Get-Paid Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Get-Paid Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Business Name: Get-PaidGet-Paid Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?
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Get-Paid Review – Introduction:

Get-Paid has been around more than 9 years and are paying its members without any issue. It is basically a GPT site where you can earn money by performing different tasks. They also have different contests for members and 2 levels unlimited referral program.

They have a cash-out limit of $0.5 and it will be paid to you within two working days. By completing different tasks you can earn coins and you can convert those coins into cash any time. Alternatively you can select gift cards or e-wallet from stores. This site has paid over $330,000 to its members.

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How to Earn Money from Get-Paid?

There are various ways you can use to earn money like:

Offers – You can find different offers and in order to earn money you need to complete those offers by following instructions written there. You can sort offers based on newest, coins and name.

Daily Surveys – Surveys are similar to offers but generally it requires you to provide first profile questions and if you match according to their need then you are allowed to complete this.

Earn More – You can find different micro tasks here and can earn money by completing those tasks. Some tasks require you to be on certain level otherwise you can’t complete them.

Pay Per Click – Here you will find different options and each tab has certain number of ads and that rewards you coins. You must follow instructions carefully otherwise your balance will be reduced or account termination. You can also see offer wall restriction if you are new and you must earn certain coins and have spent 30 days in site.

Videos – You can earn money by looking at video ads. These videos are powered by Matomy and Token ad videos. Videos can earn you large number of coins but mostly require you sign up and credit card information. Some other require you to purchase the product in order to earn coins.

Referrals – Great way to boost your earning here. You will receive a joining referral bonus as well as earn up to 30% referral earnings. Your referral earning depends on your boost level. Higher the level, more the earnings will be.

How to Earn Money from Get-Paid?

Pros vs. Cons:


  • Free to join for everyone and no technical knowledge needed for this site to earn.
  • Site has been paying over 9 years that shows the admin honesty and consistency.
  • GP offers unlimited referrals program for 2 levels which is an excellent way to speed up your earnings.
  • Very low withdrawal limit for majority of members i.e. $0.50. If you are from Australia, Canada, UK and US then this limit is $1 which is also very low. This limit is fixed and it will not increase subsequently as most other sites have this strategy.


  • Though you can earn some money but it is not enough for most of the people. Earning $20 to $50 cannot relieve you from your job and you still have to look other earning ways.
  • Most of the offers and surveys are geo targeted and if you are from USA then you can complete most of the offers, while very few or no are available to you if you are Asian.
  • High paying offers and some others require your credit card information which can be a big risk for you. Before completing offers there you find CC which means credit card require and if you are confident then complete those offers otherwise avoid them.

Important Terms:

XPs – It stands for experienced points. It determine your level in the system. You can earn XPs through completing offers, surveys, forums postings, active in the site, referring others and playing games. Every coin you earn. You will also get equivalent XP.

Levels – There are different levels in the system. You will earn more if you are on higher levels. Your level bonus also increase if you move up and also you can access to certain locked features.

Referral Commission – GP is providing unlimited referral program up to 2 levels. This means if you refer A and A refer B then you can not only earn from A but also from B as well. You can earn different rate based on your referral boost level. For example if your boost level is 1 and site level is 10 then you are earning 25% from your referral and 10% from referral’s referral.


Coins & Redemption– In this site you are rewarded coins for completing offers, surveys, watching videos and making referrals. 500 coins is equal to $1 and you can redeem your coins to a variety of gifts and even cash prizes. Once you have enough coins then go to redeem store, select a product you would like and click redeem.

If you need cash in your PayPal, simply click on the cash-out button at the top.

Monthly Contest – Admin choose 10 persons each month who have completed the most offers and surveys successfully and they are rewarded different prizes. The number one winner win Prize of $50 (25,000 coins).

Is Get-Paid a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

GP is a well-established site because it has been paying more than 9 years. There are different ways you can utilize to earn money from this system. In order to earn good you need to make referrals and also complete offers that require your confidential information.

If you are looking for full time income or creating your own online business then this is not a site for you. This is best for those people who want something extra in the form of $20 to $50 per month. I always suggest you if you are from Asian countries then this is not for you and you can hardly earn $3 to $5 per month.

Definitely this is not a site for most of the people but my suggestion to everyone is if you want to earn regular or full time income online then see my #1 recommendation.

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