Grab Points Review [2021] – Legit or Scam Reward Site?

In the present age, almost every person spends a great time in using mobile phone and internet for playing games, watching videos, chatting with friends and so on. How surprising it will be if you paid for doing same things.

So considering such things there is a number of such sites that pay you for watching videos, playing games, carrying out surveys.

Grab Points is one among them.

In this review I will explain whether it is legit or scam, how can you take advantage of it and its positive features as well as downsides.

So let’s first look at the overview;

Name: Grab Points
Site address:
Registration: Totally free
Type: Get Paid To
Verdict: Legit

Grab Points Review

What is Grab Points? My Review:

It is basically safe GPT (get paid to) website where you can earn points by fulfilling various tasks like taking online surveys, watching different videos, installing apps, playing games, answering questionnaire (mostly related to general knowledge) etc. and its biggest plus point is that it is mobile app so you don’t need to be bothered for using it on laptop.

It’s not a new app!

Some people think many times before using this app as it is new. But here I want to inform you that it is not at all new app. There was an app working in 2010 named as Zoom Bucks, a GPT site is now introduced with a new name and that name is Grab Points.

And I am sure that after getting this information you will not be hesitated in joining this app. Grab points have a lot of offers which you have to consider for taking advantage of that. Though grab points is not a number 1 website but still not far away from being no. 1.

If you are not familiar with GPT sites then it is sites where you can be rewarded for doing small tasks.

I have also reviewed many GPT sites in the past including Swagbucks, Paid View Point, and Inbox Dollars.

The problem with such sites is that they can only provide you extra income i.e., not a full-time income. If you want to earn a fulltime income then please see my top-rated program.

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Different Methods to Earn at GrabPoints:

Like many other sites grab points also has a point system, means it rewards you with points for completing various tasks. But keep in mind that it will be in form of points, not cash.

But later on, you can exchange these points for cash. Because it is common fact that majority loves to take cash rather than gift cards.

Different ways of earning money at grab points are

1. Surveys

Points can be earned by taking online surveys. All surveys are referred from 3rd source. A survey of 10-30 minutes will reward you with the points of 500-2500. The longer the duration of the survey the more will be points earned.

2. Deals and offers

The offers proposed by grab points are placed into two categories; free and paid.

  • For free offers, you have to sign in without any payment. For example, as you sign in free for any GPT (get paid to) website. But free offers pay less than paid for the first time ranging from 500-2000 points.
  • For paid offers, you need to purchase some product for signing in or to give your credit card details. In my point of view pay offers are much better than free for such deals and depends on offers that have been proposed to you. These offers reward you with points within the range of 2000-10,000.

 3. Videos

It seems quite interesting that you will be paid for watching videos. Grab points send you no. of videos to watch. Duration of each video is no longer than 2 minutes. But discouraging point is that it does not pay you so well for watching videos.

4. Apps

Grab points pay you for downloading different apps. It sends you the detail of apps to be downloaded, how much you will be paid for each app and other demands if any. It is simple to download the apps and get the reward but sometimes you have to use the app to a certain level as per requirement after downloading.

5. Promote Grab Points

I have mentioned it above that Grab Points is the new version of Zoom Bucks.

Grab Points will pay you for advertising Grab point’s ads. For this you have to post ads on Facebook, twitter etc. you will be paid for posting ads, not for click on ads by the people.

How to Earn More Points with Grab Points?

Users can earn points ranging from 2-10,000 that differ with the given tasks. For watching the video you will be rewarded with 2 points and 500-2500 for surveys or completing tasks.

For downloading apps you will receive 500 points each. For referring 1 friend you will get 1 point and 500 points for friend earning 1000 points.

The best way is to combine all the activities and check surveys and videos regularly to grab as many points as possible. Another way is to refer more and more people into the system. I know this is not easy for most of the people. The best way is to create a blog and promote it.

How Does it Pay You?

Grab points users can exchange the rewarded points with gift cards or into cash by PayPal. For the minimum gift card, you need almost 10,000 points that have cost $10.

The member receives the gift card code via email within 72 hours. Commonly rewards initiate at $10. Amazon gift cards start at $3 or 3000 points and PayPal payment starts at $5 or 5000 points.

How Do You Join Grab Points?

You can join it free via mobile phone, laptop or tablet. Your task is only to sign in via email address, Google account or Facebook.

You can also download mobile app on android devices or can use IOS app. After signing up you will get one-time points for completing the tutorial.

Grab points shows various codes on their social media account like Twitter, Facebook etc. After signing up click on these codes in the promo code area and get points (bonus). It’s cool right that you get points for doing nothing.

Grab Point’s Complaints:

i). Time taking process

Many people complaint that it is a time taking process to earn enough points to make money. Most of the apps are downloadable games that required being play for few seconds.

For taking surveys first we have to fulfill questionnaire that is a time taking process and is without any reward.

If you estimate the time that you spend on such activities you will realize that a lot of your time has been wasted.

ii). Not a substitute for your job

For earning $1 you need 1000 points. How difficult is it? After such a long effort you can hardly earn $100 which means that you can’t leave your day job on its basis. It’s just like a sweet dish.

iii). Limited information related to company

Some of its users complain that there is no detailed information related to the company or contact no. available to contact customer service representative. For contact with the company, you have to submit the ticket on their site.

iv). Just extra income

Keep in mind that Grab Points does not give you the bucks of money. Grab points and other apps are like extra income source.

Can you Make Enough Money via Grab Points?

For downloading one app you can earn only 3000 points. But you have to play it for a while. As explained before you can also do other things to earn more but it will not give you a bundle of money or make the site worthy.

People who love to watch videos, playing games, taking surveys can make this site useful for them. People who have to travel daily can use it as their extra time earning.

As I am saying, again and again, this site does not give you enough but still, something is better than nothing. But if you really importance your time and hate to waste it then this site is not for you. Look for some better option.

Is Grab Points a Scam or Legit?

I hope that after reading the whole article you will get the idea that it is not illegal at all. On the internet, there are proofs of its payments to its members.

However, in my point of view, it is not a good site for earning as it pays very little and demands the great expense of time. If you estimate the hours you spend on Grab Points and the no. of points earned you will feel disappointed.

If you are really motivated to earn then it’s better to look for another means with a better option instead of wasting time on it.

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