Get 200 Daily Scam Review – Does It Work For You?

Business Name: Get 200 DailyGet 200 Daily Scam Review - Does It Work for You?
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Price: $7.95
Business Owner: Desmond Ong
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100 points

Get 200 Daily Scam Review – Introduction:

Get 200 Daily was launched by Desmond Ong who is a very famous internet marketer. Desmond is the owner of many different products, but his most famous products are Key to 10K, Copy Paste Hack, and Traffic Overload.

The training included in this product comprises 10 modules and its most focus on how to earn money by promoting offers to your own list or by buying solo ads. Training is mostly video form with written instructions.

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What is Included in Get 200 Daily?

Module 1 – The System

In the first module, Desmond described how this system works and what is included in this success formula. Well, this is not new but building an email list and driving traffic to your squeeze page.

Module 2 – Why This Can Work For You?

In this module, Desmond shows people some snapshots about his results. Other than this you would learn about best auto responder in the form of Aweber, Get Response and Your Mailing List Provider.

Module 3 – Learn How To Change Web Form without Coding

This is a 12 steps guide on how to change get response web form without coding.

Module 4 – Choosing Offers

Your next step would be what to promote to your subscribers list. This module is all about guidance on how to choose a product from Clickbank that will convert well.

Module 5: The Truth about Traffic

This module covers some guidelines on how to get some bucks quickly and invest in your online business. As per Desmond, there is no free method and you should think online work as a business which require upfront investment. If you don’t have money then you can raise on Fiverr and other freelancing platforms.


Module 6 – Paid Traffic

This method is a guideline about how Desmond get over 300,000 clicks in 45 days and generated over $55,000. This is a new method that most of the internet marketers are switching in and getting good results. It is a paid traffic method and based on purchasing banner space on different but related (niche) sites.

Module 7 – The Roman Traffic Method – ChromaBit’s Free Traffic Method

This is new method discovered by Desmond and it is very similar to guest posting and you will have to do a lot of work to do it successfully. In a true sense, it is not free because it requires a lot of your time and search.

Module 8 – The Amazing Solo Ads Traffic Method

Solo ads are simply promoting your offers to someone else email list. Simply it is done for you and you don’t need time to build your own list. Find good solo ads suppliers related to your niche and settle your terms and conditions and used it. You will get better results with the passage of time.

Module 9: Monetizing Your Subscribers

This module is all about choosing offers from Clickbank and how to write your email so that it is attractive, short and helps you more conversions. Desmond shows two examples on how to write emails.

Module 10: Getting To $4,500 per Day

Desmond guides about how to scale up this business in order to earn $4500 per day. This is nothing more than a mathematical calculation to reach a target rather than a tangible strategy.

Things I Like about Get 200 Daily:

A Legit Business Model

List building and promoting your offers to the list is one of legit and most profitable business model out there. One thing I have learnt is that all internet marketing millionaires have one thing in common i.e. they have a huge list. This verifies that “money is in the list”.

Though it requires time but it is more sustainable income and you wouldn’t let visitors to freely leave your site. The email list is your asset and it will provide you profits years to come. You just need to maintain and grow it.

Some Good Training

Desmond Ong is a very famous internet marketer and he is a millionaire even at the age of 25. This product contains a lot of useful information about how he has implemented different strategies and get good results.

The members area is very easy to navigate and all the training is very step by step and you would not be stuck anywhere in the Members area.

Email Support

Support is really important for every beginner. Though there is no community that can provide you instant support but at the end of member’s area there is support section in which there is an email displaced and you can ask any question and support staff would help you.

To be honest, I have not checked this but I prefer active community in a system because email support generally takes a lot of time.

Things I Don’t Like about Get 200 Daily:

Incomplete Training

Though Desmond being an expert, but most of the training just tell us what to do rather than showing newbies on how to start a particular campaign. Telling something about one topic and move forward to the next would not help anyone.

His more focus is on calculations. I think this is good but not at the expense of other important training areas. This product is not for beginners and if you are professional then there is nothing new for you.

Paid Strategies

Most of the strategies Desmond guides are paid ones and most of the people would not have any money to invest in this and those who have could not risk in this venture. Despite your expertise, paid traffic have a lot of risks and invest only that which you can afford to lose.

Is Get 200 Daily a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

To be honest, I am expecting too much from this product because there is a lot of buzz around this product and it is from very famous internet marketer. But the product in not of such quality to promote to people and it is definitely not for beginners because due to incomplete training. If you are an advanced internet market then definitely you would know much about training included in this product.

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