Explaindio Pro 2.0 Review – A Great Video Creator Software!

Explaindio Pro 2.0 Review – A Great Video Creator Software!

Business Name: Explaindio Pro 2.0
Website Address: www.explaindio.com
Price: $57 per Year
Product Owner: Andrew Darius
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100 points

Explaindio 2.0 Review – Introduction:

Internet is a borderless place and when we talk about any market then it is enormous and people are using various methods to target these markets. One method is to create a site and promote different products to targeted people. The next method is to create a video and upload it to place where large people visited that place like YouTube, Daily motion, and Vimeo etc.

The second method is getting popular and popular and the reason is very obvious, people love to watch videos because it is easy to grasp information and have fun rather than reading large text.

Because of its attractiveness, large number of people are coming in daily to start earning money, but very few people would be able to earn. The reason is simple either they don’t know how to create videos or they create very poor videos.

If you are a marketers, trainers, and communicators and are struggling to create a quality videos, animation, or doodle videos to attract and keep viewer attention, as well as to pass on their message in a powerful and effective way then without the right tool, such content is difficult to create. It requires graphical and programming expertise, or, if you outsource it, is very expensive to make.

Don’t worry, I have a solution for you in the form of great tool Explaindio.

What is Explaindio 2.0?

Video Creator Software – The most important purpose of this software is to create videos. It requires a lot of effort to do so on your own but with the help of Explaindio you can create it very conveniently on your PC.

Animated Video Creator – This software will help you to create very attractive looking animated videos. There are lot of video slides available in the software that you may use for this purpose. Simple edit these slides and add your own message.

Whiteboard Video Creator – This is another exciting way to convey your message to the audience and people more likely absorb such information due to its attractiveness. With Explaindio, you can make professional whiteboard sketches and whiteboard scribe videos by choosing from thousands of pictures and setting a story upon it.

Who is Explaindio Pro 2.0 for?

There are wide variety of people who can use this software and create videos to convey messages to their audience. Let’s look at few people and how they may use it;

Affiliate Marketers – I am a big fan of earning money through affiliate marketing because it is most legit and profitable way to earn money. You can use video and in fact it is the most powerful way to promote different products.

Just create a videos using Explaindio and tell the review of the particular product and promote it using its referral link. Whenever, someone buy it you will earn commission. I know lot of people who are earning six figure income using this method.

Make Money with YouTube – YouTube is the most widely used video sharing platform and is the third most visited site after Google and Facebook. Thousands of people are earning from YouTube by uploading their video and joining their Partner program or you may also use previous method and become an affiliate marketer.

Product Owners – You have often visited sites that are vendor’s site and they have a great video on the sales page. This is very important because it looks more professional and you can highlighted all its features using animation or other mode.

Video Presentation – It is also very common that people need video presentation for their local businesses or any other purposes. This small but powerful video creator software help you to make whatever video you might require.

The flexibility of this tool allows you to easily articulate your points to the audience using animation that you may not be able to convey as good as using this tool onto a video presentation. Such video allows you to make a bolder impression while sending your message across to focus audience.

Things I Liked:

Great Way to Create Videos

Explaindio is especially designed for people who want to create attractive videos and don’t have skills to do that. Video creation is not an easy process and requires lot of technical skills and pricy tools but it is no more difficult now.

You can also choose wide variety of videos for different people. Some may be a big fan of normal, other may be animation and even some love to see whiteboard videos.

Expand your Business

This is great tool for people who have not yet started videos to earn money or who have started but they now want to be done in more professional way. This market is huge and growing very rapid. YouTube is second biggest search engine after Google and people share millions of videos on daily basis and these video got billions of views daily all across the world.

To be honest, if you don’t capitalize this great opportunity then this market will also full of big players and they will not let others new comers to go easily. This is the right time to go ahead and take your pie.

Save Thousands of Dollars

If you are looking for creating videos regularly then this is the right tool for you because let’s look at the cheapest platform for creating videos is Fiverr. They will charge you around $5 to $50 for each video depending upon its quality. Where will your cost reached if you are using it regularly.

Once you have invested nominal per year fee then you can create unlimited videos for your business and save thousands of dollars per year and have more control to create professional looking videos.

User Friendly Software

You are not using very sophisticated equipment for suing business rather very simple software that can be used by everybody even a beginner with simple training. The software is very easy to use with complete set of instructions that allow people to exploit its full potential.

Things I Don’t Liked:

Recurring Yearly Fee

I would love this if it is available at one time investment as most of the software available in the same form and they also offer free updates. Explaindio, on the other hand has yearly subscription of $57 and if you don’t pay then will not be benefited from the new updates that offer additional features.

Final Words:

In short, Explaindio offers much more value than its cost and it offers numerous benefits for marketers and if used it perfectly then you can grow your business in a quick time. This is the right time to promote your business through creating videos and if you will be late then your competitors may beat you easily and exploit the easily available opportunities.

As a beginner, you may not be able to support its yearly fee but once you have enough budget and started growing your business then I can easily say that this is the perfect tool for you.

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