Fast Cash Biz Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Business Name: Fast Cash Biz
Website Address:
Price: $250
Business Owner: Madison Clark and David Graham
Overall Rank: 35 out of 100 points

Fast Cash Biz Scam Review – Introduction:

Fast Cash Biz is a software that helps you in binary option trading. They claim that this is the path that can lead you unlimited wealth. The sales page and other videos are full of hype and have exaggerated claims. To know much about their claims validity then you should read my complete review.

Binary option is a trading system that allows you to trade currencies, shares and commodities and this enable the investors to either earn or lose based on market fluctuations. Those markets are very volatile and if they move favorably then it could provide you unbelievable return but this is one side of the picture and the same may goes against you and your account will become empty in no time.

How to Earn Money from Fast Cash Biz?

In order to access the Fast Cash Biz software then you must open an account with them which is free. This will not provide you access to the software and in order to do this you must also open an account with the broker and deposit at least $250.

AS soon as you deposit this money with the broker account then Fast Cash software will be activated. The software actually has complex algorithm that tries to predict the market and guide the investors what to do next. According to the company sales page it has a success rate of nearly 99%. Not only this you can easily make $10,000 per day easily by just depositing $250 at start.

Things I Like about Fast Cash Biz:

There is not much you are able to enjoy but if you are lucky then you may get more trades in your favor but it all depends on market and your software predictions.

Things I Don’t Like about Fast Cash Biz:

Too Much Hype

Binary options software are notorious for producing too much hype and Fash Cash Biz is no more different from other sites. I am really surprised to read that this site has a success rate of 99%. Would you believe this?

No sensible person can trust on these words. Everyone who works on binary options knows that trading signals that appear to be very profitable end up failing, and this makes the trader suffer losses that they had not expected. Definitely there are lot of expert in this field who interpret and predict market very well but asking 99% success rate truly a misrepresentation to the people.

This doesn’t end here and you are further misguided that you can easily make $10,000 per day easily by depositing $250 at start. I have seen no system like that that can give you so much return. If in reality this is possible then believe me, Madison Clark and David Graham would not disclosed this thing to anyone.

Risky Venture

Everyone knows how risky it is to trade in binary options. It is also right that most of people lose trades and the reason behind this is they are just guessing the market and have no solid analysis to base their decision on this analysis.

If you are looking for money making opportunities then there are numerous and are very safe. You cannot get rich in few days but if you work hard then the results would be great for you.

Glenridge Capital an Unregulated Trading Platform

Fast Cash Biz is connecting with Glenridge Capital trading platform but it is very surprising that it is not registered with the CFTC (US Commodity Futures Trading Commission) nor the SEC.

I cannot recommend you to use unregulated brokers for your trade because there are so many examples in the past they have been engaged in fraudulent activities. They generally create problems while fulfilling withdrawal requests, manipulate software so that you lose more and other suspicious activities.

No Disclaimer on the Site

It is statutory requirement to place disclaimer on the site so that you warn investors about the risks in this field but I have navigate different place of the site but could not able to see such thing.

Their focus is more of creating hype and attracting new people by hook or by crook and leaving all ethical things set aside.

Is Fast Cash Biz a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

In short, in order to invest money in binary options then Fast Cash Biz is not the software to rely on. You need to be very active and very in the market to get familiar what will be happening in the future. This software certainly contains unethically practices that can never be recommended to anyone.


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