Global Traffic Takeover Review – Is GTTO a Scam or Legit?

Product Name: Global Traffic TakeoverGlobal Traffic Takeover Review – Is GTTO a Scam or Legit?
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Product Owner: Bruce Gerlach
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Global Traffic Takeover Review – Introduction:

Bruce Gerlach launched Global Traffic Takeover (GTTO) at the end of the year 2015. Though there is not enough information found on the site about its owners but navigating across the web, I can conclude that Bruce is also a founder of Xtreme Lifestyles Network, which was a downline builder and used by companies like Four Corners Alliance Group, National Wealth Center, and Pro Travel Plus.

Global Traffic Takeover is a platform designed for internet marketers who are looking for list building. Everyone knows how important is to build a list if you want to earn a consistent income online. Research has shown that every best internet marketer has a huge list. The more persons in your list, the higher the earning potential for you.

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What is Included in the Global Traffic Takeover (GTTO)?

The core of this product is to train you how to build, communicate and monetize your list. People have associated list building with collecting email addresses while the real essence of list building is to develop a relationship with your list. Once you have built a trust, then you can market your list with different product and services.

I have seen people start promoting products without making relationship and trust. As a result, people start ignoring and even unsubscribing their emails.

To achieve this, GTTO has included different things in the member’s area.

System and Tools

Autoresponder – This is tool helps you to collect email addresses from people in your niche. Moreover, you could access pre-written messages to follow up your leads.

Contact Manager – It is lead management tool where you check all your detailed statistics like post notes, email history, and conversions rate.

Drag and Drop Editor – This is the best tool for creating sales pages that you can use for your visitors to land on those pages and opt-in for the offers or products.

Email Broadcast – This tool is used for getting in touch with your subscribers. You may send a single mail to all of them or just one person.

Video Email – If you want to get reach with your subscribers through videos then this is the best place for you as you may use their integrated CRM system to send video emails.

Tracking – You can also split test your marketing campaign to check which one is performing well and which one is bad. This helps you to save expenditure on a bad marketing campaign and focus more that are giving results.

Statistics – Getting feedback is really vital for your campaign as it will help you to stay right on the track. GTTO provides detailed statistics about your running campaigns.


Traffic Packages

Traffic is the lifeblood of every online business and GTTO offers different traffic packages that you can use and get results. You can also scale this up by investing further. There are variety of packages available that you can purchase including;

  • Novice – $197
  • Entrepreneur – $397
  • I.P – $597
  • Executive – $997
  • Presidential – $1,397
  • Prestige – $2,497
  • Royal – $4,497
  • Global Entrepreneur – $8,000
  • Global Takeover – $10,000


Global Traffic Takeover (GTTO) Compensation Plan:

GTTO uses a uni-level compensation plan which is very popular among MLM’s and based on a 1 up system. This means that every other sale that you make, you pass the commission up to the person who hired you.

To participate in the MLM compensation plan, you must buy one membership level;

  • Starter – $25 per month
  • Pro – $75 per month
  • Guru – $100 per month


Your membership level determines the affiliate’s income potential, with higher level attracting higher commission payouts:

  • Starter – $12.50 / affiliate, $6.25 on passed-up commissions
  • Pro – $37.50 / Pro affiliate, $18.25 on passed-up commissions
  • Guru – $50 / Guru affiliate, $25 on passed-up commissions

Please note that if you are at starter level then every starter, pro or guru-level will earn you $12.50 per affiliate and being a Guru member, you will earn $12.50 for every Starter, $37.50 for every Pro and $50 for every Guru affiliate recruited.

Traffic Pack Commission

As a Global Traffic Affiliate, you can also earn from traffic packages. To earn from traffic packages, you must be “Certified Traffic Reseller”. To become this, you must pay $50 per month fee.

Traffic packages are not compulsory purchase from members like a monthly membership fee, and when your affiliates buy it, you will earn a commission. There are nine traffic packages including;

  • Novice ($197) – Affiliate commission pays you $100 / purchase ($50 passed up commission)
  • Entrepreneur ($397) – Affiliate commission pays you $200 / purchase ($100 passed up commission)
  • VIP ($597) – Affiliate commission pays you $280 / purchase ($140 passed up commission)
  • Executive ($997) – Affiliate commission pays you $500 / purchase ($250 passed up commission)
  • Presidential ($1397) – Affiliate commission pays you $700 / purchase ($350 passed up commission)
  • Prestige ($2497) – Affiliate commission pays you $1200 / purchase ($600 passed up commission)
  • Royal ($4497) – Affiliate commission pays you $2230 / purchase ($600 passed up commission)
  • Global Entrepreneur ($8000) – Affiliate commission pays you $4000 / purchase ($2000 passed up commission)
  • Global Takeover ($10,000) – Affiliate commission pays you $5000 / purchase ($2500 passed up commission)

Traffic Packages also works on the same premise of your actual level, and if you have bought a Global Takeover, then you are eligible from all tier incomes.

Things I Liked:

Communication System with the List

When you move to the contact section, you can sort your list based on Prospects, Member or Customer. You can click on each email address and send him/her text or video message, reminders, auto mail and there is also tracking system incorporated in the member’s area.

If you want to send a single message to all of your lists then just click on select all button and send them an email, text, video or whatever you want. This shows how much user-friendly this software is, and communication with your list helps you to retain them and earn money in the future.



Community and Support

As a member, you get access to the Facebook group to reach the vast community of like-minded entrepreneurs, 2016-03-15_11-27-48weekly hangouts, and daily prospects calls. This is important because you don’t feel alone at any stage of your struggle.

Things I Didn’t Like:

Very Costly Packages

If you look at the traffic packages, it starts from $197. The thing is GTTO offers $100 commission on this product if you sell them to other people, so the actual traffic you will get for this price of $197 is $100. Why you pay $97 more than its worth?

Another important thing is if such traffic is available elsewhere cheaper so why you need to pay the premium here. There are a lot of alternative options available in the form of Facebook ads, Bind Ads, and Google Adwords, and they are cheaper than this one.

Is Global Traffic Takeover is a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

In short, GTTO is based on a very legitimate business model, and it is one of the most attractive ways to earn money online. Apart from its business model, it also offers some great training and tools to accomplish your objective. Moreover, you can also use its high paying MLM business model to get the most out of the system.

My main concerns with this system are that it is very costly and why one should go for this one if there are cheaper alternatives out there. If you know how this business model works then, it doesn’t require that much high cost. If you have a budget of $300, then this works fine, and if you use right strategies, then you don’t need to invest further from your pocket rather you can use your earnings from the system that you are developing and move it to expand further.

If you don’t know how to build a list, then there are also other alternatives available in the form of autoresponder madness or build my list. Both are also very popular platforms and choose the one that fits best to your needs.

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