Exitus Elite Review, Another Outright Scam? Here’s the Real Truth!

Exitus Elite Review, Another Outright Scam? Here’s the Real Truth!

Business Name: Exitus EliteExitus Elite Review
Website Address: www.exituselite.com
Owner: Paul Stevenson
Price: $299 a year + $1000 for product access
Overall ranking: 50 out of 100

Exitus Elite Review – Introduction:

If you have been thinking for quite awhile about joining a multilevel marketing company and start recruiting people into so that you get to make money, you might want to think again. These MLM companies have become so popular with scamming people as most of their creators are just self-centered people whose hearts and eyes are on the money from members rather than running an integrity based business that is to benefit both them and their clients.

With all the fake promises and enticements they make to bring you to join their schemes, rest assured you are not going to get half of what they claim they’ll give you. (Already tested and proven!)

To be specific, Exitus Elite is yet another MLM company you will want to be aware of. Do I say this because it’s a scam? No! Because it follows the path that all other scams have taken before. And that should be good enough to make you a skeptic. So is it really a scam or a legit company you can work with?

The truth about Exitus Elite lies in this review.

If you found someone trying to promote it you on social or from your local coffee shop, it is best that you took your time to gather some information about it. All you want to know is here, what you will need to do is to read through this honest review and make your own consideration and decisions, though I will be giving my final verdict based on my extensive knowledge and experience in the online world. Be sure to consider it too!

So here we go…

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What is Exitus Elite?

This is plainly a multi-level marketing scheme that is titled to help people make money online through recruiting members and then benefiting from the membership fees that they pay. Its roots can be traced to the UK, as this is where the owner is currently residing.

The owner behind this engineering is Paul Stevenson, who has been mentioned in some such schemes. He has been in the sales and marketing industry for more than 20 years now and has gathered a favorable amount of skills that he had been using on different projects to get himself money, some of which didn’t do that well.

Firstly, he was the co-owner of Property cash machine, where you had to pay $175 to secure some space in the site’s matrix position. From there, he owned Exitus Network, where a $500 to $1,200 membership fee was required of any aspirant. The problem with the latter program though is that it no longer exists.

When Exitus Elite was launched, this domain went underground. And when you try getting into it, you will be taken to a login form. Once you complete the login, you will be redirected to another of his sites, exists lifestyle with the domain, www.exituslifestyle.com. So what’s the fate of this other website? Exitus Elite? Will it be the game-changer? Only time can tell!

Exitus Elite scam

How Does it Work?

This program is set to pay people once a member refers a person to the program and pays the required fee. One thing to note is that its way of operation is relatively different from other programs. Here’s why. The first recruitment you make, you will earn $1000 which won’t be given to you.

It will be paid to the person above you in your pyramid. Then from there, the second payment will be given to you in full. And from there onward, the money will be paid to your account. They claim that they will help you close the deal when you are about to make sales, so you don’t need to worry.

Another thing is that you will have to pay $1,000 to get access to their products which the claim are worth a fortune. Once you get your hands on them, you are going to make sales like crazy, so to speak. The products, on the contrary, don’t give a directed set of instructions on how to work them our to get a rewarding result.


Who is it Meant For?

Paul insinuates that Exitus Elite is for anyone out there. Anyone who wishes to make money online, anyone who wants to “gather wealth” not meet his daily needs is fit for it. This is so because the program pays more money beyond the “bread-winning” level. That is what he says.

And the truth of it? The real people whom this business can truly benefit is the pocket of people who have money to invest and have got prior experience in marketing. The reason I say this is simple.

First, how can a person who is fresh from college or high school have the ability to pay $1000 to promote something he has never been in before? He doesn’t have knowledge or skills and the websites doesn’t teach how to do that in the best way. They just give some videos in their products area and don’t give instructions on how to go about any of them.

Also, people who are seeking to make money online and don’t have money will find it hard to work with this MLM scheme because he doesn’t have the $299 which is needed to join, neither does he have $1,000 to access the products. He wants to make money not to pay to work! And that’s not possible with this scheme.

What is Included in the Product?

They have set aside a package called the “Genesis Product Package” which entails thousands of videos, audios, and ebooks that are going to impact people with the right knowledge to increase their income. They also give replicate websites, autoresponders and lead capture pages among others. The package is meant to equip people who are in the following niches:

• Marketing basics
• Health and wellness
• Personal development
• Deep marketing

This means that if you another niche, you won’t be as highly favored as the ones in the above niches. More to that, there is even a website dedicated to providing more broken down information on their thousands and thousands of products. The problem with the website is that it doesn’t give a purchase provision to help people buy the products!

Exitus Elite Compensation Plan:

Their compensation plan, as earlier said, is somewhat different to what most of us are used to in regular pyramid schemes. They use the 1-up style, where you get paid $1,000 once you make a referral, and that is the person above you had gotten to enjoy the first payment your referral makes.

This means that you have made a referral, and instead of getting the first share of the commissions you have tirelessly worked hard for, the person who referred you to the program gets to do it. How unfair!

If you make a referral you ought to enjoy the first fruits or half of them at the very least.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• They help you close the deal. They usually give their members a phone number which they use to promote the company. You will find the same number in many of their affiliates’ websites.

• The effort they have put into making the videos is great. There are thousands of videos on different topics, audios, and eBooks. This is something to be appreciated.

• The design of the website is great, and theme too.

• They have quite some payment methods. Their program is comfortably able to pay through Bitcoin, Western Union, Cashier’s Check, Internet Banking, Bank Wire, overnight cash through FedEx or UPS. This is a real effort!

The Cons

• The cost of joining is ridiculously high. They claim that this program is for serious people who want to make wealth. But I thought they said it’s for everyone? Including the newbies.

• Their idea of paying the person above first is not exciting at all! Knowing full well the effort you put into getting a referral and then having the hard earned money enjoyed by the person above you, all of it, is very discouraging.

• The phone number given to the members to work with when promoting the program is one, which means one person can be contacted by hundreds of aspirants the same day. This shows that it can prove to be tedious to try and reach Paul, the owner, who is meant to help the members close the deal.

• They help members develop replicate websites. Websites that have been replicated cannot be indexed in Google. And if they happen to be, they won’t be ranked in good positions. This means they won’t get good exposure to help them reach many people.

• The business website you are building there is not yours. You are doing it on behalf of the company which means that they have full right to the site. So if they decide to close it down, you have no say in that.

• The value they give is good but definitely not worth the price. The information they provide in the eBooks and videos can be easily gotten elsewhere for free. The fact that they have brought it all under the same roof should be appreciated but not that exaggerated.

• They give too much information all at once. It is very easy to get overwhelmed and lose direction. Furthermore, they don’t outline the steps that a newbie should take as a start and how he should progress. They group their resources well but don’t show people how to go about them.

Final Verdict:

Well, there is so much to tell about this program. We have seen that they have hotspots as well as weak spots. The value they offer is worthwhile, but they have overpriced it. So should we title the program, “Exitus Elite scam or legit?”

Based on my past experiences with other programs and the value they gave, I can officially declare this program completely LEGIT! Although people should think deeply before they decide to join it. It is only worth a shot for an experienced professional, not a rookie looking to earn a living.

Final verdict – LEGIT!

Name: Exitus Elite
Overall ranking: 50 out of 100
Website: www.exituselite.com
Owner: Paul Stevenson
Price: $299 a year + $1000 for product access

Recommendation: Not good for newbies or people who don’t have an initial investment to make before they earn money. Needs lots of investments to participate!

Anyone a member of Exitus Elite? Share your experience with the world. Please leave you comments on this program below. And if any of you, the readers have any questions or opinions on my review, fell free to leave them below.

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