Gold Opinions Review – $30 and $50 Surveys Scam? (2021)

Welcome to my Gold Opinions review 2021!

Gold Opinions is a platform which claims to be providing you an opportunity where you can easily earn $30 or even $50 per survey. This sounds like too good to be true.

As the platform is getting popular and many people are showcasing this opportunity to other people, so I decided to look closer into the system to give my honest opinion.

I know earning $30 or $50 per survey claims are enough to catch your attention but let me completely honest with you that such claims are not new.

So, the best way is to read honest reviews on the web and you are congratulated for doing this.

I am not associated with Gold Opinions in any form, so I will let you know;

Is it really that easy for Gold Opinions to fulfill its promises? Is it worth your time? And most importantly, is Gold Opinions a scam or legit?

 So, let’s start;

Product Name: Gold Opinions

Founder: Paul Parker Unknown

Product Type: Surveys Taking

Price: $1 (7-Day Trial) + $27/month

Best For: No Body

Gold Opinions Review


Rating: 55/100

Verdict: No

  What is Gold Opinions?

Gold Opinions is a site which gets paid people for completing simple surveys. Even they claim that they have thousands of high paying surveys and some surveys pay you;

  • 5 dollars for 10 to 15-minute surveys
  • $30 per hour on panels and focus group
  • $15 to $30 for 30-50 minute surveys
  • $50 for premium surveys

These numbers are just shown here to grab your attention because if you have tried online surveys before you know that normally you get few cents per survey or at most $1 to $2 for 45 minutes survey.

Even the most popular survey sites offer this rate. For example;

Also, when you look at the site it is not the survey site itself, rather it is a database which lists down all the survey platforms for making money.

  Inside the Gold Opinions:

When you buy this product, you will see five different options;

1. Getting Started

Here you will learn in 6 steps on how to get started with the surveys;

  • Step 1 – Create a New Gmail Account for better organization and management. This also helps you avoid getting mess up things.
  • Step 2 – Sign Up For a PayPal Account as most of the survey companies payout via PayPal.
  • Step 3 – Download Roboform and fill out your profile in Roboform. It is auto fill software and once you put in information at the start than within a click of a button you can register with a survey site. 
  • Step 4 – Sign Up To List Of Surveys so that you can get access to surveys from different market research companies. The idea is to register as many survey sites as possible. You are provided with a list of PaidViewPoint, PineCone Research, TellWut, Bzz Agent, and Opinion Outpost, to name the few.
  • Step 5 – Confirm Email Confirmation to complete your registration process and get ready to receive survey invites.
  • Step 6 – Fill Out Profile Surveys to make sure that you will only more surveys and also which are relevant to you.
  • Step 7 – Get Familiar With The Survey Site by reading their FAQs and Terms and Conditions so that you know important stuff like how do you get paid, minimum payout, and when you get paid.
  • Step 8  – Complete Surveys to actually make money.

2. Premium Paid Surveys

This section includes all the premium sites where you can find good paying surveys.

Apart from sites listed above, other includes;

I have just mentioned the few names, but they have listed over 160 sites in the premium category.

3. Paid Surveys by Countries

In this category, they have arranged the surveys country wise.

Like if you go there, you will see the countries list and based on your country you can see inside which survey companies are working in your territory.

4. $400 Sign up Bonuses

These are survey sites which give you bonuses when you signup. The list includes;

5. Contact Us

This is a help section, where you can contact the owners via email.

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  Pros & Cons:

The Bad

1. Only a Middleman

I am telling you plainly that Gold Opinions is not a survey site as it is only acting as an intermediary between market research companies and survey takers.

You can call it just a “middleman.”

Here you will see a database of survey sites, and you will be referred to those sites to take surveys. Also, you will take surveys from those survey sites, not Gold Opinions. So they have no control over your earnings.

Gold Opinions are also becoming an affiliate of those survey sites and earn a certain percentage of affiliate commission when someone joins those survey companies using their referral link and earn money.

So the more survey sites you sign up, the more money you make.

2. Misleading Information

If you visit their site, it is full of hype and misleading information.

Even on their FAQ page, you see some very surprising answers. Let’s look at the one question;

It means when you join other survey sites, they are charging 20 to 30% commission cut from your earning, and at Gold Opinions, you get full commission.

Remember, this is what they are justifying their monthly survey fee.

I haven’t seen a survey site that is cutting this way. I have reviewed hundreds of survey site and didn’t receive any complaint on this matter.

3. It is a ClickBank Product

ClickBank is a famous marketplace for digital products and very popular among people.

Though there are many good products in this marketplace if you are buying products in “Business/Investing” and “E-Business and E-Marketing” you need to be extra careful.

Most of the stuff is absolute crap and if you don’t believe it, just read other my other ClickBank reviews;

I don’t know why ClickBank entertains such vendors, but this is a reality. However, there are few legit products as well like Affilorama, Super Affiliate System, and K Money Mastery.

So, the thing is you need to be extra careful while investing in this category of ClickBank.

4. It is a Clone Website

Also, I have spotted their member’s area, theme and sales pages with other ClickBank sites. These sites are;

So, one thing evident to me, the owner is hiding him behind these five programs, and he didn’t show the real name and picture. 

Though Paul Parker is the name which he is using for this site, it is not the real name, and such tactic is common among many ClickBank vendors.

He launched a new program after every few months and used these scammy tactics and big claims to convince innocent visitors.

5. Where is $30 and $50 per Survey?

On their sales page, you have noticed that you could get surveys that will pay you $30 to $50 per survey.

Even I have visited their Premium Paid Survey lists I couldn’t find any. Rather it is a common list of survey sites which I have mentioned you above.

Most of their surveys are in the range of $0.50 to $2, and it will also take your 40 to 50 minutes each.

I initially thought that they might have added specific surveys which will pay you up to $50, but I got amazed to see what is inside.

So, these are all fake claims and don’t rely on them.

6. High Cost

It really surprised to hear that Gold Opinions is a membership site where you have to pay to have access to a list full of surveys.

You do get a seven days trial for only $1, but that’s only to have a look around

After the seven days trial is over your credit card will be automatically billed with $27 every month.

So you will need to pay $27 EVERY single month to have access to surveys?

Believe me; this is the first survey site that is asking for money to get you to enroll. 

Even it will only share the list of survey sites that are paying.

Don’t worry you could read my articles to find the list of both legit survey sites and GPT sites.

When you find such list on the internet for free so why there is a need to pay a monthly $27 fee. All legit survey sites demand no money from you, and the one which demands is usually a scam.

7. Fake LOGOS and Testimonials!

You can see some big brand logos on Gold Opinions to let you show that their site has featured on those popular brands like Entrepreneur, Yahoo News, About, MSNBS and many more. 

However, there is no specific post link has shown here to corroborate their claim. Unfortunately, those logos have been literally just pasted in there.

Many scams like Work at Home University, Automated Income Sites, Ultimate Home Profits are also using this trick since long.

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  Is Gold Opinions a Scam?

In my opinion, it’s definitely a scam and stays away from it. A legitimate paid survey site will not ask any money from you and avoid any site that asks money from you.

To conclude why I call it a scam;

  • Full of hypes and unrealistic claims
  • Fake logos and testimonials
  • Not a survey site, rather it is a middleman
  • Charging a fee for nothing
  • No information about the owner

Even I set aside all those things still; taking surveys online is definitely not a good idea to make money online.

Even if you find a local job, I can say that it is much better than taking online surveys. Because the potential of this business model is just too small, it’s not worth your time.

If you really are looking into making some good money online, may I suggest you to stop looking into paid surveys because your time is more precious than taking those surveys?

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What’s your thoughts on my Gold Opinions review 2021 and if there is any question in your mind, please ask me in the comment section.