FB Influence 2.0 Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

FB Influence 2.0 Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Business Name: FB Influence 2.0
Website Address: www.fbinfluence.com
Price: $97 + Upsells
Product Owner: Amy Porterfield & Sean Malarkey
Overall Rank: 80 out of 100 points

FB Influence Review – Introduction:

Facebook is a famous social media platform and has over one billion active users from all over the world. Most of the people are just wasting their time by not doing anything positive and some people are using this as a complete business opportunity and earning full time income.

Amy Porterfield has also initiated the step to guide how they use this platform for their marketing purpose. With over one billion users, the market is enormous and it has great potential but most of the people just don’t know how to do it perfectly.

Some people do it by just creating a fan page but in reality it is much more than that. If you are looking for exploiting great potential of Facebook then FB Influence is a great product for you. I will explain its all merits and demerits in my review, so please continue on reading.

What is Included in the FB Influence?

The whole training is divided into 4 modules and let’s look at what is included in the training.

Module #1 – Laying the Foundation for Facebook Success

It is divided into five video series that set the basics of this platform and guides on fundamentals of Facebook marketing, how to create Facebook page and convert into your brand, what are the questions that most people asked about FB page, insight of your FB page dashboard, and tools that helps you to achieve success quicker and track your success.

Module #2 – How to Grow a Lucrative Fan Base?

When you look at the second module then it includes following training related to using tools inside Facebook that helps to find ideal audience, how to grow your fan base using successful strategies, creating custom apps that will not only convert but also increase your fan base, how to use Facebook ads to increase your fan base, and how to make your page mobile responsive because more than 70% people now try to login through their cell phones.

Module #3 – How to Build your Authority and Becoming the Go-to Source

This module is all about getting engagement with your fans through writing content and building relationship. Moreover, you will also learn what and when to post your content, features that will help you to build authority, perfect strategies to grow your likes, comments, shares and build your email list, and last but not the least how to manage your Facebook page.

Module #4 – Turning fans into Loyal Customers

The core of this training is it find fans, retain them and convert them into happy customers so that this relationship will continue. This all starts will guidance on how to collect quality leads on Facebook, using Facebook ads to get leads, how to sell on FB in a right way, how to promote your events and the action plan to for today to get momentum.

Things I Liked:

Quality Training

Overall the information is pretty solid and some of the strategies are really sound. If you are looking for moving your business to the next level then this course offers everything for you. It all starts from basic, then intermediate and advanced methods.

Whether you are internet marketer, affiliate marketer or a business owner there is great information for everyone. I have seen lot of products on FB training but very few I can say that are of such great quality.

The Best Social Media Platform

Facebook is the most widely used site after Google and if you visit site Alexa then their you will find its rank 2 and visit site similar web to see how much traffic this site is receiving. These stats will help you to get a good idea how vast this market is if we use it perfectly.

This training is designed especially for people who really knows this site market and potential and want to use it for their advantage.

User Friendly

If you move to the member’s area then it is very user friendly and very easy to navigate. All things are very step by step. All the training is in video form with great voice and video quality. In addition to this, each module provides a PDF copy, PowerPoint presentation, Cliff notes, and an mp3 file.

Things I Don’t Liked:

Takes Time and Money

If you are looking for some shortcut methods then this is not for you. It will take time and some of your investment. At first you will have to pay for this course then creating a professional looking page will also require some investment, and after that you have to spend on FB ads in order to boost this process.

FB Influence Bonuses:

With this price you will also get some useful resources in the form of;

  • Fifty Strategic that will boost your overall engagement.
  • Three best strategies to use Facebook groups to invite and retain customers.
  • Fifty impressive quotes to increase your engagement.
  • Blueprint of three steps lead generation.
  • Training workshops whenever Facebook makes a major change or update.
  • Support from Private FB Group.

The best thing about these bonuses are that they are very related to the original product and has lot of value.

Who is Fbinfluence for?

This product is especially designed for internet marketers who are looking for tapping into this great market and want to use it to get traffic, leads, and customers. I feel this great for all those people who want to build online business because the role of social media has increased tremendously whether you look at SEO or in any other case.

All they get quality information in a one place for just one-time investment. Moreover, these strategies are all tested and are providing great results to thousands of other people.

My Final Words:

In short, this is a great product for people who want to promote their business through Facebook. If you will learn those strategies then this would not be much difficult for you. The training and other relevant material are all of great quality with access to FB support group that will help you to get reply from members and owners.

I generally prefer this product for more profession or advanced users who have some good basic ideas and have good website, and he/she wants to use this platform. If you are a beginner then my sincere advice would be to see my #1 recommendation.

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