Gigwalk App Review – Is Gig Walk a Scam or Legit?

Most of the people wish to make money through simple, easy and relaxing means. If you are one of these, then I have a good option for you to earn through the gigwalk mobile phone app. So first of all welcome to my gigwalk app review article.

Gigwalk is a peculiar kind of app and a good chance of earning money. You can download this app on apple or android phones or tablets. It works by finding out the gig closest to you by using your current location. And eventually you will be shown the nearest gig within 5 minutes to an hour, and you will be paid from $3 to $100.

In this article, I will throw light on what is a gigwalk app? How does it work? What are some of its common features and drawbacks with some other details? The detail is as under;

What is Gigwalk?

gigwalk review

Gigwalk is a mobile app that was introduced in 2010 by the members of Yahoo serving as engineers. The users of the app will be paid for completing gigs and if you notice you will find out that it is not as such a tough job.

Let me explain; you may have to take the photo of the item that is not available at all stores (rarely available), or may go to the hotels or restaurants and put forward your point of view thoroughly whatever you observed whether it is about food, services or anything else.

Another indirect purpose of gigwalk is that different brands can use this app for their workers to promote documents, promotional items and placement, shelf placement, data collection and more.

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How Does Gigwalk work?

1. Download the gigwalk app

For being its regular worker simply download the app to your mobile phone. You have to provide all your basic information like name, address, date of birth, email address, location, gender and PayPal account.

2. Find out gigs close to you

After signing up, there is no more any further hurdle. You can open up the gigwalk. You will be given a complete list of gigs with all essential details. Search for the gig that lies close to you (easy for you to approach) and suits you most. Finally, click the “Apply for this gig” button.

3. Apply for the job

After finding out the gig of your interest now, it’s time to apply for the job.

4. Receive notification of being approved

When you are selected (approved) for a particular gig, you will receive notification via email, and then you will be given further instructions for proceeding further.

5. Fulfill all requirements

Read all the given instructions carefully and complete the desired formalities if any.

6. Work approval by the owner

You cannot proceed further unless the app owner does not approve your work.

7. Receive your payment

After completing your work now, it’s time to enjoy the reward.

As I told you before that the gigwalk gigs may involve the variety of jobs like going to stores or a market as a secret shopper, making a picture of various brands, visiting local restaurants at the working hours(lunch time) to observe their working style and at the end present a report about their service.

In some cases, you have to upload the photos of the restaurants you have taken or may have to complete a question paper to complete your task (gig).

So if I try to explain it precisely, then gigwalk has six main steps;

  1. A business posts a gig for the work that is needed.
  2. Look for the gig that is of your interest and finally apply for the job.
  3. If there is synchronization between your personal detail and the gig you applied for, you will be selected for the job.
  4. Finish your task; upload it to the gigwalk app.
  5. If there is no problem in your work, it will be approved by the owner of the company.
  6. Finally, you will receive cash through PayPal.

Some Common Tasks of the Gigwalk:

The tasks given by the gigwalk may include;

  1. Take a photo of the menu.
  2. Take a photo of road jam or intersection.
  3. Write your point of view on anything.
  4. Quickly answer the questions like; is this building is still under construction?
  5. Many other gigs are also being introduced like audio recordings of different busy places or may be peaceful points or maybe short movies of different restaurants and hotels etc.

How Does Gigwalk Pay?

As we know that there are various gigwalk and each one has its own gigs, so the payment varies ranging from $4 to $12. But by luck, some gigs pay about $50.

For example $8 for audit and menu boards pictures at the lunch hour in the restaurant and $10 to mystery shop GNC store between 3 pm to 5 pm. The latter involves estimating the no. of visitors, taking photographs of receipt and uploading them.

Gigwalk for Businesses:

If you are running a business, then your only job is to post a gig through the gigwalk official website and look for the gig walker to accept and fulfill the task.

Gigwalk is ambitious in giving you real-time data that will be fruitful in helping out that how can you run your business and how can you make these methods better to stimulate your ROI.

Gigwalk Pricing:

Like many other apps, the registration of gigwalk is totally free but remember that you have to pay for the receiving your payment via PayPal because PayPal has its charges.

Similarly, the employer will have to submit about 50% of the fee for each gig they post. For example, if you post $10 gig, you will be given $5 more to gigwalk.

What are Gigwalk Plus Points?

It’s a peculiar app

Unlike many other apps, it is unique. It is Unique in the sense that it has a different style of earning. If you have already used another app, definitely you will feel the difference. It is quite different and easy source of earning through the mobile phone.

No need to wait for the payment

You don’t have to wait for the payment. You only require an approval from your owner and without waiting any further your payment will be sent to you without further delay through PayPal account.
But in case of holiday, you have to wait for the working day.


This app is available only in the apple and android play stores (only on the smartphones or tablet). And everybody will be easy to use it.

Chances of promotion

The workers who work efficiently and complete their task in time are rewarded with the “street cred” by the owner. Furthermore, your way of working, speed and other things are also monitored and if it seems good (if you earned more street cred) then obviously you will be preferred more than those who are in the waiting list (applicants).

Some of the Common Complaints:


As explained before everybody would prefer to go for the gigs that lie close to them. So basically it is area limited. Those people who are away from the gigs that suit them most will definitely avoid it. So gigwalk is restricted to the particular areas. It is because everybody likes to go for the gigs near to them.


The main problem associated with the gigwalk is that you must need an approval from the owner of the company after applying for the gig. And it is not a simple one. And it is most probable that the company will definitely select the experienced workers. It is also possible that the company may ask for some more detail for approving.

Charges for receiving cash

As I told you in the introduction that though the registration is free, but for gaining your money from PayPal you have to pay some charges. Most of the people complain about it that this rule should be changed.

Shortage of gigs

Most of the people complaining that normally there is a shortage of gigs and they don’t find work to do.

More traveling

Though the gigwalk search for the nearest gig but still sometimes it is not as much near as it sounds and the gig walker has to travel a lot and instead of earning they have to spend more on travel. In other words, the gig walker is in the loss.

Problem in downloading

Few people are of the view that they had to face difficulty in downloading and signing up gigwalk.

Is Gigwalk Scam or Legit?

It is a legit company and app as the proof is that more than 1 million people have completed gigs in about 7500 cities in the US and Canada and it is paying to them without creating an issue. There are few issues as well that I have disclosed above.

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