Globaladshare (GAS) Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Business Name: GlobaladshareGlobaladshare (GAS) Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?
Website Address:
Price: Free to Join for Everyone
Business Owner: Asher Winata
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100 points

Globaladshare Review – Introduction:

Globaladshare was launched by Asher Winata back in September 2013. It has nearly 45,000 members and this number is increasing daily. GAS has paid over $6 million to its members. GAS pay to its members through PayPal, Payza and Solid trust pay.

GAS is an advertising platform where you earn money by purchasing ad packs. They actually share you revenue from actual purchases of advertising. It is actually commission to members that the GAS has already earned.

How to Earn Money from Globaladshare?

Profit Sharing – There are different ad packs you can purchase like:

  • Mini Ad Packs cost = $5.00 (FREE members)
  • Standard Ad Packs cost = $10
  • Premium Ad Packs cost = $20
  • 2×2 Ad Packs cost = $12.00
  • Turbo Ad Packs cost = $10.00
  • Mega Ad Packs cost = $10.00
  • Express Ad Packs cost = $8.00
  • Birthday Cyclers cost = $10.00

Each ad pack gives 150% return on investment (ROI) to investors. It includes all returns in the form of profit sharing, commissions, and bonuses. Period of return is not mentioned and it all depends on the amount of sales. GAS share 100% profit to its members. Since members can earn from multiple sources so they get return more quickly.

Sponsor Bonus – If a member refer an upgraded member then he/she will receive $1 sponsor bonus instantly. Apart from this member will also earn $0.50 commission from main matrix and $0.50 each month from each member in the MM when they pay subscription. This provide a great opportunity for members to make unlimited referrals and earn big income regularly.

Sponsors will also receive cycler bonus when their referrals cycled at different levels of cyclers. Multiple income streams from sponsors can really add up and helps you to increase your income quickly.

Cash Pool Bonus – When member purchase ad pack or upgrade then $1 from every purchase will transfer to cash pool. When pool amount reaches to $50 then $2 will be rewarded to 25 members randomly. $40 will be rewarded to 20 members who have zero (0) balance and $10 to members who have less than $15 in their account.

Matrix and Cycler Commissions – GAS has eleven (11) different matrix systems namely Main matrix, a Reverse matrix, a U cycler, a P cycler, a P2x2 cycler, a Turbo cycler, a Mega cycler, an Express cycler, a Birthday cycler, a Hybrid cycler, and a Push-It Hybrid cycler.

Globaladshare Pros vs. Cons:


  • Multiple income streams to earn for members. This can really add up if you have large number of active referrals.
  • You don’t need to do any surfing in order to earn money. All you need to do is to invest and see how your money grow. You can boost your earnings by making referrals but without referrals you can also earn money.


  • Commissions are decreasing day by day because confidence of members are decreasing day by day due to various factors:

1). Withdrawal days increase
2). Commission is declining

  • GAS also has a 25% mandatory repurchase system as this will help for system sustainability. This is not the best way to strength some system because genuine system will earn revenue from its operations that are its services and products not from such type of activities.
  • Time limit is not defined in the system that how much each ad pack take time to reach its maturity level. This is good from one aspect that company has no fixed return guaranteed that can be very difficult to maintain in the long term but it also be a risky for investors that when will he/she reach its full return. If company has good earning model then this is good but earning model of GAS is totally dependent on new members.

Membership levels:

You can join as a free member but in order to access to full system you have to upgrade your account by paying $15 per month. With this fee you will also receive one ad pack, main matrix position and U cycler position.

Main wallet and Purchase wallet:

GAS has a 2 wallet system in the member’s area: a Main wallet and a Purchase wallet. It uses a 75%:25% rule. It means 75% of member’s earnings will transfer to the Main wallet and 25% of earnings will transfer to the Purchase wallet.

Main wallet amount is available for withdrawal and the amount can be withdrawn or used for purchases. While the amount in the Purchase wallet can be used for purchases only. This rule will help the system to grow in the long term and sustain.

How Much you can Withdraw?

You can withdraw money in your Main wallet minus the money you have in your Purchase wallet (Balance available = Main wallet – Purchase wallet).

You can withdraw your full money in main wallet but in order to do that you must expend all the money in your Purchase wallet. This will help the system so that every member participate in GAS and contribute to the success of other member.

Is Globaladshare (GAS) a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

In short GAS is not a scam as it has been paying its members for 2 years. But in long run this system look unsustainable as people also witness in the past because of lot of strict new policies and delay withdrawal requests. In order to make this system stable the admin must find ways for new revenue sources.

If you still want to join this system then only invest that you can afford to lose because there is a lot of risk involved in investing this type of system. There are other programs similar to this and faced liquidity issues and didn’t able to pay to their members and run away money.

What’s Next?

If you want to make full time income or build online business then see my #1 recommended list because I cannot suggest you to join and invest in GAS.