Forever Affiliate Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Business Name: Forever AffiliateForever Affiliate Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?
Website Address:
Price: $1, $97 and $197 or $297
Business Owner: Andrew Hansen
Overall Rank: 75 out of 100 points

Forever Affiliate Scam Review – Introduction:

Forever Affiliate was launched by Andrew Hansen and it is a training platform that guides you how to earn money online using affiliate marketing. It focuses mostly on sub-niches that are easy to rank. As per Andrew, you can earn $300 to $1000 per month passive income from each mini site.

He has also mentioned some techniques that you can use and scale up your business. Overall it is a good product but there are some outdated training available.

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What is Included in Forever Affiliate?

The whole course is divided into three phases;


Phase 1: Pinpoint Hidden Profits

  • Examining the size of potential market
  • Testing the profitability of a market
  • Investigating the competition in a market
  • Examining a merchant’s landing page
  • Making sure there is an affiliate program
  • Where affiliates like us really make money
  • Follow the trail of market leaders
  • Looking differently at Clickbank offers
  • Getting ideas from other smart affiliates
  • Searching out private affiliate programs
  • The big offer vault video (Episode 1)
  • The big offer vault video (Episode 2)
  • Sourcing ready to pop niches and affiliates offers
  • Lateral thinking niche discovery (and techniques)
  • Pillaging Amazon for high-end niches

Phase 2: Ensure and Establish Profits

  • Buying domain name
  • Set up hosting
  • How to install WordPress blog?
  • How to install WordPress theme?
  • How to install WordPress theme (free alternative)?
  • Important six plugins for affiliates
  • Basic on-page optimization
  • Setting up Google analytics
  • Quick sidebar banner setup
  • Adding affiliate disclosure
  • Quality content strategy
  • A further note on forever affiliate authority sites
  • In content affiliate links cloaking/tracking strategy
  • How to create affiliate content
  • Laying out and optimizing content on your site (Episode 1)
  • Laying out & optimizing content on your site (Episode 2)
  • Creating nonproduct name content
  • New site promotion theory
  • Theory about blog commenting
  • Making your blogs list
  • Theory about directory submission
  • Analyzing Google analytics

Phase 3: Grow Fast

  • Advanced SEO theory
  • Importance of press releases
  • Using private high page rank blog links
  • Tiered link building service
  • Saving money by creating your own tiered linking structure
  • The truth about social signals
  • How to leverage guest posting for maximum backlinks?
  • Starting your next mini site in the same niche
  • Expansion comes from adding content
  • How to decrease bounce rates and increase site quality

Things I Like about Forever Affiliate:

Very Detailed Training

You have seen the above list and it is very evident that this is very detailed information and you are led by Andrew from start to end. It includes all important areas that should be included in affiliate marketing training like niche selection, setting up a WordPress site, keywords research, on page SEO, off page SEO, content creation and scaling up your business.

I found the whole product very useful as it contains tons of useful information and it is a great site to invest on. Moreover, it is proven system that Andrew has used and even a beginner can use this.


Legit Business Model

Forever affiliate is totally based on a concept which is very legit i.e. build micro niche sites that can generate passive income for you. The idea is to start one site and earn money using strategies mentioned there and start another site. After some time, you have a complete portfolio of sites that are earning complete passive income for you.

Things I Don’t Like about Forever Affiliate:

Some Outdated Material

I have seen some training material that is outdated in the member’s area. This training was launched in 2013 and lot of videos can be found related to this year. This training was released after Google penguin and panda updates and has great information about how to protect sites from them. But after these updates Google made further changes to its algorithms and Andrew should incorporate these changes in the training.

Some Risky Backlinking Strategies

Training includes a lot of promotional material that constitutes link building strategies. Personally I don’t use backlinks because Google is tightening its policies on this area and sites are getting penalized regularly. It is better to write content regular for the site rather than building links. Definitely high-quality links are difficult to get. It is better to focus on quality content.

Definitely backlink strategy is working but the important question is ….. for how long? You will have to wait for next Google updates or take it proactively and changed your strategy. It is you that decides.

Creating Many Minisites

The whole focus of training is to create many mini sites that can generate $300 and above for you and once you have a complete portfolio then you will be earning passive income from this. I think it is better to focus on one site and build authority in it rather than maintain average few sites. Believe me, if one person works completely on one site then it requires a lot of daily time and it is even impossible to maintain more than 2 sites.

Lack of Support

There is support tab, but it seems that it is limited to email support and if you are stuck somewhere then the only thing you have is Google. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and it is far better than Forever Affiliate and even then I require help sometime but thanks to WA that it has a great community that will help you in minutes. A product like these should have an active community and this is what I am expecting from this product.

Is Forever Affiliate is a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

In my opinion Forever Affiliate is a completely genuine product with tons of useful information. You need to be little careful about outdated information and back linking strategies. Try to write regular quality content for your site even this site also has a lot of training modules dedicated to writing quality content.

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