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Google Sniper 3 Review – Does it Work or a Scam?

Welcome to my Google Sniper 3 review!

If you are thinking to be part of this famous Google Sniper 3 site then in this review i will uncover each and everything to you so that you can make a wise decision.

Let’s first look at the overview.

Product Name: Google Sniperpage-curl-photo-effect (5)
Product Website:
Product Owner: George Brown
Price: $47 + $47/Month + Upsells (see below)
Rating: 65/100

Google Sniper 3.0 Review – Introduction:

Google Sniper was launched back in 2009 by George Brown. He became very successful at a very young age and because of his massive success and obviously the success of others, Google Sniper went viral very quickly and became one of Clickbank’s favorite products among affiliates.

Google Sniper is basically an online training that teaches you how to build successful affiliate product sites “called sniper sites in Google sniper” that will rank highly with Google. The training is presented both in video and pdf format that is updated with every new version. GS updated this course time to time, starting from simple to Google sniper 2 and now Google sniper 3.

When launched, it created a lot a hype in online world but things have changed very quickly due to updates in Google algorithms and as a result this method is less effective now as compared to the past.

What is Included in Member’s Area: 


1). Google Sniper Course

  • Master Manual and Maps: Complete training in PDF format that you can download. Overview of training include

Part 1: Finding a profitable niche
Part 2: Domain and installing plugins
Part 3: How to write content that increase conversions etc.

At the every section of PDF book you are asked to see related video.Screenshot017

  • The Seven Video Modules:

– How to choose niche and winning product
– Finding relevant keywords for your niche
– Creating the foundation – it’s your website
– How to increase conversion rate to 20%
– The fastest way to cloak affiliate links
– Technical matter relating to your site
– How to rank your site with minimal time

  • Bulletproofing: This is newest addition in GS system after the change in Google algorithms and it will convert your sniper sites to bulletproof sniper sites.
  • Empire Module: How to convert your site to full time income sniper site. Here brown disclose outsourcing secrets.
  • Additional Training: Some of the advanced training including in this category are advanced keyword research, CPA, conversions and back linking. 

2). Sniper X Training

It comprises two sections:Screenshot018

  • Latest training videos that show updates in industry trend like internal linking, external linking, social media, do follow links and others.
  • Bi-Weekly webinars

3). Sniper Cash Machine

In this section Brown guides the fast way to drive traffic to your site and earn money. StrategiesScreenshot019 include social media campaign, Video marketing etc. He revealed that refer 5 people and you will get access to sniper partners club.

4). Rolodex

In this section brown shows that what types of tools and resources he uses for his sniper sites like web hosting, Affiliate resources etc.

5). Support

Here you can submit support ticket and support staff reply to your queries usually within 24 to 30 hours.

Pros vs. Cons:


  • Plenty of good training can be found on different topics like niche selection, Keyword research, outsourcing secrets.
  • Good easy to navigate member’s area.
  • Some good support and help from support staff.
  • Based around a legit concept of building one sniper site and then move to the next one in order to diversify your earning source.


  • No free trial available. Best programs mostly have a free trial that show the people there is good training materiel for you in the member’s area. When you open GS then there is a video of Brown which don’t show you what is inside the training rather his focus is to purchase the product.
  • Some of the old methods used by GS are outdated and Google has targeted those methods using its two algorithms Penguin an Panda. That’s why they have updated Google sniper to GS 2 and now GS 3. Still lot of old training is available in member’s area.
  • You have to pay initially and if you wanted to access to full system then you have to pay monthly recurring fee which I think is very high for this kind of training.
  • No instant community support available.

How Much Does it Cost to You?

The product unfortunately has a confusing pricing structure:

If you instantly buy the course: First you have to pay $47 one time, and if you wanted to access sniper X training then you have to pay $47 per month.


Sniper elite upgrade = $187

Sniper elite upgrade (down sell) = $97

Case study upgrade = $97

My Final Verdict:

Though there are some decent training out there and in the past people have earned from this system but I think that its cost is much more than its value and after most of the updates in Google algorithms this system has lose its potential.

Though Brown has tried to upgrade its system in the past but still lot of outdated material are there and it is more likely that system will revise to GS 4.

It’s a good thing someone updating its system and make it compatible with the new trend but due to people bad experience in the past and other bad marketing practices in the form of hidden upsells this system should be join with extreme care.

 What’s Next?

 There are lot of scams out there so you need to be very careful before investing your money. If you are really serious about making money online and creating your online business then see my #1 recommending platform whose name is Wealthy Affiliate which has all the features to be called as best in online world.

Most important thing is that you can join as a free member and see there are lot of step by step training available to free members and you can easily judge whether it is in accordance with your taste or not.

Other than training there are lot of free tools available to members. If you wanted to know A-Z about this program then click here for detail review.

Wealthy Affiliate vs. Google Sniper 3:

 If we compare Google Sniper 3 with Wealthy Affiliate, definitely WA is superior in all aspects of training and features.

Let’s see this comparison table.

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