FreeLotto Review 2021 – A Sweepstake Scam?

If you are looking for an honest FreeLotto review that will help you understand the opportunity you get here to make money quite well, and how it is set to make that happen, then you are in the best place to get that, and perhaps some more insight.

After claiming that they have paid out more than 100 million since the system was released, and you get to play for free, I couldn’t help but get into systems to know how this was actually made possible.

And I did manage to get to the bottom of the program and got to discover so much they are not telling you. So please listen closely to what I am about to reveal to you.

I have also included my thoughts on it at the bottom which I believe are going to help you make up your mind on the benefits versus the downsides of joining the program. And I am sure by the end of this post; you are going to get what you are looking for, rest assured.

Product Name: Free LottoFreeLotto Review
Website Address:
Owner: Plasmanet Inc.
Price: FREE
Rankings: 30 out of 100

FreeLotto Review – Introduction:

There have been many strategies invented to make money online, most of which are an improvement and digitalization of the offline methods that we have been using for decades. You are going to find many quick ways to earn a few dollars online through the simple and quick ways that have been used to make money in streets and sidewalks for many years now.

But something that is rather striking about them is that these methods are mostly gambling. If you have been following the online world closely, then you may have gotten to places that claim you can make more than a hundred thousand dollars in the next ten minutes or so. They will tell you that you don’t need to invest anything and won’t have any financial obligation except when claiming your prize.

Let’s come to these fast money making tactics online. What has been so common with these fake promises are sweepstakes. We all know that sweepstakes are a matter of risking.

There is no way you can win the games more than once. But you will find these programs that offer these provisions online telling you that it is possible to win two or three games consecutively, and most often all. They will tell you to only commit your effort to choosing the numbers you want to use wisely, showing you how they care about your success with their system.

But if you look beyond the kindness and the “opportunity of a lifetime to make a fortune in minutes” you will see that there is definitely more to it than meets your eye. If you go to the system of these actual programs, you will come to see that there is a way they are using you to generate money, which they claim to be paying you with.

If you go even deeper, you will find that the millions that claim to pay their winners are not really what they pay. And what the actually pay is far much less than what they generate for themselves.

And if you take time and use this principle on Free Lotto, does it seem to be the kind that works with this dishonesty and unfairness? Does it look like it gives away an opportunity for people to make money with that seemingly appears great when in fact it is using that as bait to get what they are looking for? Well, there only way to know the truth about it is by delving into its machines and seeing their algorithms.

Tired of Scams?

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So let go ahead and do that.

What is Free Lotto?

This is a sweepstakes program that can be played on a daily basis claiming that you have the opportunity to make millions just by choosing numbers in their grid and waiting to see if they match the ones chosen by their own machines. It claims to have paid a little over 100 million to its players and has even put some photos of these alleged winners along with their statements.

The funny thing about it is that you don’t need to have a credit card with you as you sign up, you will get notified through your email any the payments. Well, to start with, a company that promises to give away millions of dollars just that easy is not to be trusted. Even worse, being made aware of the “win” via email.

These are the companies, including Lucktastic, that set the systems to work exactly like this to have a trap for the people who join it and have them fall into it seamlessly.

Plasmanet Inc owns the program. This is not the first mention of this corporation. It is so well known that BBB had actually tagged a poor rating on it. And from the look of things, the company doesn’t have any good reputation. It has been found several times sending emails to its members notifying them of their “recent success” with sweepstakes.

And if the notified people claim their prizes, they are taken to the free Lotto main website where they are told to sign up and pay for some subscription. After the company has gotten them to sign up and start paying for the unexpected subscription, they don’t give the money that was won.

You are only going to get notifications telling you that the email you got about winning the rewards was just a promotional content and not a valid notification as the valid ones come with a genuine and totally secret pin number.

There are also claims that the company will make frequent withdrawals from your bank account without notifying you, and if you try to close the subscriptions and get them not to make any more withdrawals, you are going to get a pretty rough experience doing that which may lead you even to move losses.

How Does it Work?

The company has six games anyone can play and make money from. And from each you get the ability to make millions, so is the hype. But before you do this, you have to sign up and make sure you are eligible for this program. There are a series of things that have to be put into consideration when allowing you in.

They have to check which country you are from, as they don’t work with all countries, especially America and Canada. And to give you a good idea of what happens before and after you get in, let’s have a look at how the program works:

1. Sign up for Free

As stated earlier, you get to open your account for free. So what you will be needing are your name, email and postal addresses. Well, your name is for identification, the email for notifications and the postal address for sending your “prize winning checks.”

They also claim that they need this information to verify the eligibility of each person who signs up as well as deliver the promises they make. But to be completely honest with you, the company has some other evil motives behind these requirements. Clearly, they ask for your email to flood it with advertisements.

What happens is that they run advertisements on the website to generate revenue. And they don’t mind trading your emails for money to merchants looking for leads. So by giving up your email, you are risking it and preparing yourself for a huge amount of spam messages.

2. Playing the Sweepstake

Well, after you have handed in your contact information, you are let in. You get to choose your own preferred numbers from a pool of numbers given for each game. You can also use the use quick pick option, where you get extra functionality. And you have to go through the whole terms and conditions page of the program to know how the prizes and the odds work.

And you get easy access to all the six games by simply getting to the website after choosing which one you are going to play.

These six games you get include:

  • The 1,000,000 family jackpot
  • Win a Car
  • Pay off your mortgage
  • Fast Cash $10,000
  • $100, 000 giveaway
  • 10 million dollars

They also give bits of how they actually work by saying that they usually run ads in between the games as well as send emails with them to get the money they pay you with. And since they won’t really tell you what you are up for, let me fill you in.

Well, your email is going to get flooded by countless emails, giving you unreasonable notifications along with ads. And the ads are what they are more focused on; they call them notifications just because they will add some few lines about the games with the intention of having you see the ads more clearly than the text, and have you click on them.

3. Wait and See Your Results

After you have played, you will then wait for the results to come out and see if you have won. Odds are you won’t win until after you have played a bare minimum of six times in each play. And when you win, you can rest assured that the money won’t be sent. They are just there to make their own financial gains at your expense.

They are using the free games and the huge payouts to catch those who think they can make such huge amounts with that very little effort and time. In the real sense, all they want you to do is give them your email so that they can make money through you. And those that have actually been posed as the new millionaires in town on the website are not real winners, and they are just there to strengthen the lie.

You see, most of the winners are from countries which would take such a win as a huge thing that would even attract social media and the paparazzi to them. But if you do a reverse Google search of these people in the photos, you are not going to get and information about these so-called winners, apart from being identified as winners only on the Free Lotto website.

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Who is it For?

Well, this program is said to be great for anyone out there who wants to make millions online fast and without any huge effort. So basically, if you are one who likes making a fortune the easy way, then this is your best fit, or not. You are going to have to give up all you have in your account before you even see a dime get into your account from this system.

What happens is that the company knows there are many folks out there who would want to get shortcuts to riches and if they can make a program that seemingly appears to deliver that, they can get a huge catch which they will use to make money free themselves.

So you may want to be very careful when dealing with these opportunities. You will want to deeply evaluate what is given you as a money making stream, and you are going avoid being among those who get scammed. And those specific groups of people who are going to get scammed inside include:

• Those who want an easy blueprint for making money online – If you have heard how lucrative working online really is, and you want to learn how to do this, the easy way, then you are going to come into contact with this company. You will hear it through others who want to do the same or the affiliates who have been paid to market it.

But, truthfully, there is no company, truly legit, that offers things like these. They offer a strategy that gives you the skill to which you can benefit beyond that particular program, like affiliate marketing.

• Those who want to get rich quick – If you are super thrilled with figures you see on any program out there and just want to know how to get them yourself, then chances are that you are going to bump into this one. I know there are lots of claims and fake testimonials of how legit the program is and how it is actually paying people, and getting you to believe it won’t be any difficult for you as well.

So you may want to be on the lookout not to get moved by simple figures whose authenticity cannot be established.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• If these huge claims about making millions by choosing numbers from a grid would really be true, then this would be a good system to make a fortune in less than a week, which would be exciting.

The Cons

• The company is sending fake email notifications of wins that look real. If you are not really sensitive, you can easily buy into the scheme.

• The system will not think twice about selling your email to the big companies in exchange for a good deal of revenue whenever they use it.

• When you get the notification email of winning the jackpot, and you happen to claim the funds, your are going to be taken to a place where you fill in your financial details and give them the opportunity to be making frequent withdrawals from your account with your permission.

• If you try to get out of the program and cut all connections with them, they are going to make it hard for you to do so, so that they can keep eating from your plate.

• Your email is flooded with spam messages and ads that add no benefit to you. They only want to sell stuff to you all the while stealing from you, how nasty!

• They give fake testimonials and words of people who have won and received their millions of dollars. But when you look them up on the web, there is no slightest bit of information supporting their “victory.”

• The company gives every member a free entry into the program but later cheats and hacks their account to steal from them, which is quite unethical of them.

• There are no contact details of the company indicating where they operate and where to get them if you happen to share the same locality.

• The fact that they don’t allow countries like USA and Canada, which happen to be among the high users of the web among the tier 1 countries, into the program should raise the alarm. Is it that they want to avoid the hefty price for scamming in these countries where rules regarding the use of the world wide web are extremely strict?

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Is FreeLotto a Scam? Final Verdict:

Well, when you look at the company, everything that confirms the existence of a scam is evident here. Firstly, the way they are so confident in saying people can and actually making millions online by gambling is just crazy. If they would have thought it over and minimized the intensity of the hype too about $10,000 a day, then that would have been within the possibility, but since they want to get as many people as possible within the shortest time they gave before they get known as scams, their stay has been really short-lived.

The other thing that really turned me off about it is that they are ready to take money from both you and the advertising agencies after selling your email to them. They will make a commission from every promotion sent through the email you give up when registering.

They will also make money from you when you get notified that you have won a certain amount of money, and go ahead to chase it. After you give them your bank account details, they won’t hesitate to suck as much money as they can. And when you try to have everything locked and stop the payments to their system, nothing is going to happen soon.

They will still get to enjoy your hard earned money even after you have issued a complaint to your bank service provider, not unless you withdraw all the money in that account. And this shows how much of greedy people the guys behind Plasmanet Inc are. These are the scams that need to be to chased down by the authorities and the people behind them thrown behind bars till they pay back all the money they have robbed innocent people looking for new income streams, down to the last penny.

Well, my verdict on this is that the Free Lotto program is a pure scam! And anyone who values their peace and happiness shouldn’t want anything to do with it.

Final Verdict – SCAM!!!

Name: Free Lotto
Owner: Plasmanet Inc.
Price: FREE
Rankings: 30 out of 100

Have you had any experience with any products of Plasmanet Inc? Have you ever happened to join Free Lotto? What was it like for you? Did your get to “Win”? How much was it? Did you claim the funds? What followed after that? We would love to hear your story. Whether you liked my freelotto review? Please leave it below.

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