Feature Points Review – Is this App Scam or Legit?

You probably like trying out new apps, that is why you’d like to see how much of an opportunity you are looking at in Feature Points App, right? You want to see if you can secure some few dollars or gifts for downloading and testing out apps with it, isn’t it?

This system promises you points you can cash out or use on other websites to get other rewards or services if you will test apps for them. They say they only need you to download their apps and use them for about 2 minutes till the tutorial is complete. After that, you will be seeing your rewards increasing in number.

They tell you that doing that often, if you love it, can help you out financially, to a limited extent. But do they really practice what they preach?

I will tell you the real painful truth about them in this feature points app review.

Product Name: Feature Points App feature points review
Website Address: www.featurepoints.com
Owner: TapGen
Price: free to use
Rankings: 57 out of 100

Feature Points Review – Introduction:

These “test apps get paid” systems got me wondering why someone would want to pay folks to download mobile applications and play around with them for a few minutes.

And that is when I found out that the people who create apps are always looking for ways they can of getting their apps known and used in large numbers.

So they decide to pay marketers who are well known in the industry to get their apps on the front line.

In exchange, these marketers will create a website or an app which will allow other people out there to come and sign up with them and get paid some amount of commission for using the new apps.

While these sites are leveraging great ways to get the budding app creators in the market, there are other ill minded scammers who are busy tricking people using the same strategy.

They leave a catch on the site to get you trapped and have the chance to steal from your PayPal or bank account.

And within this post, I tell you if this particular website does that too.

What is Feature Points?

This is a website that offers you the opportunity to collect rewards for using the apps they recommend. I have reviewed similar apps with the name of AppnanaCheckout 51 and Music Xray.

It offers a wide range of rewards including real cash that will be sent to your account once you reach the threshold.

There are a number of applications that are on the website that is added with time, and they are also apps you will enjoy looking into.

The Feature Point website was created by TapGen and they are also the same people who ran it.

The website and the app handle all types of devices including Android and iOS mobile devices.

It works quite similarly to Swagbucks and Fusion Cash which also give you different rewards for using their apps.

But these two will also pay you for other activities and use other provisions like their search engines.

How Does it Work?

This is how you go about getting started with Feature Points:

1. Download the Site’s App

The very first step you take is going to their website (featurepoints.com) to be able to be directed to the download page of the app.

If you are using an android phone, from version 4.0 and above, you are going to be able to get the app on Google Play Store.

But if you on an Apple phone or tablet, the best way to get the app is by using Safari.

And the good thing is, you can earn 50 points immediately you download the app and join if you use a certain code they give to their members. So look out for it.

To be specific, you will get the referral code from their affiliates.

2. Start Working

After you have gotten the app on your phone, you will have to register your account to start working.

When you are done with the procedures, you should then proceed to the apps page where you are to see the available offers.

You will see the apps in the listing together with the points you get to earn once you have made your download of it.

Typically, you will get the app, its name, the rewards anticipated and the duration of time you are supposed to use it for.

When you choose the one you want to try out, you will simply have to click on it and you will be directed to the download area.

3. Use the App

After you have made the download, you should use it for the stated time limit. Usually, the time limit is about 2 minutes.

You will only need to go through the features to see the minutes fly by.

There are other members on other feature points app reviews who have said they have made away without really hitting the 2 full minutes mark and got paid.

I don’t recommend doing that as that may get you penalized in the long run. There will be times you won’t be rewarded if you take up that behavior.

4. Earn and Redeem the Points

When you have worked hard enough to hit the threshold, about 2,000 points, you can redeem them to get cash or rewards from various online stores.

With PayPal, you are able to get $3 with almost 2,000 points as $1 is equal to 600 points. Also, you should note that for every app you work on, you will receive 30 cents.

This is quite cheap and you will have to really give your time and massive effort to accumulate that much.

The offers you are given to cash out your points to PayPal are getting $10 PayPal funds for 6,000 points or $100 PayPal funds for 60,000 points, to mention but a few.

Amazon gift cards come in $50 card for 30,000, $100 card for 60,000 points and $200 card for 120,000 points among others.

Things to do to Make Your Experience Even Better:

• Refresh the App – There will be times when the app will not function properly as it is just getting ground in the market.

When this happens, just close it down and then give it some time. After a while, open it again and then keep using it.

• Work on Making Referrals – If you want a good way to make the points add up really fast, go for referrals. These are the easiest path to making 600 points and more, possible.

There is also an incentive for referring which gives you half as many points as those your referrals make which will get you free points that really come in handy if you have a good number of them.

Complaints regarding Feature Point App:

There have been many complaints made against the app, which makes me want to get you acquainted with before you start working there.

The common ones are:

• Not Getting the Points – Many people have said that they have had occasions when they used an application as required and did everything they were supposed to do to earn points.

But after all that, nothing reflected their effort in their account.

• Running out of Apps to Use – This is the most disappointing for those wishing to do as many apps as possible per day.

There will be days when you log in to your account to see no apps available at that moment.

And when you decide to give them time and see if they will add after a couple of minutes or hours, you come back to find the same “unavailable” message staring right at you.

• Running out of Stock for Rewards – Say you have been saving up for a reward on either of the listed online stores.

And once you have achieved the required points to get the reward you have been looking forward to, you find that they have run out of stock for it.

• A Weak App – When you use the app for a good deal of time you will notice there are a lot of bugs that are needed to be addressed.

And I think this can explain the fact why you might miss getting your points even after using their apps.

Who is it for?

If you are one of those guys who like to see what new apps are like, this one might offer you more than that.

Not only will you get to do the things you like, but also you will get yourself some amazing rewards.

You can even be sparing more time each day to do it and get an even better experience of it as you will also get paid for doing it.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• The app does work. You will get paid for your efforts.

• The support system is fast and effective. They will get any issues you get fixed within minutes of contacting them.

• Using the app is very easy. You don’t need to be walked through the system to get the hang of it.

• It is enjoying as you get to use different apps which give you different experiences.

• They give you a referral program which increases your abilities to meet the threshold much faster.

The Cons

• There are often many issues that need to be fixed.

• You are paid 30 cents per app which are very little compared to the energy and resources you put into it, especially if you are using mobile data.

• Their surveys are disappointing as they wait till you are done to tell you that they weren’t meant for you.

• They ran out of apps and rewards quite often, which can cripple their services and lose their members’ trust.

Final Verdict:

I would love to appreciate the fact that they pay you and give the rewards they promise even though there are many other negative issues.

Something that would make me see them better than any other similar system is the fact that they pay with PayPal. Many of their competitors shy away from paying people real cash.

They just want you to get gift cards and that’s it. So this is a plus for this system for the extra mile they have gone.

Final Verdict – Legit!

Product Name: Feature Points App
Website Address: www.featurepoints.com
Owner: TapGen
Price: free to use
Rankings: 57 out of 100

If you are not ready to get your points withheld after working so hard for them and would want something more reliable and better paying, you should consider other strategies like online marketing.

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