Harris Poll Online Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Do you want to read the  indepth review of Harris Poll Online site? If yes then here you are! It is one of the popular websites which claims to its users after conducting surveys. 

Do you know that this platform of Harris Poll Online comprises of 6 million users, it is true!

Now from this number, you can imagine the popularity of this site. Users from almost 90 countries are working on this platform.

If you have difficulty in deciding that whether you should work on this platform or not; then this review will help you out. Let's first look at the summary;

Harris Poll Online Review

Site Name: Harris Poll Online
Site Address: harrispollonline.com
Price: Free to Join
Business Type: Survey Completion
Verdict: Legit

​​​​What is Harris Poll Online? 

This Harris Poll Online is one of the well-known site which has been backed by this Harris Interactive. It is a New York-based company, and it only focuses on the market research projects and tasks. 

This site was founded in the year of 1975, and this platform has now been operated in a large number of countries. This site has gained a lot of fame, and because of its popularity level, you can gain enough amount of confidence to work on this site.

This site has been well acknowledged by the large and great number of marketing companies which are based in the USA. It is also praised and acknowledged by a large number of polling companies which are too located in the USA as well as in Europe. 

This site has got the highest amount of rating system and works on the fair amount of business policy and terms. It is a legit site, and has most of the time leaves a great impression on its users.

This Harris Poll Online site has a clean looking layout. As it is a survey website, but it is extremely easier to use as compared to the other survey sites.

This site was lastly updated in the year of 2015. This is the main drawback of this site. If it is one of the popular survey websites, then it should be fully updating itself in every single year, but that is not happening!

How To Make Money With Harris Poll Online? 

Now you will know the facts that what is the working manner and criteria of this Harris Poll Online site.

1). Become a Registered Member 

First, you have to sign up on the site and become a registered user. This site comes with an age restriction factor. You have to be 13 years of age or more.

Its registration process is pretty easier. On that page, you will be filling out certain information and data. Once you complete their signup process, then you have to confirm the details of your email address. This is the verification process which you will carry out. Once your email address is verified, then you will be included in the category of registered users.

After completion of your signup process, you can immediately start working on it.

2). Complete Surveys

This Harris Poll Online platform has a variety of survey projects for you. These surveys are of different lengths, and they are of different and varied complexity nature. A single survey can take about 5 to 25 minutes to get completed it.

Some of their surveys are really interesting as well. Like you can complete their special focus group surveys, or you can be the part of their telephone-based surveys or email based surveys. 

Some of the surveys are linked to the subjects of ethics and also with the subject of religion. On the other hand, some of their survey topics are linked to the field lines of movies, groceries, music, and fashion.

3). Earn Points

Every single survey you will complete, you will for sure get the point. The common problem with this site is that you might be disqualified from any surveying task at any time and this is not fair enough to the users.

But the positive part is that even if you get disqualified from any survey, then 15 points will be added to your account.

Credit points will come to your account upon the completion of surveys. Note that once your account is reaching the status of 1250 points, then you will become a liable user to the payment.

For the information, these 1250 points are equal to the payment amount of 10 dollars. You will not get a cash payment from this site. You will be getting e-cards. Or you might get gift vouchers. These gift vouchers are from the companies of iTunes and Amazon as well as from ESPN, Walmart.

You will get 1250 points if you will be completing 10 to 12 surveys. It will take you about two months to complete these 10 to 12 surveys and get an earning of 10 dollars. It is within the time frame of 15 days that payment will be reached to your account.

Good Things About the Company:

1). Timely Payments

You will be paid on time, and this site never and ever delays their payment procedure tasks. Though you will not be awarded a cash payment and you will be receiving e-gift cards. But all in all, their payment procedure is quick and fast.

2). Lucky Draw

Talking about the good things of this Harris Poll Online site, it is its lucky draw part. As the amount of this lucky draw is 10,000 dollars and you can be that lucky draw winner as well.

It is on every quarter basis that this lucky draw scheme takes place. All the users of this platform, they get excited a lot whenever this lucky draw phase is coming up.

3). It's Free

This site does not ask for the registration fees. Its sign up phase is free of cost. It is not a technical looking survey site. You can use it all go easily. You will get a lifetime membership from this site. Your membership will not ever and ever get disqualified.

Once you will signup over there on that platform, that means you will become the official use of this Harris Poll Online. 

Harris Poll Online Complaints: 

1). Limited Countries Allowed

The first complaint which has been received by this site is that only limited number of countries users can work on this Harris Poll Online platform.

If you are from Austria or Belgium, if you are from Canada or Denmark, if you are from Finland or Germany or if you are from Greece or Italy then you can work on this site. 

Same way, if you are from Japan or Netherlands, if you are from Norway or Sweden or if you are from UK or USA, Switzerland, then you can freely work for this site.

2). Limited Earning Potential

This one is not a feasible platform if you want to earn on a regular basis. Its earning process is quiet and much slower. After working for two months, you will only get the amount of 2 dollars, and that is a little money!

3). Survey Disqualification Issue

Another bad thing about this platform is that you can be disqualified from any task at any time. Even if you are in the middle of any survey project, you can be disqualified. Though 15 points will be given to that cannot be compensated.

Is it Worth Your Time? 

Now you can easily decide that whether this platform is suitable for you or not. The great part of this site is its Harris Poll sweep stage.

According to this feature, you will take part in the lucky draw, and one lucky draw winner will get an amount of 10,000 dollars. It is on their website that the winner will be listed and showed on. This site does not offer any kind of referral programs.

That means you will not get any commission if you suggest this platform to any of your friend. This site does not have a mobile app. It also means that you cannot earn through this site by using your smartphone. To work on this site, it is all just for you that you should have a laptop.

We have told you every single bit of this platform. Though it is one of the reliable platforms and you will get 100% and guaranteed earnings and money from this site.

But you have to wait for quite a long time to get maximum earnings. You have to be careful while using this platform because some of the online scammers have also utilized this site and these online scammers do online fraud with the users.

Is Harris Poll Online A Legitimate or Scam?

In short, you can start to work on this Harris Poll Online platform. We have also given you the details about both positive and negative sides of this platform.

If you are one of the beginners, then get connected to this platform. It is easier online money earning opportunity, and you will get experience.

And when you notice that this platform is not giving you enough earnings, then you can leave it. On the other hand if you are looking for full-time earnings then see my #1 recommendation

As this is a reliable platform and site and you can work on it without worrying about your payments.

I hope you will like my Harris Poll Online review and if you have any queries related to this post then please let me know.


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