High Traffic Academy Review – Not a Scam!

Business Name: High Traffic AcademyHigh Traffic Academy Review – Not a Scam!
Website: www.hightrafficacademy.com
Owner: Vick Strizheus
Price: $997 a month + Various upsells
Rankings: 55 out of 100
Designed for: Newbies – Expert marketers

High Traffic Academy Scam Review – Introduction:

There are countless reviews on high traffic academy on the web, some recommending it and some strongly discouraging people from buying into its hype and calling it nothing but a blatant scam. You will see many titles for many different reviews running along the lines of, “High Traffic Academy Review, legit?” or “High Traffic Academy Scam?” and such. But if you take a time to think about it, who is right? Are the people promoting it some of the affiliates of this program? Or are the ones fighting against it some of their competitors? It is hard to know what to work with…

But there is one way to know the real truth behind this program. And that is reading my review which is unbiased as it is based on my personal experience with this product and the dying urge to make people aware of what is really happening there.

The chances are high that you have stumbled upon many scams out there and have sometimes been scammed, so I understand the need for you to know the whole truth about it, for you to take the necessary precautions. Just relax, I understand you.

What I would like to ask of you is to read closely and carefully with an open mind. I am going to show you physical proofs to back up my claims about this program. So take your time to see what is really happening there and then decide on your own whether it will make the perfect fit for your internet marketing career and if it is really going to boost your rate of success. So here you go…

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What is High Traffic Academy?

This is a marketing program that is set to help people get into the depths of internet marketing (mainly email marketing) and learn the secrets that the currently successful marketers are working with on a daily basis to make attractive figures of income every month. This program delivers its training through live videos to allegedly help people catch the most important aspects. The training is provided by the reputable marketer and founder of high traffic academy, the famous Vick Strizheus. Recently, he has launched a new product called Project Breakthrough.


The program is all about getting massive streams of traffic to your site to make as many conversions, if not more that you need to be making regular sales. Vick is making his students focus on creating attractive landing pages that are highly effective to make conversions. More to that, there are other strategies he teaches on how to boost your conversions wildly. His most preferred one is the email marketing which has been around for a few decades now.

Along with some other influential marketers, Vick works towards making this program to succeed and go above and beyond their expectations, but does it really work? Let’s find out.

Who is it For?

HTA is specially designed for people from all walks of marketing, be it the novice, the relatively skilled or the experts. Vick has something for everyone to boost their skills as he claims and help them learn more. But things don’t really appear as they are made to.

This product from my experience is really meant for people who have lots of money to waste and have accumulated for themselves over two years’ worth of experience within the online marketing world. Going by the PPC campaigns that he shows people, he generates traffic for his products using the paid traffic technique which isn’t that reliable and helpful for a marketing rookie who’s looking for a clean cut low-price way to earn some extra hundred or thousand dollars.

So be wary if you think that you won’t be spending a dime on your campaigns, in fact, the campaigns go up to $ 800 save for the membership you are paying to access the training each month.

I have also reviewed other email marketing programs that are available at reasonable price. Please visit Build my List and Autoresponder Madness.

Training and Tools Overview:

In this program, you get to catch a good peek at the rewarding paid methods of generating traffic and making as many conversions out of them as possible. Let’s loot at the training that is included in the member’s area:

1). Capture Mastery (Focus on creating beautiful capture pages)


2). Traffic Mastery (This module is the core of the product that guides various traffic generating strategies)


3). Conversion Mastery (The name itself describes the strategies to convert traffic into leads and sales)



4). Advanced (This module includes some new strategies that are using in SEO, PPC, Clickbank and other similar platforms.)


HTA Elite

An upsell that allows you to join the elites and get new traffic strategy each month along with many special privileges.


There are plenty of tools that one can use and make this process a lot easier.

Things I liked:

There are tons of useful material that as a member you can access and can access different tools to leverage your online business. The owner sure has some sense of decency and professionalism in his presentations. The videos are well presented and quick to load. The look-over-the-shoulder view of him in action with his campaigns are just outstanding.

Also, his approach to psychological evaluation and application in diverting the readers’ minds to prospective buyers is wonderful not to mention his tutorials and webinars on copywriting. If his price were as wonderful as his teachings, he sure would have brought in many aspiring marketers on board, but sadly that’s not the case.

Things I didn’t Like:

1) After doing a background check on Vick, I came to know that he is also called Vitaly. The same Vitaly Strizheus who was involved in insurance fraud issues and was and I think still is, a big facilitator of Internet projects like Global Success Club (that was closed down by the authorities due to corrupt practices), Internet Traffic Formula, Big Idea Mastermind and Empower Network.

Working with a convicted fraud and a man who is in the bad books of the authorities to the point of getting one of his projects closed down is still something to question, knowing that he can do anything now.

2) The fact that he is teaching people to generate traffic with paid methods is still a big factor to consider. People join these training to make more money in the cheapest way possible and without investments, if possible. But if with HTA, you are required to pay for the membership which is close $400 and on top of that, you will have to pay for the traffic you at generating, which can go up to $1,000, is the program well worth it? I bet not.

Paying to get a way to get paid is not the best way to be making money online or anywhere else for that matter.

3) Also, the price of the program doesn’t match the value it gives to the members. The training only focuses on the PPC aspect of marketing which a small aspect of what online marketing is all about. There are many ways you can generate as much traffic as the PPC technique provides with a lesser amount and with highly rewarding results.

4) What is saddening too, is the fact that most of the training he provides can be easily found elsewhere on the web. If you make a quick search on the best ways to generate traffic for your website and best ways to boost conversions among many other keywords, you will find countless results whose value go above and beyond what HTA gives.

5) There are no extra tools to work within the same site to get to that level of success he has reached. A highly experienced guy like that ought to have formulated his own tools that could help people with the mail list building and track among other tools. He is well capable, and the price surely demands of that, but he probably wants to make more profit keeping in mind that the cost of maintaining such tools would cut on his profits.

6) There is no community to help you with your business. It is only you and Vick. You cannot get to the other members easily to get help with something or motivation. Having a community means everything to online jobs, as you will want to have someone to help you out with, people to chat with about your line of work and a lot more important reasons

7) The program is never updated. Since I joined in 2013, nothing out of the normal has happened. The videos are still the same, and the value of them doesn’t appreciate. It has been three years now, and many things have happened on the internet, yet there is no change in the program. This shows that it will soon crumble due to its continued deprecating of value compared to the ever growing and changing of things online.

8) Much of Vick’s income comes from the membership fees collected from the members, not the traffic and sales he makes.

9) There are so many complaints from people who have bought the product saying that the price and the upsells are too much to claim the website legit. In fact one of the members said there is no way that that ‘scam’ is going to go live for a long period. And the center of the program is the god of money rather than the help and support for people to succeed.


The support of high traffic academy is terrible. There is no quick response to your queries, there are no wide range of options for asking for help as there are on other websites in the same industry. Though, there is a Facebook page that was created for this program but for the last 2 years or so, it has never been updated. Some people aspiring to join the program have many of their questions left unanswered for months. And this shows that apart from leaving money on the table, the site’s support staff is not really hitting it as it should.

Hefty Price + The Ever Growing Upsells:

High traffic academy affiliate program has two memberships all of which are paid for. The basic membership package is priced at $450 once and for all. From there, you will get access to part of the training. But if you want to have full access and unlock every bit of it, you should buy the elite membership package that goes to around $300 a month. That’s the current pricing of the membership fees.

Now for the upsells, you are going to be paying for your traffic, and you know what that means. If you are going to place ads on Facebook or Google, prepare a budget of up to $200 minimum every month. From there, working with Vick’s methods, you will need an extra $450 or more to do exactly as he says. So the overall price is in the price range of $700 to $2,000 a month depending on your type of membership.

This clearly shows that you are not going to make money if you are not ready to be paying that every month.

Final Verdict:

Honestly speaking, it is a decent product but due to high price and upsells that make it an ok program. If it is available at a reasonable price that a beginner can afford that I will definitely recommend it.

Name: High Traffic Academy
Website: www.hightrafficacademy.com
Owner: Vick Strizheus
Rankings: 55 out of 100

Have you tried out this product? I would love to hear your feedback on this product. Leave your comments below. And the thorough you can be the better and the thankful I will be.

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