Get Weekly Paychecks Review – A Scam Sales Funnel of MCA?

Welcome to my Get Weekly Paychecks Review!

If you have seen this opportunity on the internet, or your friend has referred it to you to earn an income of $500 – $2000 per week just by copy and paste advertisements, then this review will help you every aspect of this program to enable you to make a wise decision whether it is a legit or a scam.

So don’t worry!

Let’s first look at the summary about Get Weekly Paychecks;

Product Name: Get Weekly Paychecks

Founder: Bill Foley & Chez Feenstra

Product Type: Sales System for Motor Club of America (MCA)

Price: $25/month + MCA Membership fee ($39.90 for First Month and $19.95/month After that)

Best For: Not Recommended

Get Weekly Paychecks Review

Summary: It is just a separate site but connected to Motor Club of America (MCA), and its sole purpose is to market MCA to other people to earn money.

Rating: 55/100

Verdict: No

What is Get Weekly Paychecks?

The system is claimed to be designed for job seekers and anyone who is looking for weekly income of $500 to $2000 per week by becoming a highly paid referral agent.

All you need is to promote a product called Motor Club of America (MCA) to other peoples and earn money. Get Weekly Paychecks (GWP) will only provide you with the training and tools to earn a referral income.

To put it in another way, Get Weekly Paychecks is just a sales funnel for MCA created by Bill Foley & Chez Feenstra. This can also be confirmed by their logo as well. Good enough to see they are honest with the people.

Bill Foley & Chez Feenstra

Before going into additional detail, let’s first look at;

What is Motor Club of America?

Motor Club of America (MCA) was launched in 1926, and it has been providing emergency road assistance services (vehicle repairs, travel discounts, and insurance, etc.) in the USA and Canada.

They have also created an MLM program so that when people join MCA, then they will also earn money by promoting it.

GWP is also a system designed to promote MCA.

The surprising part is that GWP charges you good money for providing this training and tools, which I think is not justifiable. It is also famous that they are also earning an affiliate commission for recruiting people to MCA.

When you refer one person to MCA, then your commission will be $80. Let’s suppose if you refer 10 persons to the system then your commission will be $800.

Moreover, they also offer tier 2 commission of $6 for each person when your referral refers.

As refer above GWP is connected to MCA, hence it is important to understand MCA as well.

How Does Get Weekly Paychecks Work?

Once you joined the system, then there are few tools you can see in the member’s area in the form of prewritten landing pages, banners, and webinars.

If you don’t know what a landing page is, then it is a page where traffic will land, and people will provide their email ids. Those ids will then be added in the autoresponder. (Aweber is an autoresponder, and it will cost nearly $19 per month.)

Later on, you can easily send them emails to promote MCA.

The system reminds me of another similar site My Lead System Pro, where you were also provided similar tools in the member’s area to promote MLM products.

Let’s look at the steps you need to use to do all this;

Step 1 – Copy Ad

GWP has created all the ad copies in the member’s area. All you need is to pick the one ad and copy it. Each ad has a unique referral code that will help them track your affiliate commission.

Step 2 – Paste Ad

There are many classified sites out there. Just paste above ad copy to those sites. You can use Craiglist, Trovit, Facebook, Geebo, Oodle, Letgo, and Offer Up.

Step 3 – Post Ad

This is the last step. Post it so that it goes live and then you start seeing traffic to your landing pages and increasing your subscriber’s base.

I don’t think for doing this you would be able to able to earn a $500 to $2000 per week. I am not saying that this system will not work at all, but the thing is there is a slight chance to make few bucks per month.

Get Weekly Paychecks Pricing:

When I see the pricing of Get Weekly Paychecks, it seems entirely unreasonable to me. They have a monthly membership fee of $25.

This doesn’t end here.

Because you are promoting MCA, you also need to buy MCA membership which is $39.90 for the first month and $19.95 per month after that.

Now let’s do the math…..

You need to pay a sum of $64.90 for the first month and after that $44.95 per month.
You know what, paying such amount for nothing and even required to recruit people to an MLM business.

That’s ridiculous!

Apart from this, you also need to purchase Aweber membership for $19 per month, $10 for a domain name and $100 per year for good hosting.

If you look at my top recommendation then it offers members to join as a free and if they like to become premium then $19 for the first month and after that $49 per month.

Let’s look at what you will get in $49…..

  • Top notch training
  • Keyword research tool
  • State of the art hosting
  • Website security features
  • Instant support
  • Many free templates
  • And many more…..

Pros & Cons:

The Good

1. You Can Make Money

That’s true, and I have also seen people are making money with this system, but their success rate is too low.

This is because MLM business is one of hardest business to do.

Only a few top-tier members can earn money, and rest of all members will suffer.
Moreover, a member will also get roadside assistance services from MCA. Other than this I haven’t found anything cheering that I can show you.

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The Bad

1. Limited Potential

My main question is;

How many people are joining for roadside assistance these days?

Very few….

I know most of the people already have applied for car insurance so getting roadside assistance additionaly is just an extra cost that nobody needs.

Get Weekly Paychecks sales video makes it sound like everyone wants to buy MCA membership but this is not the case.

The offer is also available to the people of America and Canada. This also makes it limited regarding customers reach.

2. False Claims

I have already told that there is some earning potential this system offers but not as much as I have seen on the sales page.

I have been in this game for 7 to 8 years and never seen a system that could earn $2000 per week just by copying and posting ads on the classified sites.

Such claims show smell of scammy practice.

3. It Offers No Value

Like I’ve mentioned, it’s just a simple sales funnel to promote MCA.

All you need to do is to post ads on classified sites and drive traffic to the sales page and hire people. Do you think this type of business model will earn you a lot of money if any?

Do you believe it’s going to be sustainable?

4. No Free Trial

Finally, there’s no free trial for both Get Weekly Paychecks and Motor Club of America. If you want to step in, you have to pay $64.90 right away as I’ve described earlier.

I always advise my readers to try something for FREE before you invest real money into it. If a digital product doesn’t allow a free trial, there must be something fishy with the system most of the time.

5. Typical MLM & Characteristics of Pyramid Scheme

Yes, MCA business model has characteristics of MLM and Pyramid scheme. Let me very clear I am not talking about MCA road assistance services.

GWP sole purpose is to market MCA. Hence it is also treated as MLM business. MLM businesses work on recruiting new people to the system and works on a multi-tiers level.

Only people at the top tier tend to earn more money, while people at the lower levels tries hard but get very fewer rewards.

I have also been part of many MLM sites, but after investing so much money and effort, I couldn’t earn money at all. Then I moved to affiliate marketing and started earning money. Let’s read here about difference between MLM and affiliate marketing.

6. No Ownership at All

Your total business depends on MCA and GWP. You don’t own anything at all. At the end of the day, if the Company gets closed then after spending so much work and energy, you have no control over anything.

That’s why I focus more on the affiliate marketing business model because it gives you ownership and control and most importantly you could scale it up easily.

Even you can sale this business to other people using Flippa and Empire Flippers.

Is Get Weekly Paychecks a Scam?

Honestly speaking, I cannot call it a scam, but this is true; there are some scam signs which is not deniable.

GWP sales page and video are full of exaggerated claims which never seems to be fulfilled just by copy and paste ads on classified sites and earned over $8000 per month.

It is merely a sales funnel that sole purpose is to promote MCA.

If you need roadside assistance, then I recommend joining MCA, but if you are looking for some earning opportunity, then I don’t support both GWP and MCA.

I know most of the people join it as an earning opportunity because for roadside assistance there are other options available also.

Final Verdict:

I don’t recommend this system to everyone, and if you are serious about earning money, then my suggestion is to see my top priority, i.e., Wealthy Affiliate.

I have been a member of this site for more than three years and started my blogging journey here.

Using this system, you can do whatever you want, not limited to promoting MCA. There are millions of product in Amazon and billions of buyers.

Just create a blog based on your interest and connect buyers with the vendors and get your affiliate commission.

Wealthy Affiliate is also free to join so you can test it before going it for premium. I know there is no such opportunity offered by GWP and MCA.

So, why not give WA a shot? I’ll guide you through your journey.