Get Paid to Test Electronics Products at Home for Free! [2021]

Have you been thinking about getting paid to test the electronic products in 2021?

Well, here we are making you bring out with the list of the best websites that are all involved in the tasks to make you get paid to test electronic products.

You can make the use of these sites that pay you products like iPads, cameras, and video games. All the websites which we are about to make you mention right here are not just popular but they are legit as well.

Some of the companies will even make you up with the testing of the products as free of cost. But there are some of the companies who will be sending you with the testing of the products as in order to set the charges first being paid off.

Few of the sites are so much best in such kind of services that they will be making you pay for the testing of the products as well as electronics too.

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#2. Commission Hero

#3. Proven Amazon Course

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  1. User Testing

On the top of the list, let’s bring on with the name of User Testing! This is one such awesome website which we would make you introduce with.

This is the best website for testing of the products for money. It is really fun to use and the range of the sites that would make you test with the products is entertaining as well.

Now the main question that does hit so many minds is that how this website does actually work! You have to first of all signup and then complete the test review.

If it goes well, then you will be sending the sites as for the review from time to time passage.

You then get paid $10 to your PayPal for every review you will be making up, and this would probably be taking the duration of just 20 minutes. It is legal and trusted website. It’s just 1% of the review has been declined!

Read my detailed User Testing review here.

  2. Toluna

This is another one of the best company that is involved in offering you with the services to get paid for testing the products.

This company has been all involved in inviting the product testers from the places of USA, Australia, and Canada.

As you would get yourself tune into the website, you will be making the click on the tab that hence reads the “rewards.”

As you will make the click on the tab that would be reading with the “Test Products” to sign up.

This will make you get the invitations as by which you can receive the free test products that would straightforward be coming to your email.

They will make your offer with the gift cards all along with the money as the rewards. Toluna is working for the countries of United States as well as Australia, UK, and Canada.

Read Toluna App Review Here!

  3. National Consumer Panel (NCP)

On the third spot, we would not be missing out mentioning with the name of National Consumer Panel! This company is basically offering the services of the market research based ones.

They have been working inside the market world for the last so many years. Previously they were known by the name of Nielson Home Scan.

They will make you send with the free handheld scanner which you will be using for scanning barcodes from the side category of the household items.

At the same time, they would also make your offer with the free electronics and wide range of other rewards for doing such tasks.

You can make the use of NCP for the countries of United States as well as Canada.

  4. Pinecone

On the 4th spot let’s bring the name of Pinecone! This is taken to be one of the most excellent and well-trusted surveys.

This is basically the product testing site and one of the best paying. The just issue being part of this site is that the invitation method is much hard to do.

You would just be able to get it as now and then by checking the provided link. It would simply be working as by signing up to Pinecone to answer surveys.

In this way, as with the passage of time to time, you might be asked to test a product or any sort of the electronic item. You can even get the testing products for the beauty items as well as foods and drinks.

It is to be mentioned for the readers that the products of the Pinecone are hence much more limited than other sites.

But you would be having fewer users to content using so many of the chances of getting a product that is much higher.

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  5. Ipsos

Let’s bring the name of Ipsos! This company site is named out to be one of the UK’s leading market research companies.

This company site is much happy to reward you for your side of the opinions. It would be working on the simple and easy to play mode of filling in the surveys.

This would let the user know about the certain products all along with the coverage of your typical buying habits too.

Most of the times the surveys require IPSOS to send you a product to test! You can earn handsome amount of money as through the answering of the surveys, so it is worth to sign up on this website right now!

Read Ipsos I-say Review Here!

  6. Listia

Listia is another one of the best sites that make you pay upon testing of the products.

Listia is one of the well-known sites that would make you sell the old stuff and earn credits that can be redeemed for free stuff like iPhone, laptops and so much more to do with.

By using this site, you would be able to earn points as free by so many of the ways. You can get yourself started with the 1,000 points.

You can even choose out to refer your friends as by which you can earn more points that can be redeemed into a wide range of the stuff and accessories.

  7. Swagbucks

Do you want to earn$5 free? If yes, then stop wasting time and join Swagbucks right now! This site has been best used in so many of the ways by which you can earn or make money.

This site has been all featuring upon with the categories of surveys as well as testing products, participating in focus groups, playing games, and so much more. It is open to so many countries.

Read my detailed Swagbucks review here.

  8. Valued Opinions

On the 8th spot, we would not be missing out mentioning with the name of Valued Opinions! If you are fond of beauty products, then this website is the right destination for you.

You can easily make the use of this site as in order to test with a variety of the beauty items.

If you would be making yourself as part of the focus groups, then you can earn much higher pay in this regard.

It is also open to few of the following countries such as United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Read my detailed Valued Opinions Review Here!

  9. YouGov

YouGov is another one of the best and well-known sites that would make you offer with the complete freedom by which you can test the products.

You can even make the best use of this site as to carry out with so many more tasks such as referring your friends, taking surveys and so much more to go with.

You can even do the testing of the products like iPods and small gadgets. Hence people earn YouGov an extra $100-200 in every single month.

This site is available worldwide. But US and Canada’s residents make the best money out of this sites advertisers focus more on those countries.

This site has been all carried out with the points payment system. This means that you can redeem your points for the purpose of the physical gift cards that take 2-3 business days to come over the arrival stages.

Read my detailed YouGov review here!

  10. MindsPay

The 10th spot of on our list brings about the name of Mindspay! By using with this company, you would be able to carry out with the steady stream of the income.

They will make your offer out with the higher sum of opportunities over the side of online surveys as well as testing of the products.

They will be making you pay out as two times each month in $50 multiple times all through the system of PayPal. You do have to reach the $9.03 minimum balance. It has the free registration system.

  11. Survey Spot

This site has been making you offer out with both product testing all along with the opportunities in the category of the paid surveys.

It has the greater sum of opportunities in the timeline of the online surveys. There are some of its members that have earned $150 for the purpose of the testing a product.

The type of products they have been sending on is added to the categories of the household items, as well as foods and beauty products too.

Rewards are basically given away as in the form of the money through the methods of PayPal, as well as store gift certificates, and so as the Amazon gift cards.

Read my detailed Survey Spot review here.

  12. XPango

This is another one of the best and yet the greatest sites where you can take into account with the free gaming consoles, iPhones, Ipads, Cameras, Smart TVs, and hence every single kind of every electronic product you can think about. You would not be getting paid for it.

But you will be getting them if you would be referring it to the friends and complete the list of offers.

Each single of the friend you would be referring or offering into, you will be all finished with the earning of one credit. The iPhone 7 has the cost of around 48 credits.

If you are having any Facebook page or website then, in that case, you can make great deals with Xpango. If you refer 48 friends, you will be getting a free iPhone 7 that costs 48 credits.

There are so many more products which you can choose with. You have to simply sign up with, complete an offer, start inviting people and win amazing products!

  13. American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion has been all involved as in paying you with anything from $50 to $200 to test a product.

You need to, first of all, make sure that you have filled up the surveys to make sure that you are qualified to receive free products and electronics to test out with.

It would be taking the duration of around one month to receive the first product. The company cannot afford to give out more than 100 for free. You can make more money with the testing of products and surveys.

Read my detailed American Consumer Panel review here.

  14. MySoap Panel

This company has been involved in offering the product testing and high-paying focus groups. You will be getting the product testing opportunities through the email.

Apart from product testing, you will also earn from participating in completing surveys and referring your friends to the site. They will be paying cash through Amazon gift cards.

  15. iPoll Surveys

On the last, we have the name of iPoll Surveys! This company was previously known by the name of SurveyHead.

This company offers the opportunities of the product testing, as well as online tasks, and paid surveys.

This site is available on the mobile application form that would make your task much easy. As you would sign up, you will be getting a $5 bonus.

Read my detailed iPoll App review here.

   Final Verdict:

This is all we have ended up with the list of top 15 best sites that make you get paid by testing the products and electronics!

These sites are fun to play with, and you would be finding every single site as different from one another regarding offering money making opportunities.

So, if you want to make a handsome sum of money, get yourself registered or sign up for these websites right now! You would love using them all again and again!

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