10+ Ways to Get Paid to Listen to Music Sites (2019)

Do you love listening music? Imagine if you would be getting paid by listening to music sites! 

Well we are not kidding at all because it is possible!

There are so many sites who are involved in giving out the opportunity in which you can get paid just by listening to the music sites.

This is quite interesting especially for the music lovers who love listening to music.

Below we will be showing you a list with some of the best sites that get paid to listen to the music sites.

Before going into further detail, please do remember that Get Paid to Listen to Music Sites can only earn you few extra dollars each month.

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Let’s check them out all!

1). Slice The Pie 

Slice The Pie is a popular site which connects music listeners with emerging artists. 

It has huge list of the musical artists and they are in the need to get a feedback on their compositions. As you will be giving the feedback, you will be able to earn the cash online.

All you need is to create an account with the slice the pie and you are ready to start listening to and reviews music tracks.

You need to listen to a piece of music for the duration of at least 60 seconds just as before completing your review.

You need to make your mind clear with the aspect that Slicethepie wants quality reviews and not fluff.

Payment ranges from 2-20 cents per accepted review that would be set as with the minimum payout being $10.

Read my detailed Slice The Pie review here.

2). Hit Predictor

Next we have the name of Hit Predictor! If you want to help out new music artists, choosing the platform of hit predictor is the best alternative out for you. 

This platform will let them know artists with the valuable feedback on new tracks just as before they go live.

Once your feedback is submitted and it is accepted, you will be able to earn points.

Bonus points are at the same time distributed to reviewers who submit a given volume of reviews just as within a set time period.

The current exchange rate for the 3 accepted reviews would be about $1.

As you are all done with the collection of points, you can trade them in view of cards as well as Amazon gifts and prizes.

3). Music Xray

By making the use of the Musicxray, you would be able to make money while listening songs made by solo artists and help them get feedback on their work.

You will be filling up the profile with the genres you like and your favorite artists.

Musicxray will send you targeted music to listen based on top of your interests. Each single time you will be listening the song will have the duration of about 30 seconds. 

Payments are made via PayPal once your account reaches $20.

You do not have to bound yourself much. You can make as much as $1 with each single of the rating you will be giving away to the MusicXRay.  

At the time of starting, the compensation is very low, i.e., $0.05 cents per song.

But as you start getting much of the ratings and artistic reviews, you can earn with the amount of maximum $1 payout.

It is up to your choice that how much of the songs you want to listen. As your earning hits $20, you can put in a request for payment.

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4). Fusion Cash

By making the use of Fusion Cash you would be able to make the money just as by means of listening to Internet radio from your computer. At the same time the site rewards you with $5 just for the purpose of signing up.

Apart from listening the online radio, you do have the option to earn money as by filling out surveys, completing offers, and referring others. The minimum cashout amount is about $25.

Do you know what best thing about Fusion Cash is? Well you can also join its online forum at the place where members can help answer your questions related to the site, as well as tips about how to maximize your earnings.

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5). Radio Loyalty

RadioLoyalty is basically known as the Internet-based radio that pays you to listen to its music.

You can make the choice to listen to different stations or even the music genres all through the source of your desktop or apps that you download to your iPhone or Android device. 

For the information of the readers we would like to mention that RadioLoyalty is funded by advertisements.

As you would listen to the music that would be played on RadioLoyalty, you also hear advertisements every few minutes.

In order to make sure that you are an active listener, RadioLoyalty has you sign in all through its CAPTCHA just as every 3-5 minutes.

You are paid out in points for every 10 minute segment of time. If you want to collect enough points, you can easily trade them in for prizes or VISA gift cards.

6). Earnably

This website will be helping you to get the earning by listening the radio but also through the tasks of completing surveys, viewing videos, and completing online offers.

Earnably is a part of RadioLoyalty and has been involved in additional points for the side of the members who also complete the previously noted tasks.

One of the biggest benefits of this site is that it would be making you pay with the bonuses and increases your payout options as you advance on the site. 

It takes just $2 in terms of the collected earnings before you can request a payout all through the Paypal or a gift card.

Read my detailed Earnably review here.

7). Song People

Song People is another one of the best site platforms that would help you to make some of the earning with the listening of musical stuff.

It is a UK based company. You can make some of the earning as by listening to music and giving away the feedback to the music artist. 

You can earn points that can be exchanged for Amazon gift cards.

As the music will be available you will be getting the notification after which you have to listen, give your feedback, and get paid for it.

8). Unique Rewards

On the next of our list, we would add on with the name of Unique biryani!  

This site would be making you pay with the earning as you complete all kinds of online tasks, including filling out surveys, visiting websites, shopping online and also with the listening to Internet radio.

If you make your mind to listen to internet radio, you will be earning the money as each single time you will be entering the site’s CAPTCHA.

In the USA, you will be rewarded 3 cents per CAPTCHA fill and in Canada and the UK, the payment is 1 cent.

Payout would be taking place as once you reach a threshold of $20.

9). Research.fm

This site will be making you available the services as an app on for your iPhone or Android device.

It pays you as you will provide feedback on new songs all through the emailed surveys. Once you earn enough money, you can redeem it by the way of purchasing Amazon gift cards.

You can sign-up to Research.fm that is currently by invitation only. You can even carry out with the contact form on top of the website that can be filled out and submitted if you are much interested in joining.

This was the end of the list about some of the amazing and interesting site platforms from where you can earn the money at the best just by the way of listening music.

This is such an easy and simple way by which you can get the chance to make money and at the same time get to know about latest music stuff too.

Let’s do it!

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