FaceBeast Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Business Name: FaceBeast
Website Address: www.facebeast.com
Price: $97 and $197 with hidden upsells + downsells
Business Owner: William Moore
Overall Rank: 54 out of 100 points

FaceBeast Scam Review – Introduction:

FaceBeast course was launched by William Moore and it a training platform that guides about different strategies related to Facebook marketing in order to earn money. As per home page this system is all about learning how to earn $12,092 per month using Facebook.

Claiming something is easy but does it work is the main question? Facebook is world most visited site after Google and there are large number of people earning money using this platform. There are lot of products available that guide Facebook marketing including this one. I will write each and everything about FaceBeast review in order to guide you about this product.

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What is Included in the FaceBeast?

In order to learn from this product, all you need to follow three simple steps;

Step 1: Activate your FaceBeast account by enter your email into the box at the bottom of the home page.

Step 2: Log in to your account using the username and password that you have chosen in Step 1.

Step 3: In this step the beast will guide you in step by step tutorials.

The central point of training is, you’ll be taught how to promote clickbank products using Facebook Marketing and Facebook ads in effective way that will pay a good commissions in your account.

If you completely follow this training then you would be able to learn following things;

– How to use Facebook ads profitable?

– How to learn Facebook Marketing and reduce your efforts?

– How to promote an affiliate (preferably Clickbank) product with Facebook Ads successfully?

If we move into the member’s area then it divided into;

Introduction – This is just the overview about the system in order to understand well before the training actually starts.

Training Modules – There are four training modules and each module contains different videos like

  • Module 1 includes; Introduction and Game Plan.
  • Module 2 includes; overview, creating slogans, power of colors, upgrade logos, and upgrade graphics.
  • Module 3 includes; overview, introduction, demographics, active groups, recruit fans, engagement and outsource.
  • Module 4 includes; Overview, video intros, brand trust, boost brand, final recap.

Support – Support is available through Facebook group or email. It would be better if there is an active community.

Bonus – It includes an eBook that is related to twitter marketing. You can easily download that book and learn different twitter marketing strategies.

Things I Like about FaceBeast:

Legit Model

Last few years social media networks have grown significantly and the most prominent includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit etc. Due to activity of millions of people in it, many people are using these platforms as a source of income.

I think this is very legit way to earn money because it is instant and it don’t requires you to buy domain and hosting and other website development skills. This is the reason Facebeast promoting very legit business model.

Simple Member’s Area

Member’s area is very simple as one could easily navigate. I think this is important otherwise you it is very difficult to move on and waste your important time. How would you feel when there is tabs all around and you don’t know where to go?

Moreover all training is step by step and you can easily move further after completing previous one.


Its original price is very high and even not worthy to invest but if you use discounted coupon then you will be able to get 65% discount. Paying $34 for this product is far better than original cost $97.

I feel this $34 is ok price and training it will provide you is definitely worth investment. I have seen some lucky people who get further down sell of $19.

Things I Don’t Like about FaceBeast:

Lot of Hype

Too much hype I found on the sales page. Earning over $12,000 per month is never gonna be easy. Even you have to work very hard to make your first sale. It require years of expertise to earn such enormous income.

Simple mentioned this on the home page without guiding the true hard work is misleading and temptation for the product purchase.


Owner will never tell you initially about the true cost of the system. It will only finally disclosed when you actually purchase the product. Same is the case with FaceBeast because after paying $34, you will be bombarded for another upsell of $197, down sell to $67, down to $37.

Fake Testimonials

I find most of the testimonials fake and one can guess this as it is not very difficult to make. Such persons are visible on other sites and one can easily get this for $5 on fiverr. Using such type of techniques is really a way to get a sale by hook or by crook.

Is FaceBeast a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

In short, Facebeast is an ok product that has some good training in the member’s area and one can use this and earn some money by doing lot of hard work. Don’t rely on the testimonials and false claims on the sales page.

It takes very hard work to earn some money online. But if do persistently then your results will improve day by day. Also consider above cons before joining this site. I don’t recommend this site because there are other great platforms out there and one can easily utilize their potentials rather than this one which has lot of issues.

Moreover, this business model is legit but not the best one because you are working on some other platform in which you have no control like in your own site so in my opinion creating your own site is best to earn money online as it is transferable and you are owner of this site.

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I hope you have liked my FaceBeast review and if you have any questions then do mention below.


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