Four Corners Alliance Group Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Four Corners Alliance Group Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Business Name: Four Corners Alliance Group
Website Address:
Price: $18
Business Owner: David Harrison
Overall Rank: 56 out of 100 points

Four Corners Alliance Group Scam Review – Introduction:

Four Corners Alliance Group was launched by David Harrison, an Australian born. He is the CEO of this company based in Las Vegas, USA. The company was accepted by large number of people and become very popular recently in the world of network marketing. This is due to its better and flexible compensation plan that gives marketers a better opportunity to create a residual income.

Four corners alliance group is an organization that sell and markets educational products to other people. You can also become member of this group by paying $18 one time and this constitutes $8 enrollment fee and $10 for book (which is your first product) “Financial Literacy – 1 Understanding Precious Metals Investments”.

How to Earn Money from Four corners alliance group?

The model of four corners alliance group is not very complex and after joining you get access to digital products and a business educational newsletter that comes out every month and allows you to get pay a residual commissions.

It uses a forced 4 x 6 matrix for compensation plan. It means in your first level you can refer 4 persons and if you refer 5th then it will join the beneath first level. Forced means you don’t need referrals compulsory in order to earn but can also receive spillovers from your up line. But if you also work hard then this matrix completes quickly.

After paying $10 for the first product from your pocket then after this you need not to pay from your pocket and rest of products can be purchased from commission that you have earned from your down line. These six products represents the 6 levels of pay plan with potential to earn you five figures income.

There are different ways to earn money from this system.

  • Instant Commission from your matrix earnings from the sale of products. You are only qualify to receive the commission if you own the product.
  • 100% matching bonus if you sponsor someone and that person earns commission from down line.
  • Starien monthly commissions if you subscribe for starien subscription and your referral also do the same.
  • Monthly financial  newsletter commission.
  • Sponsor’s 100% match on the above starien and newsletter commissions.

Four Corners Alliance Group Products:

This consists of different books that are divided into various levels.

Educational Books Details –

Level 1 : Financial Literacy – Understanding Precious Metals Investments
Level 2 : Binary Options and Strategies Simplified
Level 2 : Bit coin and Crypto: A Guide for the Rest of Us
Level 3 : Credit Card Debt
Level 3 : Exchange Traded Funds: The Inside Story
Level 3 : Economics The Truth Behind The Spin
Level 4 : Multiple Streams of Income
Level 4 : Hedge Funds – Why Investors Love Them And Why You Should Too
Level 4 : The Insider’s Guide to Swing Trading
Level 4 : Debt Crisis
Level 4 : How to Get Out of Debt and Avoid Getting Ripped Off
Level 4 : Binary Options: 5 Valuable Lessons Learned in the Trenches

Monthly Newsletter Subscription

Second product is monthly newsletter that will cost you $29.95 from what you are paid an 80% commission residually. If you are not a member then you can also purchase those products from retail store.

Four Corners Alliance Group Pros vs. Cons:


  • Product is cheap as it will cost you initially $18 and also provides you some good financial products.
  • It is am forced matrix and if you make referrals then it is good to earn money quickly otherwise you can also receive spill from your sponsors of your up lines.
  • You can earn money if you sponsors other people and if your referrals go through all the levels then you can earn very good income.
  • This company also avoid quick rich scheme promises and other deceptive advertising methods.
  • Four Corners Alliance Group allows members to sell the product to anyone (even nonmember) for commission.


  • Four Corners Alliance Group is a forced matrix and if everyone is depend on its sponsor for spillover then the whole system halted and you cannot earn money. So in order to run the system smoothly every member has to refer at least 4 members and this is tough ask for most of the people. I have seen other similar programs that halted due to the said issue.
  • It is very easy to show people that you can earn $560,000 from one person but it 4 x 6 forced matrix which means 4+16+64+256+1024+4096 = 5460 members needed in order to earn that amount which seems impossible.
  • Why not join the system which has a product that is useful in building your online business rather than your prime focus is to recruit new members in order to earn money.

Is Four Corners Alliance Group a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

In short Four Corners Alliance Group is not a scam but a good MLM site where you can earn money if you work hard. It is not a quick rich scheme and takes time to earn you money. Though it is very difficult to earn money as specified in the site but if you work hard then you can make some money

It is better not to rely on your sponsor rather work hard yourself and make at least 4 referrals. I personally don’t like MLM companies and never recommend anyone to join any MLM company because very few people are able to earn money from those site and rest of people return without any money.

What’s Next:

If you really want to earn money online then leave all those MLM sites and join program that has a solid product and you cannot find better program than Wealthy Affiliate. It is online since 2005 and has large number of community members that are always willing to help you. It has enormous success stories and it is increasing day by day.



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