Google Opinion Rewards Review – Is it Real or Scam?

Welcome to my article Google Opinion Rewards Review.

In this article, I will make you aware of an app that is the source of earning. Though it will not give you the bundle of money, still something is better than nothing. That app is the Google opinion rewards.

It is easy to start. Simply download the app and answer the given questions. Then you will start receiving surveys at different rates. You will be informed through the notification that the survey is ready for you and can get up to $1 for completing it.

What is Google Opinion Rewards?

Google Opinion Rewards Review

This app was designed by the Google survey team and was introduced in 2012 by the Google. It is free to join like many other apps.

Google rewards opinion app rewards you for meeting short questions. The very short definition of Google opinion reward is that “answers surveys and earn play credit”.  If I try to explain it more precisely then it is the market-research app that helps the market researchers to create online surveys that help in making trade decisions.

Actually, Google opinion helps the members to complete surveys questions and earn the money. Then Google interprets the feedback, online sending the data back to the market researchers. The number of questions for each survey varies from 2 to 10. These questions can be of any kind.

In other words, questions can be from any field including TV shows and apps of daily use. The technical portion is less than 30 seconds and has 10 or fewer questions. You will be informed through a notification on your mobile phone that new survey is ready.

The money earned will be made available to you via PayPal account to which your account is linked. Note that it will not pay you cash. You can use the earned Google play credit to exchange with the different products at the Google play store.

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How to Use Google Opinion Rewards?

Everything can be proved with the help of its practical display. So now it’s time for the practical work for the proof. A Google opinion reward has positive feedback because it has more than 10 million downloads and about 600,000 reviews. It has the rating of 3.9 out of 5 rating stars.

Its downloading never takes more than a minute and you will be provided with the detail how to use this app. After signing in by entering your name, location, and date of birth move on and you will be given an exemplary survey for the purpose of practice. Keep in mind that you will not be paid for this.

At the next, you will be given some multiple choice questions and other will be short question answers. The purpose of having such questionnaire is to check which types of surveys suit to your profile. If it does not make sense to you then you can also leave the questions unsolved.

Click at the option “next”. Now you will be a move to the next page which is actually the main page. If surveys are available it will show you. But if not then it will show you when made available through notification.

You can also share this app with your friends, family, and others but the downside is that it will not pay you for sharing it.

Google Opinion Rewards Hack:

Google opinion rewards hack means how you can get more surveys. It is because more surveys mean more reward. I will discuss two methods for hacking Google opinion rewards.

Method 1

The method which I am going to discuss may or may not work.

There will be the option of settings on your mobile phone. Select it. Then choose the Google opinion rewards app. At the end click the “force stop”. So in a simple and easy way

  1. Applications
  2. Choose Google opinion rewards app
  3. Click on “force stop”

And finally, employ the cheat droid to rearrange the surveys. It is one big issue is that you need to root your mobile phone.

Method 2

The other method is by the group of people who have introduced strong Google opinion rewards hack software. The software will help you to make no. of Google play credits to your selected Google account conveniently. The best thing is that these credits are added to your account as soon as possible.

This software has been checked many times and proved quite effective. The Google opinion rewards hack was functioning positively because there were no restrictions, no rejections, or not causing any issue in their testing accounts.

You have to follow the following instructions:

  • Download the Google opinion rewards hack
  • Insert accurate data in their hack
  • Complete the first survey shown to you
  • After qualifying the survey the credits will be added to your account
  • Go to the Google Play and enjoy your shopping

How Much Money Can You Make With Google Opinion Rewards?

For finishing the survey you will be rewarded from 25 cents to a dollar varying with the duration and subject of the survey. The simple and easy surveys help to earn rewards quickly without so much effort. The Google pays you only in Google play credits. You can exchange this Google currency for the following things.

  • Google play books and movies
  • Google play music which little bit resembles Spotify premium
  • If you like games you can exchange Google play credits with the in-app upgrades for games.
  • As YouTube is in possession of Google, you can watch a movie.

It means that Google does not pay cash. The app is available for download in Canada, Australia, UK, the USA, and Germany. After completing 1 or 2 surveys you will get enough credit for Google app.

Despite all such options users love to have such sites that reward them with the real cash.

After investigating it was found that most of the reviews are positive. It is the fast and easy source of little bit earning. But it has been observed that there is a decrease in the no. of surveys from 2017.

Most people said that for working about 6 to 7 minutes they were getting about $3 to $7 and then use this play credit in Google store for getting gifts. Different people have different reviews about the surveys. Some said that they receive only one survey each month, other said that they got 5 to 6 surveys and so on.

Some users said that if you keep your GPS on you will get more surveys. Some got more surveys within the week but such people are small in number. It can’t be said with surety that how many surveys you will get.

Is Google opinion reward worth the time?

With the help of Google opinion reward, you cannot make enough money to make a living on it. It will give you only a few dollars per month.

In my point of view yes it really worth the time to some people for the following reasons.

First of all, it is the simple and easy way of earning. Secondly, it’s not a time taking procedure. The surveys don’t have a long duration. The good thing is that as it does not pay you much you don’t need to work hard for it. In other words, you don’t need to put so much effort into completing surveys.

Another important fact is that surveys can be carried out anywhere. So it prevents you from worrying about time taking trips. Obviously this app will not make you a millionaire but still, it’s a site income source. It’s very facile to use. For few minutes of work, you may earn different gifts from Google play.

Is It a Scam or Legit?

No, it is not a scam. It is 100% legal app and is paying its users from the time of its development.  Though there are some complaints against it that is not of very serious nature.

When you estimate the time you spend in completing surveys you will find out that it gives you few dollars per hour.  In some cases, it gives you only a few dollars per month. So no doubt it rewards you for your work hard but still wastes your time. In my point of view, time is more important than anything else.

If you don’t do any job or use the app in your spare time then its fine for you. But if you want to make it your only monthly income source then it is impossible. Keep in minds that don’t quit your job while using it. It will help you in paying some of your bills only.

My sincere advice to everyone is that if you are looking for a legitimate online opportunity then I only prefer wealthy affiliate over anything else. You can read its review here.