself is already indicating certain parameters of production, warranty, service and permanence in the business, among other things.

The shortest space between two points is a straight line:

As much as possible, it is a good idea to be in touch with the manufacturer of the Led screens for Stage. Y

ou cannot always buy directly, but being in contact with the original manufacturer is not so farfetched. 

The manufacturers, with great enthusiasm, offer information about their products, especially on the technical side.

Knowing the face of the manufacturer helps improve communication between the different professional levels of the company.

Many times the original manufacturers offer courses or training and have a level of knowledge about the products to which only they have access because they are proprietary information.

Evaluate at least three levels of screens:

It is important to mention that today you can find three types of Led Video Wall Panels qualities and that is based on the definition of the same.

The screens that have greater colorchromatic definition have higher quality and fidelity of reproduction. 

The screens are divided into high, medium and low quality. High-quality screens define their chromatic reproduction in trillions of colours. Those of medium or intermediate quality define their chromatic reproduction in billions of colours.

Read the manufacturer's website well:

There is a extremely well-known phrase that says "do not believe in everything you read". You must read with a clinical eye and selectively to later contrast the information with reality.

Many web pages are very well designed and are very credible, but there is also a lot of information omitted.

This omission is not coincidence because the intention is to transmit information highlighting the points suitable for the manufacturer.

Presence of the manufacturer in shows or international exhibitions: 

The manufacturers that have presence in international exhibitions realize that they have exportable products, especially if the shows are in countries where the requirements of income of technological products require certain certifications.

In contrast, if the company is too local or domestic, it means that it still has some way to go.

Carefully analyze who are the clients of the screen manufacturers:

This is very important information and can be taken through the photo gallery and especially in the press releases.

In general, demanding customers have some sort of systematic method of selection and having passed through said filter means that there is added value or differentiation with respect to the other screen competitors.

Investigate who the official distributors are:

Many LED manufacturers, not all, mention a list of official or authorized distributors on their website.

These distributors or integrators have some kind of relationship with the manufacturing company and enjoy a certain prestige.

If the distribution or integrating company does not appear on the website (by corporate policy), it can also demonstrate its relationship with the manufacturer through a letter or document authorizing it as such.

Always ask for help:

Ask, ask and ask before buying. The purchase of a screen is an important decision that if taken with little information does not always take us to good port.

Asking about existing installations or screens regarding operation, maintenance and operation gives us a better overview of the overall picture.

Although you may not believe it, many owners or owners of screens are open to talk about their products and always get relevant information, however insignificant it may seem.

Buy according to the application or need, not according to the budget:

A half-built bridge is not better than nothing. If you have a limited budget, like most of all of you, make sure that the LED screen you are going to buy meets the main objective. If you need to cross the desert, buy a 4x4 truck, not a car.

If you are going to use a rental screen, think of an all-terrain screen: rugged and with a track record in the market.

If you are going to install "spectacular" screens or mega screens to promote branded products, choose a screen that has a good image.

If you need a television screen, choose one prepared for broadcasting with reduced moiré effect.

If you want a screen that lasts 2 years and after that time, shoot it and buy a new one, then do not think much and buy the cheapest one.


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