Get help works Scam Review – Does it Help itself With Your Money?

This very special review is on the new MLM based program on the block, This is the program that everyone wants to know deeply about so that they can know if it is worth giving it a try. And as you know, I am your personal online watchdog who is out to help you know what’s legit and what’s not along with unmasking other blatant scams who are fishing for your credit card.

So, I have gone deep into this program, done quite a thorough investigation on it and gathered some few facts about it. And I want to share all that I found with you. So I want to ask you to pay close attention and understand it fully before you hand out a single dime towards it.

And without any more chit chat, let’s get into it!

Business Name: Get review
Website Address:
Price: $20 onwards , no investment limit
Rankings: 15 out of 100
Verdict: You may want to think twice about it…

Get help works Scam Review – Introduction:

As I had earlier mentioned in my Traffic Network Club scam review, more and more ‘make money online’ programs are yet to be created. With the radical changes in technology, many people prefer working online due to the flexibility and comfort. However everyone has to keep his safety suit always on whenever they are chasing more online opportunities. As it is, many scams are now perfecting their skills online by baking up sham products with the system that looks almost similar to those that are actually real in order to get themselves a huge catch off it.

I know you’ve probably heard a thousand times of online scams, and chances are that you’ve been scammed. If you haven’t, you will want to believe that scams are real and they are currently looking for you. And they will strike you when you least expect it and run off with your money right in front of your eyes. Scams who will hide their wolfish nature behind good, dedicated and easy to work with programs that are easy to get by.

And talk of scams, could be it that is one of them? Is it an open mouthed crocodile near the bridge waiting for people to cross and fall directly into its mouth? The best way to unflold this mind boggling mystery is to read this well researched review and understand its very core.

And to learn the gist of it, let’s jump straight into the program…

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What is

This is a multi level marketing website that was just launched the other day, that is in June. Basically, it makes the whole idea about donations through bitcoins when the main target is the money from the members’ investments and referrals. It claims that it is an international community of mutual aid whose main concern is to help people build themselves financially through giving to charity with bitcoins and referring people into the program but most importantly by helping each other to succeed.

It is seems to be based in Canada though Alexa reveals that a good deal of its traffic is seen to come from India. This ultimately leads us to believe that the same company might have some of its operations running from India. The first red flag is shown when the owner of the program remains mysterious. No specific name is mentioned as the brainchild of it. And seeing this, you will want to avoid programs whose owners decide to keep their identity hidden.

How Does it Work?

As clearly stipulated in their “How it Works” page, the company provides a system where people get to give donations and receive donations as well from members and participants. Also, with the referral bonuses, it is made possible for members who will be sending donations to get commissions for having people join the program through them. With the said spirit of give help to get help, the program revolves around working with bitcoins as their currency to benefit each other through donations.

Their method of operation allegedly seems to have three ways of making money online incorporated into their system, affiliate marketing, multi level marketing and Bitcoin. So, if you happen to join it , you should make sure you have a good command of some or all of the strategies.

Who is it For?

Well, one thing for sure is that it’s not for a person looking to earn a full time income. If that has been your thought or desire, you can check out my #1 recommendation here. If you don’t see this program as an investment but a product that is purely based on giving donations, then you are the best person for it. Also, it may be for affiliates to a certain extent. An affiliate who donates often and still would want to make a good amount of commissions through referring people and gambling with their spare money, so to speak.

What is Included in the Product?

Apart from their method of operation, there is no other extra provision or product the owner has included in the product to help the program boost its rate of success.

Compensation Plan:

The company’s compensation plan has got features that would interest you, if they were to work as presumed. And here are some of them:

• Upto 130% Return on Investment

The more you donate, the more help you might receive. And be sure to market the word “might”. Think of what you give as an investment although don’t be certain of any returns, that’s what the site says. And then why call it an investment? Anyways, it is claimed that if you invest from $50 to $800, you are likely to get a 100% return on investment. And if you exceed $810 and go to any extent below $10,000, you get 130% ROI.

The ROI every member gets is usually reinvested back to the system to make sure that the member gets ROI every month. This is mandatory and anyone who doesn’t reinvest within the first 30 days of getting their first returns, has the system do it automatically for them.


• Representative Bonus and 5% Manager Bonus

The system is looking for representatives all over the world. In each country, they want at least a rep to help them get more helping in many countries. Typically, a manager and a representative is sort of the program’s ambassador in the relevant country. So, to become a manager, you need to have donated an amount above $300 and ask invited 10 people into the system.

Now, being a manager, you are going to get a 5% bonus on every donation from all the participants you manage. And the bonus gets to your bitcoin wallet soon after they donate.

• 7% Bonus for Every Referral

You are also entitled to a bonus of up to 7% for every referral you make provided you make a personal contribution to the system. And the good thing with the bonuses is that you can withdraw them everyday. And to get more deep into this type of bonus, here is how it works.

Every referral you make goes to level 2 and you at the top. And then the referrals that your referrals make, go below them in the uni-level structure, and the pyramid goes on. Now for the bonuses, you get:

• 7% of them if you are in level 1 of the structure
• 3% of them if you are in level 2 and 3
• 1% of it if you are in level 4 and 5
• 0.1% of it if you are in level 6

And you can make withdrawals of up to $3,000 in n a single day.

• Executive Bonuses

This is the bonus to reward efforts from participants. What happens here is that if you get your team you increase significantly, you are going to paid for it. For instance, once you get 1,000 members in your team, you get $1,000 , for 10,000 members, you get $10,000 and then, $100,000 for a hundred thousand members.

The Pro’s and Con’s:

The Pro’s

• The method of operation is great if people could actually make it as they make it seemingly possible. The commissions are amazing as well as the flexibility of withdrawal and reinvestment.

The Con’s

• The fact that the program is not upfront with the identity of the owner or runner of the program is quite a turn off. If the owner isn’t willing to reveal himself, how willing and loyal is he to help people succeed with the donations?

• The commissions are mind blowing but the chances of a manager or a participant getting them are hanging on a loose thread. If other members refuse to donate into the system, you are not getting any ROI in your account.

• The system is a bit confusing when it comes to investments and donations. If the money you are sending as donations, why then are you told to reinvest so that you can have recurring returns? This system is not really straight.

Why is the money called donations? They should just call it investment so that one can have certainty with his returns and the amount of investments he makes.

• I think they say that returns are not always assured as they depend on the other members’ generosity so that they can have people donate and then the owner of the system seize and get to enjoy the money entirely.

• This program does not have a precise goal. What they do is to use strategies to transact but not direct them to a specific destination. You should not work with it if you are a person who likes having specific strategies you are using that have got a clear future.

• The fact that you only get to have referral commissions once you get to contribute to the system shows a lot of unfairness especially for someone who doesn’t have anything to invest. People look for online programs to get money not to put money into.

• You cannot rely on this product as a “make money online opportunity” but only as “Reach the world self help group”. There are no indicators of how you can establish a good foundation for monthly income for the system has unstable terms and conditions.

Final Verdict:

Looking at the way this product has shown its systems and payment techniques, it is clear that this is something that a goal oriented person would definitely not want to join at any cost whatsoever. Personally, am a long term guy who wants a program that gives me freedom of working for myself and choosing how much I want to be earning. And this is how truly genuine programs should work. But doesn’t seem to head to that direction.

So should it be called the scam or fortune builder? To me, although this product is about to get known on the web, few people are going to buy into its hype, so it’s pretty much a scam! And folks should greatly avoid it.

Final verdict – Scam!
Name: Get
Price: $20 onwards , no investment limit
Rankings: 15 out of 100

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What do you think about this product? Is it with your time? Should people join it? I would love to hear you thoughts on it. Leave them below to get the discussion going