How Sales Funnel Helps You Grow? Great Insight Here!

If you are new to the concept of click funnels, but assured that it will help you have more sales!

It is a process or rather a guidance provided by a company to guide its users step by step through the purchasing process.

Imagine that you are running a store. Not an online shopping store but a physical real life one. In this store, you have over hundred customers coming over every day.

Either you hope that they like something or you convince them to buy something from the store.

The latter is a better option and more profitable. When you would let your customer decide what to buy he/she might have limited decisions or ideas.

When you would guide them through and let them chose offers related to certain products, they would definitely buy more from your store.

Customers also appreciate guidance and assistance. This is a major concept of the sales funnel.

ClickFunnels provides a proper insight into how you can benefit from this method. They tell you how you could apply the same for your website for a positive growth.

Why You Need Sales Funnel?

Sales funnels are the building blocks of shaping your business. This is a very important thing to look into.

The way that you would handle the sales funnel will decide how the company or the product sales is going to perform.

Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel

The major thing about running a company or a product selling website is customer satisfaction.

The more the number of satisfied customers we have, the more are the chances they would recommend your website to other groups of people. This is how a business would grow.

There is a win-win situation for both the parties if handled well. This is the reason many companies have started looking at the sales funnel very seriously.

They want to maintain their market as well as expand their number of users.

Now, the sales funnel has a number of phases. You cannot simply just presume ideas and establish a sales funnel.

There are steps involved in it. These steps if followed procedurally will reap the best results.

Based on the established ideas, you could break it down to the following 7 phases:

  1. Awareness Phase

This you could label it as the enlightenment stage as well. During this stage, you would become aware that a solution exists for a particular set of problems.

The word problem here addresses the idea of how you could boom your business without harming the current client relationship and also maintaining the current standards.

This is a very important stage in the whole process of the sales funnel. This is where you would decide the flow of your whole scheme.

  2. Interest Phase

This stage is where you would have to make sure that the customer is interested in your product.

Also, in this particular stage only you would be able to evaluate how interested customers are about the product.

This is where you might have to take in crucial decisions that would further affect the growth of the company.

Product research is carried out during the process of this phase. The more interested the buyers are the more likely are they to research for it.

By the end of the phase, you would have a clear idea about the end sales value of your product.

  3. Evaluation Phase

As the name goes, the stage is for the evaluation purposes. The end goal by the end of this phase is to have an evaluated plan for the product.

Not only are you going to evaluate your product but also the competitor’s products.

If you want to prosper then looking at the competitors is also very necessary.

This step should be carried out during this phase. Usually, the mistake that companies make is that they invest a lot of time building themselves without any knowledge of the rivals.

If you do not cope-up with the competitor companies then there are changes that you might lose your market to them.

The competitive world makes it tough to stand out – you have to offer something better along with what the market already offers.

  4. Decision Phase

You need to take decisions based upon what you have evaluated so far at this phase. It shapes up the backbone of the whole project.

A right decision could help you prosper and a wrong one could break your company.

The chances of having a wrong one are pretty low if you followed the previous phases properly.

  5. Purchase Phase

After the first four phases, this phase is the direct result of what negotiation was done in the previous decision phase.

Here, in this phase, the goods and/or services are purchased.

The purchase of any of the items is directly affected by the decision phase.

  6. Re-evaluation Phase

Being applied to all sorts of different tasks, this is a common phase for other queries as well.

Here, the customer is supposed to decide whether he/she wants to continue the contract or completely terminate it.

If a customer wishes to renew his/her contract then he/she is able to get the same benefits that they were getting when they were in terms.

Usually, for contract renewal, the customer might get offers as well. This is how you could retain your old customers.

  6. Re-purchase Phase

If the customer decided to extend the contract then he/she would be able to purchase the product.

This is something that you would want to keep a good track of.

Based on the contract extension you could choose offers that you could provide to the customer and make sure he/she would repurchase the product once again in the near future.


These were some of the phases that are involved during the sales funnel process. 

Following these will help you have better revenues and be more explainable to target customers.

Try out sales funnel to see your business flourish within the estimated span of time. There are rare cases of sales funnel not yielding well.


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