Fission Coin Review – Is it Legit or a Mere Scam?

If you’ve been scouring the internet for a while, you sure have found this name, Fission Coin, in quite a number of places, but most especially on your favorite social hangouts. And I am guessing you are here to find the real truth about this program before you even think of dishing out a single dime towards it, right? Well, you’ve done the right thing.

And truth as it really is about this program is what I’ll be revealing in a few…

So you are going to want to pay keen attention to it as everything you want to know and almost all the questions you are probably asking yourself right now about it have been been addressed here. I strongly believe that this Fission Coin review will help you get what you are looking for and help you make a wise decision that will truly benefit you.

And without any more delays, let’s get into things here…

Business Name: Fission Coin
Website Address:
Owner: Mysterious
Price: Free to join but many hidden catches
Rankings: 50 out of 100

Fission Coin Review – Introduction:

With the many years I’ve spent working online, I have seen many programs come and go. Some legit ones but didn’t have quite the idea realistically while others were outright scams. And this has been going on, programs come up and gain quick popularity, some keep it but then others die down silently, others are made, some maintain their stand others are blown away. And this has been the vicious cycle online money making programs for decades.

And while you are joining any of them, you are going to want to be sure that yours is set on the right principles, is there to stay and it is delivers quality. People have the fear that due to many upcoming programs most of which have proven to be just but mere scams, it is almost impossible to spot a really legit program that is fair and will pay justly to each according to what they deserve and do it for along time to come.

I’d want to let you know that there are honest programs online like neobux and traffic authority among others, you can check my honest reviews down below. But you still have to be aware that there are many more scams than there are the truly honest ones.

And this is what should drive you to know, prior to joining it, who owns the program? What reputation does he have in the industry in which his program is operating? How many people believe in him? What other companies has he worked with before? What are reviews of people on the web saying about it?

All these questions are going to lead you to the right right direction, even if you may not get to know the program entirely. You are going to have an idea of what your fate will be if you happen to join such a program.

As for Fission Coin, we will be going deep into it and I’ll be revealing to you what its real intentions are, how it’s getting to achieve them and what you are going to want to do to see that you have handled it at your best.

So, let’s get rolling!

What is Fission Coin?

This is a recently launched program that hasn’t quite gotten its objectives clear to the public. It claims that works with the fission coin. Going through the domains details, I found that it was launched just recently in 10th of June 2016. And going to Alexa, I saw that it gets most traffic from Russia and still some of it from other countries like Ukraine. This automatically means that it is operating in Russia and there are some collaborators of it in the neighboring country, Ukraine.

The site has not given any details about the owner, not even his name, and most of the things there have been set to private so that the public doesn’t get to know them at all. And this is a good indicator of a program that is not clear and honest, and most probably has got motives that are not good and reliable.

So far we’ve reached into program, you can see that most of the things aren’t geared towards the right direction and terms of a standard online eCommerce program. So this is one program you are going to want to avoid at all costs.

How Does it Work?

The company claims to be working with mining of fission coins that have been seen to be paying since they were launched in 24th June 2016. They claim that the rates of the coins continue to increase and they’ve never lost value. So what they are promoting is the idea of having lots of people invest in the fission coins as the returns on the investments are sure and well paying as well.

If you buy the fission coins and then keep them for a while to sell them later to the miners after the rates have significantly increased, you are allegedly going to make huge amount of profits!

Also, since the productivity of the gold, silver and bronze coins is controlled to the sense that a miner can’t mine more than 3.00 coins and a bank also can’t receive more than 7.50 coins, it shows that the market is never going to run out of stock, presumably.

Also, some affiliate marketing has been mixed into the program so that more people are recruited and get to share in the “experience” as well. Since the market is controlled, it means that the commissions too are controlled to a certain extent. And this means if you want to increase them, you have to get more people into it through your referral links and benefit from their actions as well.

Who is it For?

Looking at its way of doing things, it is very clear that it would make the best fit for affiliates and those folks that like multi level marketing schemes. To start with, the company has made it compulsory for people to have other members especially their family and friends join it so that the money from their investments could increase. And who knows better to promote a program online and have thousands of people join other than affiliates?

Now for the MLM part, the compensation plan of Fission Coin, as we are going to see, is based on levels and paid out exactly as all other MLM programs do. If you like what they call bonuses and paying up and down the line among other enticing phrases, then you are going to like this one, there are loads of them.

The company claims that this program is good for everyone, the young to the old alike, as it will pay them higher than they would possibly imagine, but my take on this is what I’ve formerly said.

What is Included in The Product?

There are no tangible products being sold so that leaves us with the fission coins. The company only gets people to join and then have them buy virtue points with the company exhibiting a three tier crypto-currency. Ideally, only fission coins are the main product used in the company’s trade. Other than that, only affiliate marketing is practiced. So there are no products included in this product.

The Compensation Plan:

The compensation comes from the members having made investments in three tier of virtual points, namely Gold (called FCG), Silver (called FCS) and Bronze (called FCB). And the claim is that the price and value of bronze coin goes up to every month by 3.00% while the silver coin appreciates by 4.00% and for gold, 5.00%. And I’d like to think that is what explains the statement they’ve published that the coins increase after a month and have never gone down.

Let’s take a quick peek at the compensation plan.

Referral Commissions

As with all multi level marketing programs, all the payments are made through the uni-level structure. Here the one making the referrals, that is the affiliate, is placed at the top of the pyramid scheme and then the referrals he makes, go below him to level one, and the referrals that will be made by the direct referrals at level one will go to level 2, and it goes on and on all the way to level 7.

Now, as you know, joining is free, so if you refer someone to the program, they don’t pay anything. But if they invest, which they should, you are going to be compensated for that. And here is how the compensations are made:

For purchases from:

• Direct referrals in level one – 3% commission

• Referrals in level two – 2% commission

• Referrals in level three – 1% commission

Also, you may want to know that 10% of the commissions that have been invested by a team of affiliates is usually paid out. Also, 2% of the funds gotten from the activities that happens within the program is paid out to the members.

Return on Investments

The affiliates are supposed to make investments in the FCB, FCS and FCG and are given the promise of getting almost 360% profits off what they invest in, going by the major increase of at least 3.00% everyday. And here are the minimum investment that they should make if they are to get the profits:

• For FCS (gold coins), you need to invest at least 1000FC

• For FCS (silver coins), you need to invest at least 500FCS

• For FCB (bronze coins), you need to invest at least 100FCB

This, you should note, is the exact amount in US dollars and they may deflect from time to time.

Pro’s and Con’s:

The Pro’s

• The fact that the value of the coins never decrease is great as there are no chances of gathering losses. This is an investment that has got assured wonderful returns on investments, if it happened to work as said.

The Con’s

• Fission coins have never gained any popularity as described in Fission Coin main page. When it comes to the best paying online jobs, the ones seen to be the best are affiliate marketing, freelance writing and data surveys among others but fission mining has never been among them.

• The fact that the owner doesn’t want his mentioned in the program means that there is something fishy that is cooking behind all the code work. If the owner himself doesn’t want anything to do with the program, so to speak, then what is the point of the people joining it?

• Even though the profits keep on increasing, if they actually do, the price of minimal investments keep on increasing accordingly. So you are not going to find any profit that is significant. The numbers increase but the value is still the same, which doesn’t make much sense for a goal oriented person.

• You can’t make money if you don’t invest. The program keeps the registration process free to have many people join and then catch them with the minimum investments needed to make money from the actual program.

• You have to refer people, even after having invested your money, so that you are able to increase the level of income you get off this product. I don’t see why you should invest your hard earned money to a program and then have to go out there to look for more other members just for you to get the numbers in your paycheck increasing.

When it comes to investments, your money should work for you!

Final Verdict:

Looking at Fission Coin at a general point of view, you’ll see that this program really doesn’t deliver quality services and still has got so much weird ways like not revealing the owner. The good part of it is that you can make three times more profit than what you invested. But also remember you have to refer people.

And because there are no proofs that people are getting paid by this product, you are going to want keep far off this program for now.

My verdict on this, is it legit or another blatant scam? This is just a scam site which won’t really give anything of significance. There have been hundreds of thousands of such programs that had come up before this one and their fate was pretty much the same, scamming people! So if you love your peace please do avoid it with all your might.

Final verdict – Scam!

Name: Fission Coin
Owner: Mysterious
Price: Free to join but many hidden catches
Rankings: 53 out of 100

What are your thoughts on this program? Have you had an experience with this program or any other of the same kind? What was the operation like? Did you receive any payments? Let us know how you found it. Leave you thoughts and experience with them below.

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